CARA POV.............

you hurt me you really did. i got up trying to find some clothes. "i know baby I'm so sorry i thought i just made it up to you"

"Abel sex isn't going to fix everything that was a start kinda but i don't want sex to fix all our problems it cant". i said as i put on one of his shirt and boxers he let out a deep sigh "yea you right lets sit down and have a talk because i be dam if i lose you and my baby" he got up and put on a pair of boxers he sat on the bed. i sat next to him.

"how can i trust you again Abel. i feel as tho if you did it once you can do it again''

''Cara you can trust me. i swear you can. that girl meant nothing i just lost it after i seen you and Jeremy kissing."

"OK what about when you was at the club huh whats your excuse for that"

"there's no excuse but just know i wasn't in my right mind baby i was so faded. i could never cheat on you sober............... wait that's not what i mean"

"no just stop we need a break."

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