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''what you want you came to walk out on me again'' i sat down at the booth ''no I'm sorry about that I got over whelmed but i wanted to tell you the sex of the baby and that we should talk about some stuff'' i looked at her crazy for a second ''what's the point of you telling me the sex of the baby if you ain't gone let me be in their life if its mine'' she looked at me for a second ''idk i thought you should know do you want to know or no''

"yea what is it''

''its a girl'' when she said that something went off in me ''fuck you cara i hate you right now i could possibly be having a lil girl. and you wont let me in her life if its mine how dare you'' she just sat there and looked at me she ain't say nothing for sec. ''I'm sorry'' she said said in a low tone ''i don't care cara i don't understand why you are doing this too me''

''it's because I'm content with Jeremy and i don't want him to leave me Abel. if he found out i cheated that would break his heart''

''i don't care i don't even like him but let me ask you this. do you ever think that i could be better for you than him. i know i got issues and I'm not perfect but hey that's life. girl if given a reason to leave the party life alone i would take it.'' i got up and went to her side of the booth i took her hand and got on my left knee ''Cara baby i want you and that baby so badly girl please just give me a chance.'' everyone was looking at us i could have sworn i seen some one taking a picture but i didn't care at the moment hey it comes with the fame

she started crying i got up and sat by her i hug her rubbing her back to comfort her ''Abel but i love Jeremy i cant. I'm sorry.'' she whispered i let her go and walked out the diner i was done with her

cara pov....................

i sat there for another 5 minutes crying cause Abel did got me thinking that what if he is right. i wiped the tears off and left and went home. when i got home Jeremy wasn't home he was probably at the studio producing music i got in bed and went to sleep.

Abel pov...........................

i was watching TV smoking a blunt when i heard my phone ringing i answered it cause it was drake

''aye man you all over the internet''

''for what lol''

''cara'' i put my blunt down ''what you mean man''

''there is a picture of you holding her hand you on your knee's'' i smiled ''oh what did they say''

''nigga they got some more pics of y'all at dinner. when she was walking out of your dressing room. y'all leaving the club. and they calling her your girlfriend'' i started laughing ''dang they got all that you know how many months ago that was and i think that title fits her perfect. Cara the weeknd's girlfriend.''

''no comment dude i just wanted to tell you that talk to you later''

''alright bye'' i hung up and continued on smoking my blunt

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