Episode 15

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Episode 15

The episode start with Arya reach at beach haya get happy seeing swings and said
arjun:let's get ride
arjun:yeah saying this both came toward swing and arjun make haya sit and he push her from behind after that haya said
haya:now ur turn
arjun: no I don't want
haya:arjun please saying this haya get up and make arjun sit and push him from behind after sometime arjun ask haya to stop so that they can go to eat ice cream and both left to eat ice cream they were going to ice cream parlor when haya saw ice cream vendor and stop arjun and he said
Arjun:what's wrong
haya show arjun vendor and said
haya:let's eat from there na
haya:please please please saying this haya fold her hands and show cute puppy dog eyes arjun smile and said
Arjun:ok let's go saying this arjun get down and haya also came out both came there and arjun ask for two ice creams and when he turn he saw haya was not there he look around and saw her in park with kids she was playing with them arjun was mesmerized seeing her laugh he never saw her laughing like this she was happy and her eyes were sparkling with happiness Arjun turn and ask the man to give ice creams for kids also then he took ice creams and came toward them and give ice creams haya thank him and start eating then they bid bye to kids and sat in car and arjun said
arjun:babe tomorrow I'm going to Dubai

haya's smile vanish and she said
arjun:for a meeting I'll be back after 2 days saying this he looked at haya and saw her sad and said
arjun:please don't be sad like this else I won't be able to go
haya:no I'm just
arjun stop the car on side and said
arjun:look at me
haya didn't and arjun said
arjun:babe please saying this arjun cupped her face and seeing her teary eyes he felt as if someone is trowing dagger on his heart and he said
arjun:ok promise I'll be back the next day and u won't even feel like I left
arjun:look I'll go tomorrow in night then in 3 hours when I'll reach I'll rest and then in afternoon after meeting I'll catch the next flight and till night I'll be back to u
haya smile weakly and arjun said
arjun:sorry I had to go its important
haya:hmm I understand
arjun:shall I take u with me
haya:no I can't
haya:dad and mom r out already and ana I can't left her alone
arjun:she's not a kid
haya:but still I can't
arjun sadly said
haya:now u don't be sad na we'll go after marriage for holiday

arjun get surprise and said
arjun:ok then I'll let u stay for now saying this arjun hold haya's hand and kiss on it haya smile and hold his arm and put her head on his shoulder and arjun said
arjun:its almost going to be evening want to go home or shall we go for a long drive
haya:whatever u say
Arjun smile and said
arjun:then long drive we'll get more time together saying this arjun start driving and both talked then after an hour of long drive Arya reach home it was evening still and then haya get down from car and arjun also came out and said
arjun:ok I'll see u tomorrow before going
haya:won't u come inside
arjun:no I think its late and I should u
haya smile and said
arjun kiss on her forehead and said
arjun:good night and take care
haya hug arjun and said
haya:u too
arjun sat in car and left haya also came in and changed she had food and then lie down thinking about arjun and arjun call her haya smile and without wasting even a second she attend the call and said
arjun:yeah well ur mom dad left
arjun:what r u doing
haya:lying on bed and
arjun:thinking about me
haya blush and said
haya:how do u know
arjun:I just know because I was thinking about u
haya smile and said
haya:ok now sleep u must be tired
arjun:how u know
haya:I just know
arjun:I'm lucky to get u
haya:end I'm luckiest to get u saying this both smile and then talked and talked

the evening change into night and the darkness surrounded light but the light of love shine even more especially for our Arya where haya start falling for arjun our arjun was already in love with haya deeply and madly he just want her happiness nothing else matter for him anymore now his love has reached at such level that for her he's ready to do anything and anything means everything but sometime we unknowingly hurt the person we love the most

Next Morning
Arjun woke up and get busy in presentation for which he was going and in that he forgot to meet haya and more over he didn't even call haya was trying but his phone was silent she call at office but they said he didn't came and her fate that she didn't even know address of his house haya was restless she don't know why but she wasn't feeling good about it haya keep calling and calling but no response finally haya give up it was evening now and she was calling him since morning on the other side arjun was still busy with work as he neglected his work a lot these days to spend time with haya but today he determined himself to finish his work anyhow and upon that his new PA yeah his new PA as his old PA abhay had gone for holiday as his sister is getting married so he send his frd for help but his so called frd "tanvi" had spoiled the presentation which abhay had made and he got to know only this morning which made arjun angry and frustrated just then someone band the door of study harder and continuously arjun get irritated and said
arjun:Amy aunty (the lady servant) I told u o don't want any disturbance please
but the person didn't stop and knock again and again by this time arjun was angry as hell he open the door and as soon as he open the door haya hug him tightly crying but arjun who was angry didn't notice her crying and separate her from him and said
arjun:what the hell r u doing haya
haya:I...I came to see
Arjun:but why I'm busy just go right now
haya:but arjun u said we'll meet
arjun:but I'm working yaar I need to finish my work before going I don't have time to waste right now so go can't u just leave me alone
haya felt bad not bad but she was hurt she was restless because he didn't attend her calls she was tense for him but here he's saying he don't have time to waste so spending time with her is a waste for him fine then she won't disturb haya hold back her tears and said
haya:I'm sorry I was just scared because u were not attending my calls and u were not in office I was really worried u never did like this before so I came here I'm sorry i had no idea that u r so busy otherwise I wouldn't have came i should've known this I'm so sorry saying this haya left from there she walked as fast as she can tear were rolling down her eyes but she was just walking without knowing where to go the words arjun said was echoing in her ears she was hurt she was hurt badly only she know with how much difficulty she got his address from his office she literally beg the receptionist for his address on the other side arjun was standing at door still and just then when he realized what he just did and said he felt extremely bad and guilty and said to himself
Arjun:god what have I done she came to meet me she was worried about me and I said so much nonsense to her I need to say sorry I had to saying this he took his phone and called haya but switch off he call his manager and said
arjun:I'm not coming for meeting in Dubai go and manage
manager:but sir
arjun:just do as I said saying this arjun cut the call and then call someone else and said
arjun:yeah I have some work with u

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