Cara pov............

omg i feel like i am bout to die these contractions ain't no joke. finally Abel arrived i was happy to see him even though we ain't on the best terms. 

"hey im glad you here" i moaned a little out of pain 

''yea i wouldn't miss the birth of child. how you feeling'' he said leaning down to kiss my forehead he smelled too feminine. i was gone put that aside right now because i want to focus on bringing abrielle into the world.

''it hurts omg i feel like my body is ripping in half I'm waiting for the doctor to come back with the epidural''

''oh you want anything" 

''yea i want you to stop being trifling'' i mumbled under my breath

''what was that bae'' he didn't hear what i said good

''i would like a cup of water''

''alright i got you''

a few hours later.............

''AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OH CRAP!'' i scream out in agony

''alright one more push i see the head you doing good''

i felt like i was going to die this pain was so intense i pushed one more time and i heard crying omg my baby is here. the pain was gone. i looked over to Abel he look so happy  i could of sworn i saw a tear. the nurses cleaned her up and brought her over to me. i was holding my beautiful baby girl while Abel was taking pictures of us on his phone. i know this is temporary but at this moment it felt like we was a drama free family. we was actually happy but i know when we go home me and Abel are going to have a serious conversation.

a few weeks later.......................

its been some weeks since i had bri and i was ready to have that talk with Abel so i called him in the room. i was sitting in our bed while breastfeeding bri. 

"yea cara'' he said sitting next  to me

''we need to talk. i have a feeling that you been cheating on me'' he looked at me like i had two heads when i said that

"why would you say that''

''well at the hospital when you gave me a kiss on the forehead you smelled like cheap perfume. and we haven't been sexual at all. i mean i know its hard for you to keep it in your pants cause you're Abel. just be honest with me.'' he didn't say anything to me for a few seconds i guess to gather his thoughts

''uhhhh i mean i guess i should come clean to you. for the sake of this family cause we cant keep going on like this with these lies and stuff so promise me when i tell you what happen you want get mad ok''

''i promise'' i took a deep breath and ready myself for what was bout to come out his mouth

''alright so night of club i got so messed up i had sex with this girl in the bathroom drake and the crew found out i ran into her again she gave me her number i didn't use it at first but than i saw you kissing Jeremy so i called her up and we been having Thursday flings every since'' 

ABEL POV................

i looked over at cara she had tears running down her face ''you promise you wouldn't get mad'' i said as i tried to hold her hand but she snatched it away from she got up

''I'm not mad I'm hurt. i cant believe you did this to me to us. what i did was nothing especially compared to what you did. i need to be alone right now here'' she handed me bri and stormed out the room i took a deep breath i looked down a bri

''i hope you never meet a man like your dad'' i kissed her cheek. i started walking back and forth with bri i screwed up i had to make it right between me and cara. my phone started ringing i picked it up with out looking at the caller id ''hello?''

''Abel, baby i miss you i know its not Thursday yet but i was wondering can you come over so we can have a lil quickie'' i hung up the phone i didn't want anything to do with Tara i looked at bri and saw she was sleeping. so i went to put her in her crib. she sleeps so much but barely cries. i went to go look for cara she was on the balcony smoking a cigarette crying ''dont smoke its bad for you'' she didn't say anything

''cara I'm sorry can we just work this out for bri'' she still didn't say anything to me her back towards me that's cool I'm going to make her talk to me i walked up to her standing behind her i kissed her on her neck ''move Abel sex isn't going to fix this''

''but love is'' i continued to kiss her on the neck i took the cigarette out her hand. she was trying to be stubborn by not letting out a lil moan for me so i  got in front of her then got on my knees i pushed her skirt up and open her legs a lil and started kissing her inner thighs she let out a little moan ''Abel please stop.'' but i kept going and she didn't force me off of her so i knew she wanted me. i pulled her out of the chair and led her to the bedroom. i pushed her on the bed and started kissing on her body and leaving her hickies marking off what's mines. baby I'm sorry i said as i pulled off her thong i started eating her out she was moaning my name. i took my rock hard dick out and got on top of her i looked her deep in the eyes baby I'm sorry. she had a tear coming down her face i wiped it off and i kissed her so she could taste herself on my lips. she was sweet. i gently put my dick in her. i wanted to make love to her i wanted this to be sensual i wanted her know that she was mines and i was hers only. i started grinding slowly i made sure we made eye contact she was gripping on my lower back i started picking up the pace and her grip got tighter i could feel her nails dig into my skin as i started going faster and faster i had her moaning my name.

''cara you forgive me''

''yes baby faster'' i went slower to tease her

''dont tease me''

''i love you cara you know that right'' than i picked the pace up

''mmmmm yes i love you tooo ooooo Abel let me get on top'' i pulled out and i rolled us over so she could be on top she was sitting on my dick grinding her vagina on it  giving  me a hickey. she placed my dick in her i held her hands and she started riding me i let out a few grunts. the way she was riding my dick for the last 5 minutes felt like ecstasy this has been the best make up sex ever. 

''cara I'm bout to cum baby''

''mmmm me to Abel'' she moaned i let go of her hands and i got back on top i was gone make her orgasm before i came i was thrusting my dick inside her i could feel her vagina contracting around my dick she started shaking and screaming out my name ''Abel cum inside me'' the way she said it made me  want to so i came inside her. ''i love you baby'' i said as i laid on her she was rubbing on my back with her finger tips

''i love you too''

Cara pov................

i know this isn't the way to fix a problem but the way we just made love was a start. I'm still hurt tho i let out some more tears and one fell on him he looked up and wiped my tears ok. ''baby are you ok?''

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