Episode 33

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Episode 33
The episode start with ana... she was shocked to hear what the person said... ana keep staring that person and the person said
person:I know I'm handsome and hot but please stop staring me baby
ana:what r u doing veer
(so the person was veer)
veer pull ana closer and said
veer:I'm proposing u jaan saying this veer kiss on her forehead... and ana hold his shirt tightly... both looked at each other and veer gone on his knees and said
veer:ana when I saw u first time that time only I fell in love with u u remember how I scared u and u left shouting on me
ana nod with smile on lips and tears in her eyes... veer said
veer:that day it self I was in love with u then we become frds and then today we fought I didn't like it at all but then bhabhi told me why u did like that and arjun and bhabhi decorate this terrace only for us
ana smile and veer said
veer:so miss ana would please give the pleasure of being with u the rest of my life and to make u Mrs Veer will u marry me
ana smile and make veer stand... ana said
ana:yes I'll
veer took out a diamond ring and make ana wear it.. boh smile at each other and ana hug veer...

On The Other Side
Arya reach home all the way haya was silent... she didn't spoke a word... when they came in everyone ask where they were and arjun lied saying they went for a walk... haya left from there and came in room... she sat down and tears make there way from her eyes... after 30 min haya get changed and start packing her dresses... arjun who came to see her get shocked seeing her packing her dresses... arjun closed the door so that no one could come and see... arjun hold haya's wrist and turn her toward him and said
arjun:what r u doing haya
haya:I'm going from here
arjun:what where haya this is ur house only
haya:no arjun this is ur house and I can't stay here anymore saying this haya start her packing again... arjun stop her again and said
arjun:u r not going anywhere ok haya it's our marriage after 2 days
haya:arjun this can't happen why don't u understand
arjun get shocked and said
arjun:haya do u have any idea what r u saying
haya:arjun I'm saying right I'm the reason behind ur family's death I'm a killer arjun I'm a murderer saying this haya start crying loudly... arjun get shocked and sat there staring haya...
haya after a while wipe her tears and said
haya:I'll go from here and won't come again everyone will be happy and before haya could complete arjun get up and give her a tight slap... haya stumble and shocked... she took the support of wall and stand still..... she looked at arjun... his eyes were red with anger... arjun came and hold her by her shoulder and said
arjun:dare u leave me I'm not going to leave u anywhere u r mine did u get that u r mine u were mine and u'll always be mine
haya was about to say something but arjun stop her and said
arjun:i haven't finished yet
haya nod and arjun said
arjun:u haven't done anything ur so called bl**dy father did and he'll get he punishment and u r going to get married to me in next two days I don't want any of ur bl**dy nonsense that u r culprit and all did u get that
haya stare arjun with tears and love in her eyes... arjun joint his forehead with her and said
arjun:and if u want punishment then ur punishment will be that u'll stay with me for rest of the life and u'll love u and u'll let me love u as much as I want... haya cried and hug arjun tightly... arjun also hugged her and both stand there hugging each other... haya said
haya:I'm sorry arjun
arjun:ssshhh atop crying and it's ok I'm Sorry saying this arjun looked at haya and said
arjun: sorry I shouldn't have slapped u I'm sorry jaan
haya:it's ok saying this haya wipe arjun's tears and arjun wipe her tears... arjun hug haya again and said
arjun:never ever thought to leave me again I don't have anyone except u baby I love you
haya:I sorry and I won't I promise I love you too
both looked at each other and in next second arjun capture haya's lips with his in a passionate kiss... arjun moved back and take haya near bed... he make her lie down still kissing and haya also reciprocate... arjun was on top of haya... kissing her passionately.... they both get apart to take breath... arya stare each other passionately... arjun again lean and kiss haya... this time it was more passionate.... after almost half an hour arjun release haya and both slept hugging each other...

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