Episode 11

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Episode 11
The episode start with haya was hugging teddy and said
Haya:I don't know why he's like this saying this she slept off thinking about arjun on the other side arjun came home and think about haya and said
Arjun:she's so cute she can't do anything wrong I know I'll find out what was the actual thing saying this Arjun also slept off thinking about haya

Next Morning
Haya woke up and get ready she came down and had bf just then ana came and said
Ana:hey Elsa u know today dad had kept party tonight
Ana:because I came back and to announce your and arjun's engagement
Haya get shocked and said
Haya:what why I don't know anything about it
Ana:I got to know about this morning only mom told me
Haya:what else she said
Ana:Arjun said for engagement he want engagement to take place in this week but mom and dad r going out of city for some frd daughter wedding so then arjun said in next week is final so that's why we kept party to announce
Haya:ok saying this she gone upstairs and get busy in work after sometimes David call haya in study when she came David ask her to go at arjun's office and invite him for party personally haya want to refuse but then thinking out yesterday she agreed and left she came in her room and get ready in GEORGETTE PATCH BORDER WORK MULTI COLOUR ANARKALI SUIT she took her purse and left after half an hour she reached at his office and gone at reception and said
Haya:hi I'm haya I want to meet Mr Mehra
Receptionist:mam do u have any appointment
Haya:no I don't
Receptionist:just give me min saying this she call at arjun's office phone and said
Receptionist:Sir there a girl named haya she before she could complete arjun said
Arjun:send her in right now don't make her wait and send two cups of coffee also saying this arjun cut the call and receptionist said
Receptionist:Sir always make people wait but he don't want to make this girl why like this saying this she looked at haya and said
Receptionist:sir called u in
Haya:thank u saying this she came and knock on door and arjun said
Arjun:come in babe
Haya thought:he will never change thinking this haya came inside and arjun said
Arjun:u thought right
Haya give confused look and arjun said
Arjun:u must be thinking I won't change right
Haya said to herself
Haya:god why dose he always know what I think
Arjun:I heard that babe
Haya:stop calling me like that
Arjun:I'll call u whatever i want because saying this arjun get up from chair and came close to haya as he step forward haya gone backward her back hit the cool surface of wall and arjun block her with his hands and said
Arjun:U R Mine and I can call u anything by love can't I saying this arjun smile naughtily and both stare each other after sometime haya tried to go realizing their closeness but arjun hold her hand and said
Arjun:why u came missing me
Haya:no dad ask me to invite u for tonight's party
Arjun:I could've called
Haya:dad ask to invite u personally that's why I came
Arjun pull her closer and said
Haya get nervous and nod in yes arjun smile seeing her nervousness and said
Arjun:u look so cute when u r nervous
Haya:I'm going I'm getting late saying this haya was going but arjun said
Arjun:won't u have coffee
Haya:no dad ask to come home fast because of party
Arjun:ok then I'll see tonight
Haya:ok saying this haya left and after sometime reach home and get busy in party's arrangements

At Night
E house was full with guest ana was welcoming guests just then arjun came and said
Arjun:hey ana
Ana:hi arjun h r u
Arjun:I'm fine and u
Ana:perfectly fine
Arjun:hmm decorations r awesome
Ana:I know after all my sister did
Arjun:Haya did all this
Ana:yeah she is great
Arjun:indeed she is well where is she
Ana:jiju have patient she is getting ready
Arjun smile and ana said
Ana:come in now else dad will scold me for talking standing at door saying this she smile and arjun came in arjun look around but couldn't fine haya he saw Mr David and cane to him and both start talking on the other side haya was lying on bed she was tired because of doing so much arrangements she was going in deep sleep but just then ana came and said
Ana:Elsa get up ur would be also came and u r not even ready
Haya looked at her and said
Haya:15min please I'm tired
Ana:ok but fast because ur arjun is getting restless there
Ana:yeah when I told him u did all the arrangements and u r great he said indeed u r and then asked where r u I told him u r getting ready so he gone where dad was and when I was coming to u I saw he was staring toward ur room
Haya smile unknowingly and said
Haya:ok now go I'll get ready and come
Ana:oohho so both r equally restless
Haya:ana shut up and go saying this haya push ana out and was closing the door but ana stop her and said
Ana:Elsa listen
Ana:I had bought a dress for u its in ur cupboard in red bag wear that only
Ana:please na
Haya:ok saying this haya close the door and gone in washroom she took a quick shower and came out in bathrobe she open her cupboard and took out the box which ana bought she took out that dress and was shocked it was Navy Blue Lace Backless Chiffon Dress haya call ana and ana knock on door and said
Ana:open the door I'm here
Haya open the door and said
Haya:ana I told u yesterday also I don't want to wear his types of clothes but u insist so I wore it but today again
Ana:please Elsa ur engagement date is fixed please wear it na saying this she make puppy face and haya laugh and said
Haya:fine but this is last time
Ana:ok thanks and go and come fast I'm sure Arjun will go crazy seeing u like this
Haya hit get lightly and said
Haya:ana u r getting naughty day by day
Ana:ok ok go now
Haya close the door and get ready after 30min haya and ana came down haya was behind ana and then ana moved and arjun saw haya he was mesmerized he couldn't take his eyes off of her

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