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Few weeks later.....................

''What Abel'' cara said as she sat down at the booth. i invited her to a seclusive bar and grill so we could talk about some things

''why you ain't tell me you was pregnant'' i was curious to know why i wasn't informed and why she stopped talking to me all those months ''because'' she responded in a tone that sounded like she didn't want to tell me.

''talk to me girl why you ain't tell me'' i was staring at her waiting for an answer she looked every other way but my way ''i uhh because i made a mistake messing around with you so when i found out i was pregnant i thought to myself that i didn't want you in my life any more and me and Jeremy was going to raise the baby together and he wasn't going to know about you or the affair'' i just looked at her in disbelief like tf

''what if the baby is mine though'' 

''if its yours it yours it doesn't matter i don't want you in the baby's life or my life'' 

''you're wrong for this'' i was starting to get angry how dare she deny me off kid, my first born at that

'' why do you feel that way cara''

''why would i want to mess up a my relationship over a fling. its like picking a Nokia over an iPhone'' she said cold heartily

''ouch that hurts. look girl you obviously you did pick a Nokia or an iPhone when you slept with me not once but more than twice. and I'll have you know he is the Nokia and I'm the iPhone. yo i swear to god if that's my baby and you want let me see him-''

''or what'' she said cutting my sentence off ''what you gone do Abel huh. plus why don't you leave the kid alone you're a freaking druggie with hoes at your disposal i don't want my kid around that type of stuff.'' i looked at her like she lost her mind when she said that

''you're crazy if you think i would leave my child around stuff like that. i would never do that. i know what its like to have a father who isn't there. I'm going to be the father my dad could never be to me if that child is mine i would stop the drugs partying and the hoes cause its getting old any ways'' i was pouring my heart out to her she just looked at me as she was trying to respond to what i told her bout the only thing that came out of her was ''ok I'll see you later'' she got up from the and walked out the bar. -.- really that's what she does after all that. I got angry and i banged on the table i got up and left the restuarant. i went back to my house and called over some hoe i met at the club the other night.

she came over and i did some ex and lean and let her suck me up so i could get over my anger with Cara. 

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