Episode 36

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Episode 36
The episode start with haya... she woke up and sat on bed.... haya smile thinking about wedding... it was the dream day of her life... haya get up and as soon as she place her foot on floor she was shocked... actually the whole floor was covered with rose petals and she didn't realize it before... haya look around and found a chit on dressing table... she came toward table and open the chit... this is what was written....

"Finally The Day U'll Be MINE...."

haya smile knowing the person behind all this... (off course Arjun) haya left in washroom to get fresh... she came out and wore a simple white dress... she open the door but ana was already standing there with her bf.. ana came in and said
ana:u can't meet arjun bhai so I came with ur bf
haya: OK but u have to eat with me
ana:off course Elsa
both ana and haya had bf...

In Evening
haya was seen getting ready for wedding... ana and vaani was making her ready... abhay came in and his eyes got teary seeing haya in bridal dress... it was Red Lehenga Saree.... especially chosen by arjun for haya... abhay came and hug haya... abhay said
abhay:I'm so happy for you haya
haya smile and they had group hug... just then arjun's Barat came and everyone left to see it... haya sat there smilingly.. just then some noise came and haya turn to see... she was shocked to see a person in front of her... haya get scared and said
haya:wh...what r u do...doing he...here
person:I came here to take u u have to die saying this the person came closer and haya tried to run... she shout but because of loud music no one hear her screams... the person took haya and no one even noticed... all the rituals was done now it was time to bring bride.... ana came in room but was shocked to see the room fully ruined... ana came down running and came toward arjun... arjun get panic seeing Ana's condition and said
Arjun:ana what happened haya where is angel
ana:bhai Elsa is not in room and everything is ruined
arjun was shocked... he run upstairs and came in room... he was shocked to see everything... abhay also came and ana told him everything.. arjun was in shock when suddenly his phone start ringing... he saw who was calling and was shocked... it was David... he immediately attend it and put it on speakers... before he could say anything he heard haya's screams... haya was saying
haya:arjun please save me arjun please
arjun:haya I'm coming I'm coming angel
David laugh at the other side and said
David:wow what a love
arjun:u bl**dy rascal dare u touch my haya I'll kill u
David: really come and save it haya then saying this he asked Arjun to come somewhere and cut the call... Arjun was going when abhay said
abhay:I'll also come
arjun:no I'll go alone u stay here
arjun:u need to be here abhay
abhay nod and arjun left...

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