Episode 7

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Episode 7
The episode start with haya saw a bag on bed and moved toward it but then she thought to change first and gone toward cupboard and took out a night dress she changed she was wearing Pink Cami Bed Top And Shorts then she took the bag and saw a big purple soft teddy bear which she saw in mall few hours back there was a chit also haya open the chit and this is what was written

"I was thinking what to gift u but then saw u staring it and here it is babe"

Reading chit haya smile and took out the teddy it was soft and cute Compare Prices on Purple Teddy Bear (this one)

Haya touch the teddy softly and hugged it tightly then suddenly her phone start ringing she saw it was Arjun she smile and attend the call and said
Arjun smile because for the first time she talked normally and said
Arjun:hi babe did u like the gift
Haya blush for the very first time she was feeling happy hearing "babe" it make her feel special haya lie down on bed and said
Haya:umm its nice
Arjun:only nice
Haya:I mean yes its cute
Arjun:I know but not more than u
Haya smile and said
Haya:I'm going to sleep bye
Arjun:open the balcony door

Haya:what why
Arjun:just open na
Haya get up from bed and open the door she came forward but couldn't find him she was about to turn but Arjun hug her from behind and said
Haya:what r u doing here and how did u came
Arjun:from window and just to see how u would react seeing ur gift and
Arjun:I'm very much surprised when u hugged that teddy so tightly I wish I would've been in that teddy place saying this arjun tighten his grip and haya closed her eyes tightly feeling shy and arjun whisper
Arjun:u r driving me crazy
Haya:I...I didn't did anything
Arjun smile and said
Arjun:u did babe u just don't know that u did saying this arjun turn haya and stare her lovingly haya's eyes were still close his left hand were on her waist and from right arjun touch her left cheek and softly kiss on right cheek then arjun looked at haya and haya open her eyes both stare each other both were totally lost in each other and song start in background (this song is from movie "Loveshhuda")

Har lamha dekhne ko
Tujhe intezaar karna
Tujhe yaad karke aksar
Raaton main roz jagna
Badla hua hai kuch toh

Dil in dino yeh apna

Haya came inside feeling shy and happy at the same time arjun came behind her and turn haya to him

Kaash woh pal paida hi naa ho
Jis pal mein nazar tu naa aaye
Kaash woh pal paida hi naa ho
Jis pal main nazar tu naa aaye
Gar kahin aisa pal ho
Toh iss pal mein mar jaayen
Mar jaayen....mar jaayen....
Mar jaayen....ooo ho mar jaayen
Mar jaayen....mar jaayen....
Mar jaayen....ooo ho mar jaayen

Both stare each other lovingly and then arjun hold her and pull her closer finishing the gap between them and kiss on her forehead

Tuhjse juda hone ka tasavur
Ek gunaah sa lagta hai
Jab aata hai bheed mein aksar
Mujhko tanha karta hai
Khwab mein bhi jo dekhle yeh
Raat ki neendein udd jaayein
Mar jaayen....mar jaayein....
Mar jaayein...ooo ho mar jaayein
Mar jaayen....mar jaayen....
Mar jaayein...ooo ho mar jaayein

Haya's hand were on his chest she clutch his shirt tightly and closed her eyes

Aksar mere har ek pal mein 
Kyun yeh sawaal sa rehta hai
Tujse mera taluk hai yeh kaisa
Aakhir kaisa rishta hai

Arjun looked at haya and said
Arjun:I never saw such a beauty before in my whole life

Tujko na jis din hum dekhen
Wo din kyun guzar hi na payein
Mar jayein...mar jayein
Mar jayein...ooo oh mar jayein
Mar jayein...mar jayein
Mar jayein...ooo oh mar jayein
Mar jayein...mar jayein
Mar jayein...ooo oh mar jayein

Song end and haya open her eyes and stare arjun and then softly said
Haya:I think u should go its late saying this haya turn but arjun hold her hand and said
Arjun:wouldn't u come to say bye
Haya turn and smile both came near window there was ladder Arjun came out and stand on ladder and said
Arjun:ok then I'll see u tomorrow
Haya smile and said
Haya:hmm ok
Arjun was going but haya stop him and said
Haya:good night
Arjun smile and pull haya closer by holding her waist and said
Arjun:my night is already good babe saying this he smile romantically and haya turn to hide her blushing face and arjun said
Arjun:ehmm ehmm someone is blushing hard
Haya:please go before someone see

Arjun:ok babe as u say saying this arjun released haya but before going down he give a quick kiss on her cheek and then gone down haya smile on his act and stare him arjun came near his car and open the door but before sitting in he turn and smile seeing haya who was standing there still he give a flying kiss and haya hide behind curtains due to shyness but then turn a little and saw arjun going and keep staring him till his car didn't disappeared haya close the window and lie down on bed she took the teddy and hug it tightly and then remember what arjun said and smile then said
Haya:he Is not bad saying this haya hug the teddy even more tightly and fall asleep and arjun also reach home and fall asleep thinking about haya

Next Morning
Haya woke up and get ready to go center today she was different she was happy and her eyes was sparkling with happiness before coming out she look at the teddy arjun gifted and smile then as she came out for bf her mom told her that ana is coming today haya was excited a lot she told her mom that she is going and left after sometime she reach center and start her practices of dancing and singing when it's time to leave arjun came and waited for haya out haya came out and was little surprised to see arjun then arjun saw haya and came out of his car and said
Arjun:come let's go
Haya:but what r u doing here

Arjun:did u forgot I told u last night see u tomorrow so here I'm
Haya smile and said
Haya:yeah but wait I'll just tell to uncle not to come
Haya:yeah ram uncle actually he drive my car
Arjun was little surprised as she didn't call the driver as driver even once then arjun said
Arjun:hmm ok
Haya call the driver and said
Haya:uncle don't come to pick me I'll come by myself
Driver:but mam
Haya:first not mam uncle I told u na call me beta and second I know dad will ask u so told him I'm going out with Mr Mehra he won't get angry
Driver:ok mam

Haya:uncle again
Driver:sorry beta
Haya:ok bye uncle saying this haya cut the call and turn to go and saw arjun smiling at her and said
Haya:what why r u smiling like this
Arjun:nothing but why did u said Mr Mehra
Haya:umm because u r
Arjun came close and hold haya from waist and said
Arjun:but u can say Arjun
Haya:what r u doing we r in the middle of the road please
Arjun:first call me Arjun i haven't heard arjun from u yet
Haya:please let go
Arjun:take my name and say let go
Arjun:no excuses
Haya:umm Ar...Arjun let go
Arjun:my name look so nice when u take it
Haya:now please let go na

Arjun release haya and said
Arjun:let's go saying this both moved toward arjun's car and sat inside and left in car both were silent then haya said
Haya:where r we going
Arjun:right now for lunch
Arjun:then wherever u say
Haya smile and then reach restaurant and had lunch

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