CARA POV................................

I got out the shower and noticed the house was too quiet so i put my clothes on and walked out seeing if Abel was still here. "ABEL'' I called out but nothing. I walked in every room in the house but he wasn't here. I hope he didn't go do what I think he did. It's not going to make the situation any better. I walked over to the couch and sat down waiting for him to come back.

20 mins later I hear the door  open and I got up and walked over to the door.  it wasn't Abel. It was drake. we just stood there looking at each other for a second in silence. I broke the silence and held my hand out "hi I'm-'' 

''you are cara i know who you are lol'' he said cutting me off and pulling me into a friendly hug. i giggled and hug him back. he let go of me.

''uhhh where is Abel he is suppose to be home so we can write this song'' he asked walking to the fridge.

''ummm I think he went to go handle some business he should be back soon i hope'' i walked back over to the couch and sat down

''does it has something to do with your eye'' drake said as he closed the fridge door and walked into the living room sitting on the couch adjacent from me i rubbed the back of my neck ''uhhh yea most likely.'' he nodded his head ''so is the baby Abel's''  

''yea it his. i haven't told him yet. i got the results earlier today. but please don't tell him ok"

he sifted in his seat ''yea i wont awwww my nigga finna be a daddy'' I laughed ''yea I guess so'' I heard the door turn again and Abel walked in with some grocery bags. I walked over to him and he put the bags down. I pulled him in for a big hug. ''aww did you miss me. don't worry I went shopping''

I looked at him and raised one of my eyebrows ''I know you are lying look at your knuckles they look like the hit some''

he looked down at them and sighed ''yea i went over there and punched him in the face but you cant be mad at me though i was only protecting you and the baby'' I smiled at him cause I knew that was sign of him being a good dad and boyfriend i got on my tippy toes and kissed his cheek ''oh babe drake is here'' i said as i picked up the bags to put the stuff up. he walked in the living room.

ABEL POV........................

I saw my nigga drake on the couch chillen I walked over to him and gave him a dap

''what's up man''

''none man i came over to work on the song but bad timing huh?"

i sat on the couch ''yea man my girl just got beat up and I just beat up that nigga that hit her. So I know we got alot to talk about me and her so I'll come over to yo place in two days ok'' drake shook his head and got up ''alright man take care'' he said as he left 

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