Episode 16

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Episode 16
The episode start arjun reach haya home he look toward her room's window it was closed and so was balcony he call haya but again switched off h think for sometime and then call ana she attend the call and said
ana:hello jiju
arjun:hi ana
ana:what happened
arjun:actually where is haya her phone is switched off
ana:ooh yeah maybe she forgot to tell u her phone fall from terrace because of me
ana:yeah and it's completely destroyed
arjun:but how
ana:don't know what happened to her first since morning she was tensed and when I asked she said nothing and then she left and came in evening she was totally lost she came on terrace and I came behind her and asked her to talk with u so he might feel better but she refused so I took her phone and was calling u and she was trying to take her phone and in that it fall from terrace
arjun:ooohh ok well where is she now
ana:in her room
arjun:actually ana I need ur help
ana:yeah bro go ahead
arjun:what did u just said bro
ana:yeah did I said something wrong I'm sorry
arjun:no it's ok I like it its just that I don't have anyone to call me like this
ana:now I'm here na I'll call u bhai
arjun:thanks lil sister
ana:ok tell me what help u want bhai
arjun:actually saying this arjun tell something to ana and she agreed then arjun silently came in house and gone on terrace and ana came to haya and said
ana:Elsa let's have dinner
haya:no I'm not hungry u have it
ana:what's wrong Elsa
haya:nothing u have it na I'm fine
ana:ok saying this she left after sometime ana came again and said
ana:come on terrace please
ana:just come na

ana:good saying this ana left and haya took her shawl and came on terrace and said
haya:ana where r u and why all the lights r off ana
haya came little forward and feel something under her feet she look down and suddenly light came and she was shocked the terrace was decorated with roses and balloons she look down and saw she was standing on heart made by rose petals and it was in such a way that it shows sorry in mid haya look around and when she turn back she saw arjun he was sitting on his knees holding his ears haya looked at him shockingly and arjun said
arjun:I'm sorry haya please forgive me
just then before haya could say anything fireworks start and haya look up and saw it's write something on sky she was shock because it says
"I'm Sorry Love Please Forgive Me"
haya look at arjun he was still sitting on his knees haya came toward arjun and make him stand and said
haya:what is all this why r u saying sorry
arjun:I know u r angry and u should be that's why I'm saying sorry I know i made a mistake and I'm really very sorry please I won't do it again forgive me
arjun's eyes were wet and haya also got tears in her eyes seeing arjun's teary eyes haya hug arjun and he said
arjun:I'm sorry babe I really am
haya:its ok I understand
arjun:no u should shout on me like I did please scold me for shouting on u
haya laugh and said
arjun:I'm sorry
haya:it's ok I understand arjun
arjun look at haya and said
arjun:but why u aren't not angry
haya:I was but then I understand work is Important and the deal was also really important for u but someone ruined its presentation so u must be angry so that's why I'm not angry
arjun:u r so good I promise I won't do anything like this ever again I'm sorry
haya:and I trust ur promise saying this haya hug arjun again and then said
haya:arjun today was ur flight na
arjun look at haya and said
arjun:yeah actually I...I'm not going
haya:arjun why
arjun:because i thought u must be upset that's why
haya:what's the time
haya:and flight timing
haya:good u have time go
haya:yeah go for meeting
haya:no arjun u must go u said its Important and I don't want u to neglect ur work because of me I want to be ur strength not weakness
arjun smile and said
arjun:u r really my strength babe saying this arjun hug haya and said
arjun:I'll go for u
haya:good take care and inform me when u reached

haya:no wait actually I didn't told u but my phone its broken how will u
arjun:I know ana told me and I'll inform u only and how you'll know soon now I'll go ok
haya:ok bye please take care and come soon
arjun:ok saying this he was not but haya stop him and kiss on his cheek and said
haya:thanks for the surprise
arjun was shock for a second but then smile and said
arjun:if I'll get kiss as thank u then I'll plan surprise for u everyday saying this arjun wink and haya blush then arjun left and haya came in her room she happily lie down and smile remembering arjun then suddenly she heard some sound she look here and there and then realized it was coming from teddy which was on table haya took the teddy in her hands and open the small zip of back and a mobile came out of it haya saw arjun was calling as name was written haya pick up the call and arjun said
arjun:what babe u took so much time to find mobile
haya:arjun what is this and why it is here
arjun:babe that is mobile and its there because it's ur
arjun:Yups I told u na I'll inform u so this is for that
haya:but arjun u shouldn't have bought it I have money which u give would've bought it from it
arjun:babe its a gift from me to u so u can't reject
arjun:if u did I'll come back right now
haya:no don't leave ur work I'll keep it
arjun:that's like my girl
haya smile hearing "My Girl" and arjun said
arjun:ok now u rest I'll call u when I'll reach ok
haya:ok and call immediately
arjun:ok babe I'll
haya cut the call and both think about each other and haya thought in mind
haya:he's so cute and caring he's just a perfect husband thinking this she smiled and then fall asleep

Next Morning
haya woke up and saw time it was 7:30 she checked her phone but no call and no msg haya was about to call but just then arjun call and haya smile she attend the call and said
haya:I was about to call u
haya:yeah u didn't call na
arjun:actually when I reached it was late so I thought not to disturb ur sleep and now I woke up so
haya:even I woke up just now
arjun:then go and had bf babe
haya:ok and u also
arjun:ok my Queen bye see u soon
haya:bye take care my King
arjun was shock hearing this and said
arjun:what did u said
haya:come back then I'll tell u saying this haya cut the call and arjun smile
haya had bf and get ready for center she thought to go today as David said she can go anywhere she want so she left

In Evening
haya came and wait for arjun's call and after sometime he called and both talked and talked both don't realize when evening turn in night and its time for flight as arjun said he'll come the next day he was coming but didn't told haya to surprise her he cut the call saying he have to go and sat in flight on the other side haya was making dinner and just then ana came and said
ana:listen do u have any problem if Lara and Pearl stay here
haya:no I don't have any problem why
ana:actually they got job here but the company said they'll get residence after a month and they can't stay in hotel for a month so
haya:it's ok call them here no problem they can stay here but ask mom and dad first
ana:ok thanks they'll come tonight
haya:ok I'll make dinner till then
ana:ok saying this she left and haya got busy in work

Dinner Time
Lara and Pearl was sitting and ana was with them and haya was in kitchen just then door bell ring and ana got up to open the door and saw arjun she hug him and said
ana:bhai u took 20 min extra
arjun:sorry lil sis I was stuck in traffic
ana:ok this time I'll leave u know since half hour I'm asking Elsa to wait and wait
arjun:ooh thank u sis now I'm here so we can have dinner
ana:yeah come in
both came in and Lara and Pearl got excited seeing him but arjun's eyes were searching his love who was not there before Lara or Pearl could come ana said
ana:bhai the one ur searching is in kitchen go
arjun:thanks lil sis saying his arjun left ana came in kitchen haya was alone in kitchen she was thinking about arjun and his surprise she smile beautifully mesmerizing arjun he came and hug her from behind tightly and said
arjun:missed me
haya turn and get shocked seeing him and said
haya:u came
arjun:yups as I promised I'm here
haya smile and said
haya:why didn't u tell me
arjun:to surprise u
haya:ok now I know why ana was asking to wait
arjun:yeah I told her na that's why
haya:not fair u didn't tell me
arjun:what to do my Queen love surprises na saying this arjun wink and haya smile then said
haya:r u coming from airport
arjun:off course from where else I can come
haya:arjun what I mean is r u coming directly from there
haya:not good u should have gone home and rest u must be tired
arjun:I thought to but
arjun came close and whisper in her ear
arjun: my heart don't listen to me it says it want to be with u always
haya blush and closed her eyes feeling his closeness but arjun keep staring her he was lost in her it was just a day without her but felt like thousands years he touched her face softly with his fingers and haya shiver with his touch her grip become strong on his shoulder then suddenly haya felt his lips on hers for a second she didn't response but then haya melted in his embrace and kiss him back her hands moved and came around his neck and seeing haya's response arjun also tighten his grip and kiss her more passionately and deeply

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