Episode 26

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Episode 26
The episode start with Arya reach mall holding hands with a beautiful smile attach to their lips... abhay call arjun and ask them to come in shop they came their and start shopping... Arya were together and other were on different side... haya ask arjun to select dress for her... Arjun smile and took some Lehengas and Sarees... he give them to haya and ask to try... it was 3 Lehengas and 2 Sarees... haya try them and arjun bought all saying all r looking beautiful on her... haya try to stop him as he already bought so many clothes for her before but he didn't listen... after that Arya came near bridal dress section.... haya said
haya:I don't want anymore its enough Arjun
arjun:Angel u just stay with me I'm going to select ur wedding dress
haya:Arjun u
arjun looked at her and said naughtily
arjun:yeah babe
haya made faces while arjun laugh... all this was notice by alisha but she couldn't do anything... arjun then took Magnetize Hot Pink And Orange Bridal Lehenga Choli... arjun give it to haya and said
arjun:is it nice
haya smile brightly and said
haya:yeah its so beautiful arjun
arjun:then try this
haya took it and gone in trial room... after sometime arjun knock on door and said
arjun:angel what's wrong come out
haya:arjun wait
arjun:what happened
haya:I'm trying to tie my blouse knots so wait
arjun waited for haya... it was almost 20 min... haya didn't came out... arjun again knock and said
arjun:its almost going to be half hour babe
haya:what's my fault its stuck in my chain now
arjun:open the door I'll help
haya:no I can't
arjun:babe please open I'll help u na
haya open the door and arjun came in... arjun was mesmerized... haya was looking beautiful... haya saw arjun staring her and said blushing
haya:arjun stop staring me like this please
arjun came in sense and hug haya from behind and said
arjun:what to do u r looking beautiful jaan saying this he kiss on her cheek and then helped her... after that arjun put the dupatta on her head and admire her... both were lost in each other... Arjun moved closer and haya backward... at last she reach the corner and arjun block her with his hands... Arjun smile romantically where haya smile shyly... arjun pull haya closer holding her waist from both hands and haya put her hands on his chest... arjun stare haya with desires filled eyes... arjun lean closer and captured her lips in a passionate kiss... haya reciprocate with same passion... arjun's grip become strong on her waist and haya's hands moved in his hairs caressing it and pulling him closer... both kiss passionately... they separate to catch breath... haya hug arjun tightly and arjun hug back more tightly... haya said
both looked at each other and arjun kiss on her forehead softly... Arjun came out of room saying haya to change... alisha who was passing from there saw arjun coming out of trial room... alisha was about to come to arjun when she saw haya coming out of same trial room... alisha get jealous and thought she have to do something... alisha left and Arya came to everyone after purchasing everything... everyone left for home... everyone reach home and get busy in work... abhay called some frds and told everyone that they'll be coming tonight...

In Night
everyone was sitting just then door bell ring... haya was about to go when ana said
ana:I'll open the door saying this ana open the door and suddenly someone came in front of her wearing skeleton mask... Ana get scared and shout
ana:aaahhhhh saying this suddenly and get dizzy and faint... hearing ana everyone came and saw ana on floor with her head on someone's lap... abhay hurriedly came and said
abhay:ana what happened
person:I'm sorry I just wanted to scared Arjun
abhay:god u idiot
haya came with water and splash some water in Ana's face... ana get conscious and saw abhay... ana said
ana:bhai someone on door saying this ana look toward door and saw 2 girls and 2 boys... one boy came toward ana and bend down and said
boy:hi i'm veer sorry for scaring u but I wanted to scare out groom as I thought he would open the door but unfortunately I scared u
ana get up and said
ana:u idiot stupid duffer didn't u have manners to see first what if I got heart attack and would have died only because of u I would have missed my Elsa's wedding mad saying this ana left from there and everyone laughed seeing veer... then abhay came and said
abhay:haya this is our frds from college
veer:hi I'm sure u r our bhabhi
haya smile and 2nd boy said
2nd boy:hi I'm Ryan
1st girl:hi I'm Amy
2nd girl:hi I'm rajni
arjun met with them and intro haya
rajni: wow arjun bhai bhabhi is so beautiful
haya looked at arjun and he said
arjun:they call me bhai
haya smile and both girls hug haya and Amy said
Amy:yeah bhai I'm impressed good choice
arjun:Arjun Mehra always choose best
everyone smile where veer was lost in thoughts... abhay came and him... veer said
veer:who was she
abhay:ooohh she's ana my sis
veer:god she's jhansi ji rani yaar
abhay:that she's be careful saying this both laugh and then the had dinner and gone in their room respectively

Next Morning
everyone woke up and had bf... abhay already intro ana to everyone and now ana and veer r frds... everyone was busy in sangeet arrangements where Arya was spending sometime together because all frds said...

In Sangeet
all boys and girls were waiting for haya and ana... arjun was wearing blue sherwani and just then haya came... she was also wearing blue lehenga saree... arjun was mesmerised to see haya... veer was also amazed seeing ana in pink and white lehenga... veer was wearing peace sherwani... both VeNa (Veer & Ana) smile looking at each other... haya came and sat beside arjun and everyone gone from there... suddenly lights gone off and VeNa came on stage and announced surprised for Arya...

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