Episode 13

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Episode 13

The episode start with Arya were lost in each other just then pearl came and said
pearl:god u dance so well arjun
haya looked at arjun and then at pearl who was standing closely to arjun he looked at haya and smile seeing her jealous and said
arjun:just because of my lady saying this arjun came close to haya and hold her from waist pulling her closer to his side pearl left from there and Arya came down from stage both stand together and talked for sometime then everyone had dinner and after sometime arjun and haya came out of house as arjun was going haya came to accompany him both were standing near arjun's car both were staring each other and just then arjun's phone start ringing and both came in sense Arjun cut the call but it start ringing again and he cut it again then finally haya said

haya:what's wrong why r u cutting it maybe important
arjun:maybe but not more than u
haya smile and arjun said
arjun:ok now I'll go and we'll meet tomorrow at lunch ok
arjun:bye saying this arjun sat in car and haya said
arjun was about to leave but haya said
arjun:yea babe
haya:drive carefully
arjun smile and said
arjun:sure and u take care and remember call whenever u want and if u want anything
arjun extend his hand and said
haya give her hand in his and said
then arjun left and haya came in her room she changed in Cute Cartoon Women Night Dress Sleepwear Polka Dot (search it and the first one)
haya lie down on bed and think about arjun and whatever he said and did thinking about arjun a beautiful and bright smile came on her lips automatically just then someone knock on door and haya came out of arjun's thoughts she get up from bed and unlock the door and open it and suddenly ana hug haya and said
ana:Elsa I'm so happy for u saying this she spin haya and haya start laughing for the very first time ana saw haya so happy and ana could see the happiness in her eyes it was real happiness after sometime both sat on bed and ana said
ana:I'm so happy Elsa for the first time I'm seeing u so happy I can see the real happiness in ur eyes
haya smile and said
haya:yeah I'm really happy
ana:hmm so it means first time dad did something good for u
haya:ana don't say like this
ana:what ana am I saying something wrong no na
haya:but still
ana:ok ok leave it tell me something about ur arjun saying this ana tease haya and haya blush and ana said
ana:oohhoo look someone is blushing
haya:ana stop it please
ana:ok u tell me na
haya:what u want to know
ana:umm how's he I mean his nature
haya smile thinking about arjun and said
haya:he's sweet, caring, loving and more than this he understand me and love me just the way I'm and I know i can be myself with him because he'll love me for who I really am saying this haya smile and haya's phone start ringing ana took her phone and saw arjun calling and said
ana:wow u missed him and here he called
haya:ana give my phone na please
ana:no no saying this she start running and haya run behind her arjun cut the call ana also stop running haya immediately took her phone from ana and said
haya:look he cut the call because of u
ana:oohho so much restlessness
haya:ana u saying this haya run to catch her but ana run out of room haya smile and lock the door and sat on bed and said to herself
haya:should I call him or msg no no I should call him as he did yeah saying this haya call arjun and he attend it immediately and said

arjun:hey whats up
haya:u called before
arjun:oh yeah sorry for disturbing
haya:no u didn't
arjun:no I think u woke up because of me
haya:no actually I was awake but ana took my phone and wasn't giving me that why
arjun:ooohh so u were waiting for my call
haya:no I mean no
arjun laugh and said
arjun:u r looking cute
arjun:u know when u get nervous u look so cute
haya turn and look here and there to see if arjun is here and arjun said
arjun:what r u looking here and there
haya:where r u
arjun:in ur heart
haya:no u r here also
arjun:ooh so its mean i'm in ur heart too
haya:off course
arjun:off course what
haya:off course not

haya:where r u
arjun:I told u na in ur heart
haya:arjun please saying this haya get up from bed and start looking everywhere and suddenly she was warp in large and warm hands from behind she was about to scream but stop when she turn and saw arjun for sometime both just stare each other and didn't utter a word then haya came and took a pillow and start hitting arjun and said
haya:arjun u idiot u scared me
Arjun:sorry jaan
haya:what sorry what if I get heart attack
arjun immediately stop haya holding her hands and said
Arjun:never say like this ever again else I'll kill myself because I can't live without u now
haya:arjun I won't say like this but please u don't say like this too I'm sorry
arjun hug haya and said
arjun:don't say sorry its ok saying this arjun smiled and haya too then both sat on bed and talked for sometime then arjun said
arjun:ok I'll go now morning there is one meeting so I'll see u tomorrow
haya:ok see u
arjun get up from bed and took out an envelop from his pocket and give it to haya and she said
haya:what is this
arjun:some money for u if u need anything
haya:no I can't take this
haya:because its ur
arjun:no its our because everything mine belongs to u and I told u na u r now my responsibility so I should took care of u and ur needs and I'll love to do this
arjun:so u mean u won't take it
haya:I don't know

arjun hold haya's hand and said
arjun:haya look I know u went through so much from childhood and no one ever think about u and ur wishes but now I'm here and I want to do this ok I want take care of u and I want to give u whatever u want I want u to be happy and I don't want u to just wish if u want something I want u to take it so please accept this saying this Arjun looked at haya with pleading eyes and haya smile even though she had tears in her eyes but it was tears of happiness she never thought that someone will ever thought about her so much she felt so happy that she hug arjun and said
haya:thank u so much
arjun hug her back and said
arjun:for what
haya:for thinking about me
arjun:that's my fav thing to do babe
haya looked at arjun and he smiled and said
arjun:ok now don't cry and smile
haya smile and arjun said
arjun:that's my girl now I'll leave ok
Arya came toward balcony and arjun said
haya:bye good night and sweet dreams
arjun:u too saying this arjun kiss on her forehead and said
arjun:take care
haya:u too and please drive carefully and msg me when u reach home
arjun:ok babe don't worry
haya:but still msg me
arjun:ok saying this arjun left and haya lie down after sometime arjun msg that he reached and then both slept thinking about reach other

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