Episode 12

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Episode 12
The episode start with arjun was lost in haya and was staring her unblinkingly just then ana wave her hand and said
ana:jiju stop staring my sister please
arjun came in his sense and smile then ana saw someone and said
ana:I'll just come saying this she gone there and after sometime came with 2 girls and said
ana:Elsa Arjun they r my frds from England
1st girl:hi I'm Lara
2nd girl:hi I'm Pearl
haya:hi I'm haya
arjun:hi I'm arjun
ana:ok so u guys talk I'll just come saying this ana left and Lara came toward arjun and said
Lara:hi handsome h r u
arjun:I'm fine h r u beautiful
Lara:I'm fine
Pearl:hey I'm also here saying this pearl came toward arjun and trio start talking haya felt jealous as they were ignoring haya they were not even looking at her and seeing haya's jealousy arjun talk with them even more after sometime haya had enough she can take it anymore tear filled her eyes and haya left from there she walk as fast as she can to her room trying to control her tears but fortunately or unfortunately arjun notice it and felt extremely guilty arjun thought to say sorry and walk toward her room but ana came and said
ana:where arjun to Elsa's room
arjun:actually I want to talk to her something personal please
ana smile and said
ana:ok u can go but listen I'll come to call both of u when dad will announce engagement date
arjun:ok thanks saying this arjun run toward haya's room on other side haya was sitting on floor taking the support of bed wall she was hugging her teddy and was crying badly while crying she said
haya:why arjun why r u doing this with me am I so bad that no one can love me just the way I'm since i born I only saw mom and dad loving bhai they never love me like they love bhai then after Ana's birth they love bhai and ana but not me I used to felt so bad but bhai was there he used to love me a lot even ana was there but I never knew what is parents love dad and mom used to buy everything for bhai and ana they used to fulfill every wish of them they used yo take them out for shopping and with some excuse used to left me at home they never even ask me if I want anything but even then bhai and ana was there they used to buy everything and then used yo share with me dad used to buy so many toys for ana and mom used to buy dresses but they never even gift me anything all what I have was for ana but she don't like it so they give this to me only bhai was there who loved me and give me love but then he left because of dad u know what softy ana was and is everyone's fav everyone love ana and even now I don't go anywhere with them I just go center and from there home if I ever had gone anywhere that just with arjun but now I can't handle this its not that I'm jealous of ana or I hate her no I love ana and she also love me but even then I'm a girl I have some dreams I want someone who'll love me unconditionally who'll took care of me like I'm the most important person in his life I want to feel what is being someone's world what is being loved by someone like u r the only one who's worth of his love softy I thought arjun like me and that's why he care for me but he broke my dream he make me realize what I really am for him he make me realize that I'm nothing more than a product who dad sold and he bought u know that marks of belt on my back its because of dad he hit me just because I refused to left dancing and singing saying this haya hide her face in teddy and cried even more and arjun who heard all this standing at door was shattered seeing haya's pain he came forward sit in front of haya and hugged her tightly and said
arjun:I'm sorry haya I'm really sorry I didn't mean to hurt u I'm sorry babe
haya looked at arjun and said
haya:what r u doing here please go from here and talk with that Lara and Pearl
arjun looked at haya and said
arjun:babe please I'm sorry
haya:why r u saying sorry who I'm
arjun:u r my everything I was just making u jealous I didn't knew it'll hurt u that much and who told u that u r nothing u r everything I have babe
haya looked at arjun surprisingly and said
arjun:I'm sorry I heard what all u said
haya:I...I was saying this haya start crying and arjun said
arjun:ssshhh its ok saying this arjun hug haya and haya cried badly hugging arjun after sometime Arjun separate haya and said
arjun:I'm sorry babe trust me i don't think about u like that I'm really very sorry for hurting u like this but trust me I'm not marrying u because of some deal actually I was going to ask for partnership in ur dad's company but before that I saw u remember that day for the first time we met and after seeing u I just couldn't forget u ur eyes ur hairs and that fear in ur eyes made me restless i wanted to protect u and that's why I asked for ur hand after that when u came yo say no it hurted me that's why I behaved that way but the care and love I showed was not fake it was true and I'm also sorry for that night I was not doubting on u I misunderstood u because of something else and then I saw u with someone else so it come out like that but now I believe u r not responsible for anything and I really want to marry u haya because u t everything to me u r my life and I'm sorry for hurting u saying this arjun closed his eyes and tears drop from his eyes and fall on haya's hands she looked at him and saw tears haya's heart melt in that moment and arjun said
arjun:haya I know u r forced for this marriage and if u want u can say no I promise I'll help u to get out of this hell I'll send u somewhere where no one will ever harm u or trouble u I promise and trust me I'm not saying everything to say I'll definitely help u because I love u
haya:you'll help me
arjun:yes I'll in fact give me a min I'll just calk my PS and he'll arrange everything and then u can left this house ASAP saying this Arjun get up and was about to call but haya came in front of arjun and looked deep into arjun's eyes and said
haya:and if I say I want to stay with u then
arjun looked at haya with tears in his eyes and a smile of hope on his lips arjun keep staring haya and after sometime arjun said
arjun:r u serious
haya:yes I know we don't know each other much nor we understand each other completely but I know u r saying truth I saw it in ur eyes I won't say I love u but yes I like how u cared for me and today i saw ur love for me in ur eyes and I like u and maybe with time I'll fall in love with u
arjun smile and said
arjun:haya I promise I'll keep u happy always and I'll wait for u to fall in love with me and till u don't we'll stay like frds
arjun:yes babe
haya hug arjun and said
haya:thank u so much
haya looked at arjun and arjun said
arjun:will u marry me haya saying this arjun extend his hand and haya give her hand in his smilingly and both start each other totally lost in their own world then arjun said
arjun:haya I know u must be thinking why I behaved that way that night and I'll tell u but before that I need sometime and as soon as I'll know everything I'll tell u
haya:arjun I trust u and its ok u can tell me when u want me to know
arjun:thanks a lot babe
haya smile and arjun hug her again and said
arjun:babe u have to promise me something
arjun:from now onward if u want anything you'll tell me it doesn't matter whatever it is if u want to buy something and want money tell me its ur right now u r going to be my wife and now u r my responsibility so u don't need to ask from anyone else whatever u want just order me ok
haya looked at arjun and said
haya:u heard everything
arjun:yeah actually I saw u crying so I came to say sorry and to say tell u that I was just teasing u nothing else but before u I could say anything to u u start talking and heard it
haya:I was just
arjun:its ok u don't need to explain anything in fact I'm glad I heard everything because of that I told u that I love u otherwise I wouldn't tell u thinking u will say no
arjun:yes I was really scared to lose u that's why I forcefully kept u
haya:now I'm happy that u heard it because if u won't then I'll never be able to know u love me this much that for my happiness u can hurt urself
arjun:since u came in my life nothing else matter to me than ur happiness saying this arjun wipe haya's tears and haya hugged arjun again both were standing and just then ana came and said
ana:ehmm ehmm
haya and arjun get apart and ana said
ana:if u guys r done then please come down dad is going to announce ur engagement date
arjun:no we just start and u disturbed
haya looked at arjun and he winked at her haya smiled and ana said
haya:ana he's just joking u go we r coming
ana:ok but fast saying this ana left and arjun said
arjun:shall we go babe saying this arjun extend his hand and haya give her hand in his and both came down everyone was there and David said
David:hello everyone thanks for coming we all r gathered here to welcome ana and I want to make an announcement after a week my daughter haya is getting engaged to arjun mehra saying this David give haya's hand on arjun's hand and everyone clap then ana came and said
ana:hello frds as now its announced that my sister is getting engaged I would like to ask my lovely sister and would be jiju to please come on stage and do a lovely dance performance for us please saying this ana ask the DJ to play song and arjun looked at haya she looked everywhere nervously and arjun said
arjun:jaan don't worry I'm here nothing will happen ok
haya smile and nod and both came on stage arjun's hands were on haya's waist and haya's hands were on arjun's shoulder then song start (this song is from movie "Ramaiya Vastavaiya")

Thami thami.. si saansein
Thami thami poochhne lagi 
Hai tumse jo mil gayi, jo mil gayi

Thami thami si saasein 
Jeene lagi, jeene lagi..
Hai tumse jo mil gayi, jo mil gayi

Asar yeh kaisa teri chaahat ka hai mujhpe ho gaya
Zarra zarra mere dil ka ab tujh mein hi kho gaya
Meharbaan woh rab barsa hai jab se tu hai mil gaya
Tujhko pa ke aisa laage ke khud se hoon mil gaya

arjun smile looking at haya's bright smile the smile who never left her lips since they came down

Ke rang jo lagyo.. re..
Ke rang jo lagyo re
Ke rang jo lagyo re lagyo
Ke rang jo lagyo re

Ke lagyo re lagyo
Ke rang jo lagyo re
Ke rang jo lagyo re
Ke thaaro rang
Ke thaaro rang
Ke thaaro rang

then arjun spin haya and pull her closer and both stare each other lovingly

O.. rang aisa gehra ishq ka..
Hai rooh mein ghulne laga..
Chhoote na... 
Chhoote na... iska nishaan

Jahaan ki parwaah kya 
Jab dil yeh had se aage badh gaya
Saji hai duniya meri
Mujhko tu hai aisa mil gaya

Ke rang jo lagyo.. re..
Ke rang jo lagyo re
Ke rang jo lagyo re
Ke thaaro rang

both remembered their moments and smile at each other

Dekhoon pighalta aasmaan
Boondon se karta hia bayaan
Pyaar mera, pyaar mera.. bepanaah
Jo bhoole se bhi na bhoole
Tu aisa waada ban gaya
Tode se bhi na toote
Jo dil ka naata ban gaya

Ke rang jo lagyo.. re..
Ke rang jo lagyo re
Ke rang jo lagyo re lagyo
Ke rang jo lagyo re

Ke rang jo lagyo re
Ke rang jo lagyo re
Ke thaaro rang

song end and everyone clap haya get away from arjun shyly and arjun said in low voice
arjun:please keep this beautiful smile on ur lips always u look even more beautiful when u smile
haya smile even more hearing arjun and said
haya:u r the reason behind this smile saying this haya looked at arjun and both stare each other

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