Episode 6

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Episode 6
The episode start with haya came out of center after changing arjun was amazed seeing haya she was looking beautiful in desi as he never saw her in desi outfit and her open hairs was making her even more beautiful then haya came in front and Arjun open the door for her haya was little surprised with arjun's this gentleness but then sat inside and arjun sat on driver seat haya was looking down at her hands and was thinking about what all happen inside arjun saw haya lost and said
Arjun:what's wrong
Haya looked at arjun and said
Arjun:then why r u so quiet
Haya:umm just like that saying this haya turn her face to window and thought
Haya:he is asking as if nothing happen anyway what does it matter to him thinking this haya looked at Arjun and arjun said
Arjun:it does
Haya give a look which says "what" and arjun said
Arjun:I know u must be thinking what does it matter to me right that's why I'm saying it does
Haya was hell shock and said
Haya:what r u mind reader saying this haya look at other side and mumble to herself
Haya:good now I can't even talk to myself in my mind
Arjun:I heard that
Haya:then close ur ears
Arjun:but I didn't said that I don't want to hear u
Haya:god why r u so complicated to understand
Arjun:then don't try to understand me because there is ur whole life to understand me would be Mrs Arjun saying this arjun smirk and haya stare him angrily then they reach some restaurant and came inside Arjun order lunch and ask haya If she want anything else but haya refuse and said she don't want anything after sometime lunch came and they start eating while eating arjun said
Arjun:so what's going on
Haya looked at arjun and said
Arjun:how's life I mean
Haya said to herself
Haya:like hell
Arjun:I heard that
Haya:what is ur problem
Haya:so will u please let me have lunch
Arjun:sure babe have it I'm not stopping u in fact have good lunch because we're going to have a long day
Haya:what long day
Arjun:we have many things to do in fact u have many things to see I want to show u lots of things
Haya:like what
Arjun:like you'll know it later babe but I can say you'll enjoy
After sometime both left from restaurant and arjun took haya at beach there was swing haya keep staring it arjun saw haya and said
Arjun:wanna go and sit on swing
Haya look at Arjun and said
Haya:no i don't
Arjun:come we'll have fun
Haya:no I don't want to but Arjun hold her hand and said
Arjun:come na it'll be fun saying this arjun make haya sit on swing and pushes her from behind and then after sometime haya start enjoying she was laughing freely and without any tension arjun smile seeing haya smiling he don't know why but her smile was something to which his heart was ready to do anything and anything means everything he keep staring her and smile then arjun said
Arjun:shall we go for shopping
Arjun:yeah i want to buy something
Haya:but it's late I..I should go home else dad
Arjun:Mr David what he'll do
Haya:no...nothing saying this haya start looking here and there Arjun hold haya closer by holding her waist and said
Arjun:tell me
Haya:please what r u doing let go
Arjun:first tell me what he'll do
Haya:nothing i said now let go
Arjun:look at me and say
Haya:please let go
Arjun lift haya's face by holding her chin and said
Arjun:I promise he won't say or do anything don't be afraid I'm here for u
Haya was little surprised but happy both keep staring each other then haya realize that they r on beach and she moved back arjun also came in his sense and said
Arjun:now come otherwise we'll be late saying this arjun hold her hand and both sat in car and left they came in mall and arjun came in shop he was looking something and then he turn but haya was not there he look for her and saw her with a kid who was looking at soft teddy bears haya was with him she was looking so happy seeing Teddy bears Arjun smile and thought something he came toward them and said
Haya:hmm actually I
Arjun:it's ok well what's ur name champ
Just then a couple came and the lady said
Lady:anu what r u doing
Anu:mama baba this didi was helping me
Man:thank u guys
Haya:its ok
Anu:what's ur name uncle
Arjun:I'm arjun
Man:u r the Arjun Mehra right the most successful businessman
Anu:and ur name didi
Arjun:she's haya Mrs haya Arjun saying this arjun look at haya and hold her hand haya looked at Arjun in shock and the Lady said
Lady:what a cute couple
Arjun:thank u we'll leave now bye
Man:ok bye
Haya:bye saying this Arya moved toward car and haya stare arjun angrily arjun saw haya and said
Arjun:why r u staring me like this babe have some control
Haya:excuse me I don't need to control because I'm not like that
Arjun:like what babe
Haya:stop calling me like this and why did u said we r married
Arjun:when did I said
Haya:u introduced me as ur wife to anu's parents
Arjun:so what's wrong in that
Haya:I'm not ur wife
Arjun:soon you'll be jaan
Haya:there was no need for u to introduced me as ur wife now
Arjun:that doesn't matter
Haya:it does
Both reach near car arjun make haya sit but before closing the door he lean closer and said
Arjun:u know why it doesn't matter
Haya nod in no because she was nervous as Arjun was too much close to her arjun smile and said
Arjun:because u r mine from the day I saw u till the earth will be
Haya blink several times and arjun said
Arjun:I'll be back in a min saying this arjun left and haya keep thinking about what he said then said to herself
Haya:I can't believe it
after sometime arjun came and sat in car both came at some restaurant and arjun ask haya to order she refused but arjun said he want to eat her fav food she order then they had dinner after dinner arjun took haya for ice cream and then home haya was happy she really enjoyed the day after many years then both came home arjun also came inside and talked with David haya make tea for them and came in study just then when haya put the tea tray down arjun said
Arjun:I want to go washroom
David:haya took arjun in ur room he'll see ur room and show him the way
Haya hesitate but then David look at haya and she said
Haya:ok dad saying this both came out and haya took him upstair in her room only Arjun came inside the room haya said she'll wait outside Arjun said ok and gone inside then after sometime arjun came and then after having tea left haya came inside her room and lock the door as she turn toward bed she saw a bag on bed

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