Episode 24

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Episode 24
The episode start with Arya were kissing but then both get disturb by door bell... arjun broke the kiss and haya get shy and to hide her shyness she said
haya:I think everyone came I'll go and see saying this she was going but arjun hold her hand and said
arjun:I'll come and u don't try to run I know everything saying this arjun smile and then both came... arjun open the door and as haya said everyone was there.... they came in and sat in hall... ana said
ana:guys coffee
ana:ok I'll make
haya:I'll help
ana and haya came in kitchen and start making coffee... haya was smiling and ana notice and said
ana:someone is really happy saying this ana tease haya... haya blush and said
haya:ana stop it please
ana: u r blushing
ana then notice ring in haya's hand and said
ana:OMG arjun bhai purposed
haya looked at ring and nod shyly... ana laugh and haya blush even more... ana hug haya and said
ana:I'm so happy for u
haya:me too saying this both laugh... they came out with coffee and sat in hall with everyone...haya sat beside Arjun... ana give coffee to everyone and said
ana:so from when we r starting wedding functions
abhay:arjun u say
arjun:from day after tomorrow I think saying this he looked at haya and she smiled... ana looked at both and said
ana:arjun bhai stop staring my sis she can't stop blushing
everyone laugh where Arya felt awkward... ana stop everyone and said
ana:ok so it's decided from day after tomorrow wedding functions will start
abhay:what about engagement
Arya looked at each other and ana burst out laughing... everyone looked at ana and abhay said
abhay:what ana
ana:hahaha I'm so sorry bhai but hahaha
abhay:ana stop laughing like a joker and say what's wrong
ana:ok ok bhai actually there is no need of engagement
arjun looked at haya and she show the ring... arjun understand that ana saw it and she knew about there alone engagement... ana after controlling her laugh said
ana:because bhai our cute couple had already did it
ana:yeah see rings in their finger
abhay came toward them and saw rings and said
abhay:what arjun at least u could have inform us na
arjun:what inform guys it was a surprise for my angel ok
abhay and ana looked at each other and said
abhay&ana: my Angel
arjun:off course saying this Arjun hug haya from side and haya smiled... other 3 girls get jealous especially alisha... ana hug both and said
abhay also hug them and said
abhay:ok so now engagement is done so we'll start from sangeet
ana:yeah please it'll be fun
abhay:ok then tomorrow I'll inform our frds and shopping
abhay:yeah we have frds ok
ana:ok well I don't need to because my frds r already here
abhay:ok let's sleep then
everyone gone in their rooms respectively... Arya were lying on bed but sleep was far away from them... Arjun tried hard to sleep but couldn't sleep... finally arjun give up and came in haya's room he was about to knock but then an idea came in his mind and he left... haya was thinking about arjun while staring at ring... suddenly light gone off... haya sat on bed and look for her phone but couldn't find it... haya came toward balcony and suddenly she was warp in tight embrace... haya hug back tightly... haya smiled and said
haya:good u came I was missing u arjun
arjun broke the hug and said
arjun:how do u know it's me
haya:I can feel ur presence so knowing ur touch is not difficult for me
arjun hold her from waist and said
arjun:well u said u were missing me
haya lower her face smiling shyly and nod... arjun hold her chin and make her look at him... both stare each other lovingly and arjun said
arjun:angel i want to tell u something
arjun:come let's sit and talk
haya nod and both came in and sat down... after silence of 2 mins Arjun said
arjun:angel actually its about alisha I mean
haya hold arjun's hand and said
haya:Arjun go ahead I'm listening
arjun:actually I met alisha 2 years back and saying this arjun told haya everything about alisha her confession and arjun's answer... arjun looked at haya and she smiled and said
haya:why r u so scared
arjun:I thought u must be angry because i never told u this
haya:arjun it's ok u didn't told Mr because u didn't find it necessary but now u told m because u thought I should know right
arjun nod and haya said
haya:so it's fine saying this haya hold arjun's hand and said
haya:now don't worry because I don't care about ur past u know why
haya:because I know I'm ur present and future
arjun smile and hug haya tightly and she hug back... both stay like that for sometime then haya said
haya:i want to go somewhere will u come with me
arjun:where babe
haya:I want to go Darga
haya:I want to pray for us
arjun:sure babe we'll go in fact tomorrow we'll go
arjun:anything for u saying this arjun kiss on her forehead and said
arjun:now u should sleep
haya:no stay for sometime na
arjun:ok but u should rest come lie down on bed I'll sit with u
Arjun make haya lie down on bed and sat beside her... as Arjun sat down haya put her head on his lap and Arjun smile while caressing her hairs... both talked and talked and without realizing both doze off while talking... haya's head were on arjun's lap and arjun's head was taking support of bed wall

Next Morning

ana came to wake up haya... she knock on door and haya woke up... haya look at arjun and smile seeing him sleeping but soon she realize that ana is at door... haya wake up arjun but he didn't woke up in fact he pull haya and hug her tightly and
arjun:angel please let me sleep
haya:Arjun ana is at door please wake up na
arjun open his eyes and said
arjun:so what let her come na
haya:god arjun we r not married yet
arjun:so what
haya:so that it won't look good if EU saw us together like this so please saying this haya make arjun stand and push him in washroom and said
haya:don't make any noise saying this she closed the door and came toward room door and open it... ana came in and said
ana:god so much time
ana:its ok go get ready and come for bf
ana left and haya lock the door and came toward washroom and said
haya:arjun come out
arjun come out and said
arjun:ana left
haya:yeah now u also go
haya:arjun go I need to get fresh and u also go and get fresh
arjun:shall we get fresh together
haya widen her eyes in shock and said
haya:arjun how shameless u r saying this she hit arjun and he laugh and said
arjun:ok ok sorry I was joking don't worry I won't do anything like this saying this he came tsar's door and said
arjun:but only before marriage saying this he wink and left from there laughing... haya blush and then gone in washroom to get fresh

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