Episode 38

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Episode 38
The episode start with Arjun was seeing Haya as she went unconscious... abhay came and said
abhay:Arjun Arjun we have to take Haya to hospital Arjun
Arjun looked at abhay and then at Haya...he said
Arjun: Haya baby open your eyes Haya we have to take Haya to hospital abhay
abhay:yeah let's go
David who saw them busy try to escape but Arjun saw it.... Arjun said
Arjun:abhay take Haya to hospital I'm coming in sometime
before abhay could say anything Arjun left behind David.. abhay and ana took Haya to hospital... Arjun drive behind David's car and David stop at cliff... both get down from car... Arjun was in so much anger that David was scared seeing him.... David took out gun was about to shoot but Arjun shoot him on leg and he fell on ground.... Arjun came forward and stare him with rage... Arjun hold David's collar and start beating him violently.... David was kind of half dead but Arjun still was beating him... abhay who came behind Arjun after admitting Haya in hospital... abhay stopped Arjun and pulled him away from David... abhay said
abhay:Arjun stop arjun Haya need u Arjun
Arjun:Haya what happened to Haya
abhay:sh needs u Arjun when I was coming to take u ana called and told that doctor said Haya's condition is critical please let's go
just then police came and said
police:sir u go we'll see this David and I promise he would get the worse punishment
abhay and Arjun left from there... they reached hospital and Arjun run to see Haya... doctor came out and Arjun said
Arjun:dr Haya how's she
dr:Mr mehra her condition is really critical we can't say anything
Arjun get any and hold dr collar and said
Arjun:what do u mean u can't say anything u have to save my Haya
abhay came and pulled Arjun away from dr and dr left being scared... Arjun came toward Haya's ward and saw her from the glass window... Haya was unconscious and many machines were connected to her body... Arjun's eyes welled up and he start crying hard falling on his knees seeing Haya suffering... abhay came toward him and put his hand on Arjun's shoulder... Arjun turn and burst out in tears hugging abhay.... Arjun said
Arjun:why abhay why she have to suffer always
abhay:Arjun be strong she'll be fine
Arjun:she can't leave me she can't i can't stay without her
abhay:she won't Arjun she won't
Arjun:yes she won't I know if I'm alive she will also stay alive our heart is connected
Arjun get up and stare Haya with tears still falling from his eyes... dr came and said
dr:it's operation time we want signature to start
Arjun took the papers and said
Arjun:I'll sign
Arjun:I'm her husband saying this Arjun took pen and sign on papers.... dr left and came after sometime.. they open the door of ward and Arjun took a glimpse of Haya... the operation was started and song start in background (This Song Is From Movie "Rustom")

Tere bin yaara
Berang bahara
Hai raat deewani
Naa neend gawara.

Arjun sat on bench and close his eyes remembering Haya

O karam khudaya hai
Tujhe dil mein basaya hai
Khud toot ke dil mujhko
Iss mod pe laaya hai.

he remembered all there moments from start to the very last time when she fell in his arms taking the bullet

O tere bin yaara
Berang bahara
Hai raat begaani
Hai rashq sahara

Arjun open his eyes and get up from bench

O tere bin yaara
Berang bahara
Hai raat begaani
Na neend gawara

he came and stand in front of Haya's ward... the operation was going on

Maine chhode hain baaki saare raaste
Bas aaya hoon, tere waaste
Meri saanson pe tera naam hai,
Pehchaan ve (x2)

Arjun was moving here and there

Maine kiye hazaaron minnatein
Mujhe mili na Rab ki rehmatein
Ik tu hi mera anjaam hai
Yeh maan ve

abhay was with Arjun and ana was with veer

O karam khudaya hai
Tujhe dil mein basaya hai
Khud toot ke dil mujhko
Iss mod pe laaya hai

ana was praying for Haya in hospital temple while veer was standing beside ana praying with her for Haya

O tere bin yaara
Berang bahaara
Hai raat begaani
Hai rashq sahara

Arjun was still seeing Haya from glass window

O tere bin yaara
Berang bahara
Hai raat begaani
Na neend gawaara

operation light went off and dr came out... Arjun said
Arjun:Haya dr how's Haya
dr:congratulations Mr Arjun ur wife is safe
Arjun smile and close his eyes tears roll down his cheeks but this time it was happy tears... Arjun said
Arjun:now she is out of danger
Arjun:can I meet her please
dr:off course but not now we r shifting her in room then u can meet her

after sometime
Haya was shifted to normal room but was still unconscious because of medicines... Arjun had stayed at hospital while abhay had took everyone at home as per Arjun's saying... Arjun sat beside Haya and fall in deep slumber holding her hand in his...

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