My tummy is getting bigger. my relationship with my boyfriend is phenomenal. me getting pregnant has been the  best thing for our relationship. he treats me like a queen now we don't have arguments or nothing. I still feel guilty that I cheated on him. i haven't talked to Abel since i found out i was pregnant.

"hey babe you ready to go I'm hungry"

"yea I'm coming let me get my purse"

i got my purse and i got in the car. me and my boyfriend was going to our favorite restaurant which is Bardi's steakhouse. we got there and order our food and my boyfriend went to the bathroom


me and all my niggas was heading over to Bardi's to grab a bite to eat. we was making our way to our table when i saw Cara siting down by herself looking good and knocked up............... wait is this chick pregnant. I told the guys to go ahead to the table I'll be over in a second. i walk up to cara's table

"hey stranger"

"oh hey able" she said nervously

"you're pregnant"

"oh you don't say"

"is it mines"

"who knows"

"yo why you ain't tell me"

"because i decided to make thing right with my boyfriend and me and him are going to raise this baby"

"w.e that b.s. if that baby is mines then i'm going to help take care of it and I'm going to be there when you give birth so we need to get a DNA test asap"

"we don't need to get any thing"

"yes...." she cut me off

"hey baby took you long enough" I turned around to see it was Jeremy Rose

"Jeremy" I said clenching my jaw

"well if isn't the snake himself"

"man what ever. at least i made it"

"so but you stabbed a friend in the back on you way up to the top.  i rather make my way up to the top without stepping on any one."

"with out me you wouldn't even be that known so stfu" i said getting a lil angrier 

"HEY YOU GUYS CUT IT OUT BABE SIT DOWN ABEL GO AWAY!" cara said getting frustrated

"yea w.e" i said walking away i made my way to my table and i sat down

"aye drake"

"yea man what's up"

"you rememeber that bad black chick"

"yea the one you said you was gone take from her man"

"yea the broad is pregnant"

"oh snap Abel you got a girl pregnant" hyghly said

"naw.... maybe it could be mines and guess who her boyfriend is"

"who" Lamar said

"Jeremy rose" 

"nawwww" they all said

"its cool all the more reason to take her from him."

"so is she here" cash said

"yea they here together"

"Abel you trying to settle down and become a pappy huh" drake said

"nawww ima still do me get high smoke party drink i just want her to myself" I lied I would love to settle down with some one cause this partying is starting to get boring

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