ABEL POV...................

I just looked at her like is she serious. "Cara you cant....... you know what go  idc" i got up and walked out the room pretending like i didn't care when i really did.

"ABEL!'' she called out i didn't answer her back cause i had nothing to say to her. i feel like she was giving up on her family. she found me and came up and placed her hand on my shoulder "can you let me finish" i didn't say anything so she started back talking again. 

"we should be friends and if we are meant to be then we will get back together some how. but i wont move out cause of bri. i'll just sleep in another room."

"whatever" i went back in the room to put on some clothes and left. i needed to go some where and clear my mind. 5 mins into the drive my phone started ringing i answered it. "hello?''

''is this Abel" this very seductive female responded

'''who is this" 

''I heard your dick is bomb Tara told me about it. i was wondering if we could fuck" i hung up on her i had no times for the games and i wasn't finna get myself caught up with these hoes. i wanted to be with Cara and i wasn't going to jeopardize that for no one. i needed to reevaluate my life.

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