Episode 1

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Episode 1
The episode start with a girl she was sitting in a big and well furnished room but she was crying badly just then a lady came inside with a tray of food in her hand and that girl run and hug her and cried again and that lady said
Lady:ssshhh don't cry haya
Haya:I'm sorry maa because of me dad saying this she cried badly and couldn't say further
(so the girl is our heroine and the lady is haya's mother) then haya's mom make haya sit on bed and put the tray down and said
Maa:have dinner u haven't eat anything in lunch also
Haya:maa I don't want to eat
Maa:please beta have it na otherwise even I won't saying this he make haya eat after sometime haya's father (Mr David ) said
David:radha (haya's mother name) come here
Radha:coming saying this she came toward door but before going out she turn and said
Radha:finish ur dinner haya please
Haya:ok maa
Then radha left and haya finish her dinner and lie down on bed she closed her eyes and cried after sometime she fall asleep then in the middle of the night suddenly haya get up and cried she look around and saw she was in her room she drink some water and came in balcony it was a big balcony (just like in fairy tale princess had in her room ?) then she sat there and fall asleep

Next Morning
A boy is shown jogging early morning in park lots of girls were staring him from them 2 girls start jogging behind him and 1st girl said
1st girl:god he is so handsome
2nd girl:yeah he is and u know what he is world's most successful and young businessman and also the most handsome eligible bachelor
1st girl:I wish he become my husband
2nd girl:no he'll be mine saying this both girls start fighting and that boy left and came toward his car and the driver open the door but the boy took keys and said
Boy:I'll go by myself saying this he took put his wallet and give money to driver and driver said
Driver:no Arjun sir I don't need this I have money
(So the boy is none other than our hero
Arjun:no kaka that is ur salary and is is because I want to go alone and u came with me so u don't need to pay from ur salary
Driver:thank u sir
Arjun:I'm going and u can go home saying this arjun sat in car and left he was driving aimlessly then after sometime he came and stop the car in front of a beautiful Villa then he came out and gone in his room he changed and call his secretary and said
Arjun:hello abhay did u get the info
Abhay:yes Sir and I already had talk to them they r ready to meet but they said u have to came to their home for meeting
Arjun:what the f**k r they forgetting that they want me to invest in their project I'm not a f**king servant of them
Abhay:Sir I'm sorry I'll cancel the meeting right away Sir
Arjun thought something and said
Arjun:no wait don't cancel it we'll go
Abhay:sir r u sure
Arjun get angry and said
Arjun:just do as I say don't ask me got it
Abhay get scared and said
Abhay:yes sir saying this he cut the call and arjun left he had bf and left fro office he came and every employ immediately get up and wish him good morning but he came in his cabin it was a big cabin with walls of glasses but only he can see from inside from outside its like a mirror then he start working but his mind was not in work in afternoon at lunch his secretary knock and arjun ask him to came and then abhay said
Abhay:Sir its time to go for meeting with Mr David
Arjun:yeah let's go saying this he get up and took his coat and then left from there he sat in car and thought in mind
Arjun:I was waiting for this moment from so long almost 5 years but now I'll do anything for my revenge from that David arjun was thinking all this when sudden car stop in front of a big and beautiful Villa arjun get down from the car and smirk then they came inside and the servant took Arjun in David's study arjun was waiting there and ask his secretary to wait for him in his car arjun was looking around just then arjun saw a girl passing from there as the door was little open arjun came to see and as that girl turn she saw arjun and was about to shout but arjun pins her against the wall which was on right side of door and from there no one can saw them as there was curtains and the door was open and it hide them then arjun close her mouth from his right hand and hold her both hands in his left both stare each other but soon the girl start trying to free herself and arjun keep staring her and make his grip tight as arjun never saw such a beauty she was looking afraid but yet she was beautiful and her innocence make arjun's heart skip a beat her black soft silky hairs her soft porcelain skin her big blue eyes and then he removed his hand and saw her soft as rose petals lips as arjun removed his hand the girl stop struggling anf both stare each other and just then suddenly someone shout it was radha
Radha:haya beta come here
Haya:coming maa saying this haya immediately push Arjun and run from there and arjun just keep looking at the way haya run just then his mind whisper god i want to touch her badly again thinking this arjun smile and came back in study David was not there and arjun sat on chair and think about haya and said
Arjun:haya nice name saying this he smile and David came and arjun get up from chair and both shake hands then both sat on chair and start talking about something then after a long conversion of an hour arjun said
Arjun:not ten I'm ready to invest twenty lacs and I don't care about if it goes in lost but only if u agree to my two conditions
David:what conditions
Arjun:I want to marry ur daughter and if u make her my wife i don't even want profit from that project in case we get
David was shocked for a second and was about to shout but then arjun said
Arjun:there is no need to shout or to get angry don't forget u want money and if I refused no one will invest money in ur project
David:ok but i need some time
Arjun:tomorrow morning I'll come to meet and if its yes then I also want to meet her
Arjun:ur elder daughter and my future wife haya saying this arjun left without hearing anything and after he left David call radha and haya in his study

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