Episode 28

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Episode 28
The episode start with Arjun came in OT with Dr as haya was calling arjun... Dr told arjun that haya is not responding and if she didn't response then they r afraid that she'll go in coma... arjun came close to and hold hand of unconscious haya who was calling him... arjun sat beside her and said
arjun:haya I'm here with u please don't lose hope jaan you have to come back to me for me for ana and abhay for everyone please
arjun was trying to motivate haya... on the other side... ana was crying badly sitting on floor ... veer came to her and console her... ana suddenly hug veer and cried badly... veer said
veer:hey jhansi ji rani don't cry please if you'll do like this then who'll handle abhay he's already tensed about bhabhi and if you'll broke down like his in front of him then who'll support him saying this veer make ana look at him... he wipe her tears and ana said
ana:why its all happing with Elsa what's her fault why she's suffering why she have to suffer always she's innocent she never did anything bad with anyone then why saying this ana cried more... veer calm down ana and then ana said
ana:bhai where is abhay bhai
both looked but couldn't see abhay... Ana get up and said
ana:abhay bhai is really very sensitive about haya when its come to haya bhai become really angry we have to find him
veer:come we'll go together to find him
both left to find abhay and told vaani to keep them updated...
arjun was still trying and then he said
arjun:haya please I love u a lot u know I can't live without u please babe I don't have anyone except u
arjun was crying... suddenly haya start breathing heavily... arjun told Dr and they immediately send arjun out and start their work... arjun came and everyone ask him and he told them everything what Dr said and then haya's response... after sometime ana, veer and abhay also came and Vanni told them... then abhay came toward arjun and sat beside him and said
abhay:she'll be fine arjun
arjun hug abhay and cried his heart out... while crying he said
arjun:abhay I can't live without her please ask her to come back I need her abhay I need her please
abhay console arjun... just then Dr came and said
Dr:Mr Mehra
arjun came toward Dr hurriedly and said
arjun:how's haya Dr she fine na
Dr:yes Mr Mehra ur love saved her otherwise we would have lost her
arjun take a breath of relieve and said
arjun:can I meet her
Dr:right now she's unconscious but u can go inside but just one
arjun:thank u
everyone ask arjun to go in... Arjun came and sat beside haya... he hold her hand softly and kiss on it... tears roll down his cheeks... arjun wipe them and came out... everyone looked at arjun and he said
arjun:he'll just come
arjun left...

After Half Hour
haya gain consciousness and saw abhay sitting beside her... haya smile and abhay call everyone in... everyone met haya... ana came and hug her tightly and ana
ana:thank god Elsa u r fine
haya hug ana back and said
haya:don't cry ana I'm fine now
ana smile and haya look around... abhay notice haya searching arjun and said
abhay:haya arjun went somewhere he'll be back soon u take rest
haya:ok bhai
everyone left and haya lie down... soon she doze off... Arjun came and send everyone home... arjun came in haya's room and sat beside her... tears again roll down his cheeks but this time the tears drop on haya's hand and its wetness make haya awake... haya looked at arjun and saw him crying holding her hand... haya said
haya:ar... arjun
arjun look up at haya hearing her voice and said
haya tried to get up... arjun help her and make her sit comfortably... haya hug him tightly... arjun hug back and both stay like that for long time... haya said
haya:where were u why u didn't stay here I was waiting for u
arjun:I'm sorry I was in let it be how r u feeling now
haya:I'm fine but tell me where were u
arjun:actually saying this Arjun took out a red thread from his pocket and said
arjun:I heard that this thread is for protection so I thought to bring this for u that's why I gone to temple to bring this
arjun took haya's hand and tied the thread... hr kiss her hand and haya said
haya:thank u so much
arjun:for what
haya:for everything for coming in my life for saving me from my parents and for loving to infinitely saying this haya hug arjun tightly... arjun was in shock... he the hug and said
arjun:u remember everything ur memory is back
haya smile and nod in yes... arjun hug haya tightly and said
arjun:thank god I'm so happy I got u back I got my love back with all our moments I'm so happy haya
haya:me too arjun I'm so lucky that I got u as my life partner
arjun: I'm more lucky that even after doing wrong with u I got ur love
haya:please arjun don't say like this I forget it so please I don't want to remember bitter memories of past
arjun:ok I'm sorry my Angel
haya:Arjun I Love U
arjun:I Love U Haya
both looked at each other and Arjun kiss on her forehead... arjun said
arjun:anyone know that u got ur memory
haya:no I didn't said I wanted to tell u first
arjun smile and said
arjun:ok but correct me if I'm wrong i think alisha push u from upstairs didn't she
haya get little tensed... arjun saw her and said
arjun:I knew it I told her to stay away from u but now I have to teach her a lesson
haya:arjun please don't do anything wrong
arjun:I won't I'll just teach her a lesson but all be in limit
arjun:promise now take rest saying this arjun was about to go by haya hold his hand and said
haya:don't go anywhere please be with me I want to sleep in ur embrace
arjun smile and sat down... he lie down as the bed was quite big... haya hug him... both talk for sometime and then doze off in each other embrace...

Next Morning
haya woke up and saw arjun sleeping just like a 2 years old kid... she smile and softly kiss on his cheek... she was about to get up but suddenly arjun pull her back in his embrace and said
arjun:taking advantage of my sleep
haya blush and said
haya:advantage and me no no
Arjun:u my little Angel don't lie when u can't well I don't have any problem u can take full advantage of me I'll happily let u take but then u also have to let me take advantage of u that too whenever I want and how much I want saying this arjun wink and haya widen her eyes in shock and said
haya:arjun u r getting shameless day by day
arjun:only because of u and only for u
haya smile and arjun smile back... after sometime both had bf... everyone also came and met haya... arjun told everyone that haya's memory is back and everyone get happy... arjun talked with Dr and haya get discharged... arjun told his plan to everyone to teach alisha lesson except Ana's two other frds lara and pearl as they were also Alisha's frd... they smile and then everyone left for home... arya came in one car and others in other

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