Episode 32

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Episode 32
The episode start with alisha asking haya why she called her... haya turn to her and said
haya:why u tried to kill me
alisha:u know it already
haya:u don't love arjun otherwise u would've been happy in his happiness
alisha laugh and said
alisha: u know u got me its true I don't love arjun now
haya:then why u did all this
alisha:I was paid for it

arjun get shocked hearing it... haya said
haya:u r lying
alisha:I can't do anything if u don't believe me but u can surely ask u dear dad right
haya:what dad
alisha:u dad paid me to kill u
haya got shocked and tears filled her eyes... alisha said
alisha:when ur dad got to know that I'm staying in this house and I used to love arjun he give me money to kill u
haya:but why what wrong I did
alisha:I don't know all this all I know is ur dad hates u and want to kill u
haya fall on floor and cried... arjun came there with police and made alisha arrest... arjun came toward haya and hug her... haya cried hugging arjun... arjun calm down haya... when haya was calm down she said
haya:arjun I want to meet dad
haya:please arjun
arjun:ok come
both left to meet David in jail...

In Police Station
Arya came and arjun ask the inspector about David... the inspector show him the way and left... Arya came and saw david sitting... haya came close and said
David look up and said angrily
David:what the hell r u doing here
haya:dad listen
David:don't u dare call me dad because of u only I'm stuck here
haya:dad why do u hate me so much
David:because u r a bl**dy burden on me first it was ur bl**dy mother but I thought when she'll be dead it'll be fine but I didn't knew that even before dying she'll leave a burden on me
haya was shocked and confused... haya said
haya:what r u saying mom is alive dad
David:radha is not UR mother she's mother of abhay and ana
haya:then who I'm
David:god u don't u don't understand anything wait let me tell u then

(Flashback Start)
haya's mom (piya) was David pa... they were frds then start having affair... David promise her that he'll leave his wife and will marry her as he loves her... piya being madly in love agreed... they even get intimate... after a month piya got to know she's pregnant... she was happy but when she ask David to get married he refused... he said the process of divorce is still going and they can't get married... piya was so much in love that she always believed... after 9 month when haya was born David refused to accept the baby... piya get heartbroken... she left and complain to police... when police came to arrest David he accept haya to save his reputation... after 5 years piya die... David give money to his mans to kill piya... when piya died David tried to kill haya... he took haya to a sea but when he was about to throw haya a couple with their daughter saw it and save haya... David being scared didn't kill haya... the people who save haya took her with them and made David arrest... after 5 years David was out of jail and soon after coming out he get information about haya and people who saved her... when he found them he came there and kill them but when he was about to kill haya their daughter came and get bullet on her instead of haya... just then when he again tried to kill haya his eyes fall on some paper... he took that papers and got to know that if ever something happen to them the property would be on haya's name... and the property would be on haya's name until she's not 18 after that she can give it to anyone... David being greedy took haya with him and since then he treat her like that...

(Flashback End)

haya was shocked and she fall on her knees... haya cried badly but more then her arjun was shocked... arjun came forward and ask in doubt
arjun:was it Mehra's Family
David get surprised and said
David:how do u know
arjun came and angrily hold Davids collar... arjun said
arjun:because it was MY FAMILY u bl**dy MURDERER
haya and David get shocked and arjun said
arjun:u killed my parents and sister
David:no u can't be their son
arjun:I'm when u killed my parents I wasn't there
arjun get emotional and said
arjun:my dad send me out for country for good education that day when I came I saw my family lying in a pool of blood... when I came near dad he was alive and told me that u killed them I never knew the reason but now I know and I'll punish u Mr David u'll get punish for killing my family and for hurting my fiancée saying this arjun hold haya's hand and left from there

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