"Hey I'm Tara" she said holding out her hand for me to shake


''I know who you are'' she said cutting me off I reached my hand out to shake hers but she pulled me out of my seat "come on lets dance'' she said pulling me all the way onto the dance floor. I complied with her idk why I don't think i need to be dancing with this girl. she started to grind on me. I could feel her tight butt rubbing against my dick and it was making me hard. That's not good she turned around and whispered in my ear your hard..... well no shit Sherlock but i ain't say none she grabbed my hand and lead me to the men's bathroom. we went into the stall. she pushed me into the toilet and sat on me and started kissing on me and rubbing on my penis. this really ain't good. I don't want to do this but I cant stop her it feels so good ughhh. 

She began unbuttoning my pants and all I could think in my mind "damn am I fucking up?" She unzipped and her eyes grew wide like she had never seen a dick before so I proceeded to say "what? You good?" She said yeah it's just "big" , I laughed, she got on her knees and licked the tip and began to suck me, her head was bomb. She looked up at me with her deep depressing brown eyes like she knew how to handle it. I knew I shouldn't of been in here but some part of me felt like it was just to easy. She came back up and took her blouse off, under it was her perfect white boobs , she had one nipple pierced, it turned me on. I start moving around but she held me down and said "no don't move, let me take care of you" I grabbed a condom and put it on she sat on top of me and began to ride ' here hair all on my face, her boobs bouncing uncontrollably she knew what she was doing and how she wanted to do it ' she whispered in my ear "let me be your Valerie, let me"

Lamar POV.......

Its been a while and i haven't seen Abel. I started asking the crew if they seen him but nothing. Me drake and cash went to the bathroom cause we figured he would be in here for god knows what reason. I hope nothing bad is going on. we walked in and heard a girl moaning i started getting nervous for Abel. we went to the stall where the moaning was coming from and I looked through the crack and saw it was Abel. Dang this nigga stupid I hope he using a condom. 

''Its Abel'' i whispered to them i looked at them looking for answers on what to do. ''should i let him finish or stop him.......''

"let him finish we" we all said in unison we went back to the vip section

he came back a few minutes later. 

Abel pov........

I screwed up how am I suppose to look Cara in the eye when I get home. but the sex with that bitch was good oh my gawd. but i feel guilty. I walked back to vip section and all my niggas was looking at me like they knew what I done.

"Whyy yall looking at me.. foe"

"you messed up man we ain't gone tell man'' drake said shaking his head

"whatever can we just go" I said walking away from them

The car ride was silent and long. i fought to get cara and i messed it up for some white bitch. 

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