Episode 10

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Episode 10
The episode start with arjun turn haya and was shocked to see marks on her back it was belt marks arjun touch her back softly and haya gasp because of pain arjun immediately pull his hand back and said
Haya:please go out
Arjun:who did this
Haya:please just go saying this haya cover her back with saree and arjun said
Arjun:I won't u tell me how this happened
Haya:its none of ur concern so just go out
Arjun turn haya by holding her left arm and angrily said
Arjun:everything related to u is my bl**dy concern so don't show me ur f**king attitude and tell me who did this
Haya wince in pain as arjun's hold was tight arjun left her arm and then hold her softly from shoulder and said
Arjun:haya please tell me what's wrong
Haya looked at arjun her eyes were teary even though they had a fight and they show they hate each other but somewhere in her heart haya know arjun care and he could understand her and he can handle her right now because she need to cry she can't keep it inside her more now she couldn't control anymore haya hug arjun tightly and start crying badly Arjun also hug her and said
Arjun:ssshhh its ok I'm here nothing will happen babe don't be scared saying this arjun make haya look at him and said
Arjun:its ok now tell me what's wrong
Haya thought what to say because she can't tell him the real reason so she said
Haya:nothing just like that
Arjun get angry and pull her closer and said
Arjun:so u r not going to tell me r u?
Haya:what r u doing leave me and go out
Arjun:no I won't go and won't leave u u tell me who did this
Haya:as i said before it none of your concern so please leave I want to change
Arjun:and as I too said before that everything related to u is my concern so tell me
Haya:I don't want to why don't u get it please leave
Arjun:either u tell me or stay like this
Haya:god why r u so stubborn
Arjun:only with u
Haya:u god just leave me I'm in no mood to stay here whole day
Arjun:even I don't want to stay here that too with u
Haya got angry and said
Haya:then leave me and go
Arjun:not before seeing u fully dressed in this saree
Arjun:yeah turn that side and let me close ur hook
Arjun:don't force me to force u
Arjun turn haya and said
Arjun:stand straight and don't move
Haya:I'll do it

Arjun:ooohh really I saw how u were doing now shut up saying this arjun remove saree from her back and then put her hairs on left shoulder he slowly slowly start closing the hooks and while doing it by mistake arjun's hand touch her back and haya said
Haya:Ouch saying this haya fist her hand and arjun said
Arjun:sorry saying this arjun softly kiss on her back and haya closed her eyes tightly in that moment haya forget the pain she was in even though arjun was rude he cared he was angry but he couldn't see haya in such condition after all she was his only his then arjun after closing all the hooks whisper
Arjun:I know u won't tell me anything but that doesn't mean I won't get to know anything soon I'll know and then I'll see how you'll hide anything from me
Haya:why r u doing all this u hate me right haya said this in hope that he'll say no but he said something else
Arjun:because U R MINE saying this arjun released her and said
Arjun:I'm waiting out come fast saying this Arjun left from there and haya stand there lost after sometime haya came out and arjun bought everything he liked for haya and then they sat in car and left after sometime both reach restaurant and was having lunch arjun saw haya lost as both were sitting facing each other haya was not even eating properly arjun keep staring her as she was moving spoon here and there and was lost arjun hold her hand and then finally haya looked at arjun and arjun get up from his chair and sat beside haya and took spoon from her hand and make her eat with his hand haya tried to stop him but when haya tried to take the spoon arjun move it away and said
Arjun:ssshhh don't behave like a child
Haya:I'm not u r behaving saying this she made crying face and arjun said smilingly
Arjun:no u r wrong u r behaving like a child because u r making crying face looked at ur face babe
Haya immediately arrange her face and arjun said
Arjun:now eat else I'll do it forcefully
Haya thought its better to eat than being force and start eating from arjun's hand everyone in restaurant was staring arya haya notice but didn't said anything then after lunch arjun told haya to wait here and he'll come in a min and left as arjun left a lady came and said
Lady:is he ur husband
Haya smile and said
Haya:would be
Lady:u r so lucky only few people get this type of life partner so caring and so loving
Haya:indeed aunty
Lady:he is also lucky may god keep u both together forever
Haya smile and said
Haya:thank u so much aunty saying this haya took blessing from that lady and then left arjun who was hearing all this smile and came toward haya and said
Arjun:shall we go would be wifey
Haya:hmm saying this haya get up and both came out while walking toward car arjun hold haya's hand and show as if nothing happen then both sat in and left both reach haya's home and haya get down from car and turn to arjun she don't know how to ask him that he's coming in or not so she didn't said anything arjun looked at haya and said
Arjun:what why r u staring me
Haya:umm actually I...I wasn't I mean
Arjun:stop if u want to ask that I'm coming in or not then I'll if u want
Haya:I wasn't asking saying this haya look here and there and arjun said
Arjun:liar I know u want to ask this well I'll come babe let me just park the car saying this arjun park the car and came toward haya and both came inside arjun sat in living room and haya came in her room and she lie down on bed and remember today's time spend with arjun and his care and thought in mind
Haya in mind:why he's like this sometime so rude and sometime so caring haya was lost just then radha and ana came inside and ana said
Ana:what's wrong Elsa

Radha:beta change and get fresh till then I'll make dinner
Ana:hmm and Elsa will make tea for jiju right saying this she wink and haya unknowingly smile and radha said
Radha:ok but haya get fresh n up then make tea ok
Haya:ok maa saying this haya gone in washroom and get fresh after sometime haya came out make tea and came in living room and give tea to David and Arjun when arjun was taking the tea by mistake it fall on his shirt and haya get scared and David said
David:what is this haya apologize right now
Haya:I'm so sorry I didn't did it intensionally
David was about to say but arjun show his hand to him and said
Arjun:I'll just clean this
David:haya go and help him
Haya:yes dad
Arjun indicate haya to go and haya came out and turn to David and said
Arjun:Mr David haya is now my responsibility u don't have any bl**dy right to say anything to her and if u did then forget about the deal
David:no no I'm sorry Mr Mehra I won't
Arjun:good saying this arjun came out and saw haya waiting for him and said
Arjun:come babe sorry for making u wait saying this both came in haya's room and arjun wash his shirt he came out of washroom without shirt and said
Arjun:please press this it wet and I don't like wearing wet shirts
Haya turn and saw arjun shirtless and was froze in her place she keep staring him as he was looking hot arjun wink at haya and said
Arjun:I know I'm looking too hot babe but please don't stare like this saying this Arjun smile naughtily and haya immediately turn to other side and said
Haya:i wasn't staring u ok and u r shameless don't forget its my room u can't just came out like this
Arjun:ooohh really saying this Arjun came and stood just behind haya her heart start beating fast feeling arjun so close and haya tried to go but arjun hold her hand and said
Arjun:at least give me iron so that I can I iron my shirt
Haya:u don't need to give me ur shirt I'll do it
Arjun give his shirt to haya and she start pressing after sometime haya give arjun his shirt and said
Haya:I'm going out u come after changing
Arjun:ok and thanks babe saying this arjun quickly give a kiss on her cheek and haya get shocked and then left after sometime arjun came out and then after having tea left haya also came in her room and change then she sat on bed took the teddy in her hand hug it tightly

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