Episode 39

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Episode 39
The episode start with Haya... she woke up and remember last night.... Haya get up being panicked which make Arjun awake.... he saw Haya trying to remove the tube from her hand... Arjun stop Haya and said
Arjun: Haya baby stop
Haya turn and as soon as her eyes fell on Arjun she jumped on him hugging him tightly.... Arjun was taken aback but he balance himself and Haya while doing so they fell on bed... Haya after a while looked at Arjun and said
Haya:u r OK nothing happened to u na
Arjun:no nothing happened Jaan I'm fine all because of u saying this Arjun kiss Haya's forehead and they stare each other... Arjun then slowly slowly turn and make Haya lie on bed properly... when Arjun made Haya lie down she felt the sudden pain and moan in pain which alert Arjun... Arjun cup Haya's face and said
Arjun:r u alright
Haya smile closing her eyes in pain and said
Haya:I... I'm OK
Arjun: don't dare u lie to me baby wait I'll call the dr
Haya looked at Arjun and said
Haya:Arjun how every time u know I'm lying and not
Arjun smile and said
Arjun:because I Love U
Haya:I Love U Too
Arjun kiss on Haya's forehead and left to call the dr... dr came in and checked Haya... she ask Arjun to take care of her and left.... Arjun sat beside Haya and kiss on her hand... Haya smile and everyone else came to meet Haya...

After Sometime
everyone left and Arjun stayed with Haya... Arjun was sitting with Haya talking to her... Haya ask Arjun to come and sit with her on bed... Arjun did as told and sat beside Haya... she hug Arjun and said
Haya:I want to sleep like this
Arjun:my baby I love u
Haya:I love u too
both ArYa hug each other and slept peacefully... time passed like this...

after a month
Haya was sitting in her room... she was discharged and was resting.... Arjun came and sat beside Haya... she put the book on table which she was reading and said
Haya:how was office
Arjun kiss on her forehead and said
Arjun:bored missed u so much
Haya:missed u too
Haya softly kiss on Arjun's cheek and Arjun stare her intensely.... haya was lost in Arjun's gaze... both came in sense with the sudden knock on door... Arjun said
Arjun:come in
ana and veer came in with evening snacks... Haya said
Haya:what's this
veer:bhabhi we made snacks for u
ana:Elsa he's lying I made it he was just irritating me
veer:babe I wasn't irritating u
veer whisper in ana's ear
veer:I was just loving u saying this veer wink at her and ana looked shocked... Arjun said
Arjun:ahmm ahmm
vena (veer & ana) looked at Arjun and got embarrassed... Haya laughed and Arjun too... both vena left giving reasons and ArYa laughed even more... after sometime they had snacks and spend time with each other...

In Night
Haya was staring the sky thinking about something deeply... suddenly she was embrace in tight grip... Haya smile closing her eyes knowing the touch... Haya said
Haya:I was waiting for u only
Haya turn and said
Haya:till when you'll come like this in room
person:don't worry just 3 more days
Haya:3 days Arjun why 3 days more
Arjun:hahaha so much desperate to become my wife
Haya came in room and sat on bed... Arjun sat behind Haya and hug her tightly... Haya closed her eyes losing herself in Arjun's touch... Arjun said
Arjun:do u have any idea how much desperate I'm to make u my wife saying this Arjun start giving haya wet kisses on her neck and shoulder... Haya moan in response which make Arjun crazy for Haya... Arjun bite her neck and Haya moan loudly... Arjun lick her to soothe her pain and Haya said
Haya:aah Ar... Arjun
Arjun:I want u so much Haya it's too hard to be in control now saying this Arjun start kissing Haya's back above her clothes... Haya turn and hug Arjun tightly... Arjun also hug her back and said
Arjun:I just love u so much. Haya
Haya:I love u too Arjun a lot
Arjun make Haya lie down on bed properly and came above her... Arjun lean closer and haya close her eyes... in a fraction of seconds Arjun capture Haya lips with his in a passionate kiss... after sometime they get apart to take breath... Haya hug Arjun and said
Haya:thanks for coming in my life
Arjun:thank u Haya u and my life heaven
both ArYa hug and then Arjun left to sleep...

Next Morning
Arjun woke up and came down everyone was present there... Arjun sat beside Haya and then said
Arjun:guys I want to announce something
abhay: go ahead
Arjun: actually me and haya r getting married day after tomorrow
everyone looked on surprised where Haya was blushing hard.. Arjun looked at Haya and held her hand... he kiss on it and said
Arjun:I can't wait more now
everyone cheer and haya smile brightly... the days passed and wedding day came... Arjun was getting ready in his room while Haya in other... Arjun being a protective husband hire bodyguards for Haya and also female police officer... even though David was behind the bars and his punishment was declared... he was going to die but still Arjun left nothing to keep Haya protective... Arjun came in mandap where ana and haya was still up getting ready

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