Episode 2

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Episode 2

The episode start with haya and radha came in David's study haya was scared like a lot she gather some courage and said
Haya:dad u...u called us
David:yes come beta come both of u
Radha and haya came close and David said
David:an alliance had came for haya
Haya get shocked and radha said
Radha:alliance for haya but
Haya:dad I don't
David:r u saying no haya u know na what will happen if u say no
Haya get scared thinking something and said
Haya:no dad I'm not saying no
David:good so its a yes then right
Haya looked at radha and tears filled her eyes and she said
Haya:yes dad
David:good then be ready tomorrow after ur singing and dance class (haya teach dancing and singing) Arjun is coming for knowing the answer and he wants to meet u also and he might take u out too
David:yes ur future husband now let me work and radha u start doing arrangements of haya's marriage saying this he sat on his chair and then look at them and said
David:now why the hell both of u r standing here get lost
haya and radha walk out of study as soon as they can and then haya run to her room she locked herself and start crying badly she cried a lot whole day then in night she fall asleep crying

Next Morning
haya wake up and saw the time it was 7:46 she get ready to go for teaching she was wearing black legging with white loosen tank top then she had a quick bf and then left before David see her she had her own car but she don't have permission to drive she came to her center which David made for her after seeing a lot of hard work of haya she was surprise when David give her permission to do what she love haya came out of her thoughts when a cute girl might be 14 years old came to her and said
Girl:didi when will u start
Haya smile said
Haya:now u r here na so we'll start saying this haya start the music for dancing (This Song Is From Movie "ABCD 2")

Ho.. sun saathiya maahiya
Barsa de ishqa ki syahiyaan
Rang jaaun, rang rang jaaun ri, haari main

haya was dancing beautifully slowly slowly she totally lost herself in dance everyone was amazed as she dance beautifully dancing and singing these 2 things were her passion and life

Tujhpe main jhar jhar jhar jaaun
Hoon piya bas teri main
Ho chhu le toh khari main
(Toh khari main khari main...)

Just then Arjun came there but stop at the door seeing her dancing he came there as David told her that she said yes and that she teach dancing and singing so he came to pick her because he was taking her out

Ho.. sun saathiya maahiya
Barsa de ishqa ki syahiyaan

Main ret si, boond ka zariya tu
Paa ke tujhe bheeg jaaun re
Main ret si, boond ka zariya tu
Paa ke tujhe bheeg jaaun ri

just then a boy came from behind and hold haya he dance with her which make Arjun angry and he left from there seeing them together dancing

Tar jaaun tar tar jaaun
Dariya ye tar jaaun jee
Ishq ye paake main tera
Nikhar jaaun ri...

They both dance beautifully and everyone enjoyed

Piya bas teri main
Ho.. chhu le toh khari main
toh khari main khari main...

Ho.. sun saathiya maahiya
Barsa de ishqa ki syahiyaan

Then song end and everyone clap haya hug that boy and said
Haya:hey abhi finally u r here
Abhi:yes Darling
(Actually abhi is haya's dance partner and both r good frds but there is something about abhi which will shock u and that you'll know later)
Both laugh and then haya took her phone and saw 5 missed calls of radha haya immediately call back when radha attend haya said
Haya:maa what happen r u ok is everything alright
Radha:beta I'm fine I called to inform u that Arjun came and ur marriage is fixed and he might come to u center to pick u because he said he'll take u out and listen if he didn't came dad said to tell u that u have to go and meet him
Haya cried silently then said
Haya:maa he didn't came and why I'll go
Radha:I don't know beta ur dad said now listen please don't cry beta
Haya:I'm fine maa and I'll go saying this haya cut the call she took her bag and came out as she was going she saw a card she pick it up and saw it was arjun's card and she was little surprise that he came to meet her but then why he left then she look for his address and found his office address she gone in near by hotel and then in washroom she changed in blue jeans and black kurti with some matching accessories she always kept these because u never know when u might want it then haya came and ask the driver to took her at arjun's office after a drive of 15 min she reached his office she came at receptionist and said

Receptionist:hello mam may I help u
Haya:yes actually I want to meet Mr Arjun Mehra
Receptionist:mam do u have any appointment
Haya:no actually can u please call him and say that haya came to meet him he know me
Receptionist:ok just give me a min mam till then please have a seat
Haya:thank u saying this haya look around and sat on sofa which was there after sometime the receptionist said
Receptionist:mam sir asked u to wait he is lil busy

Haya waited for arjun but he take like forever to call her in haya was tired she didn't had lunch she didn't even take anything which peon offered she just keeping asking about how much more time will he take it was evening from afternoon just then when she thought to go arjun call her in haya don't want to go but then thinking about David she came she knock on door and arjun ask her to come in haya came and stood there near door arjun's back was facing haya he was having tea while looking out of the glass wall it was a beautiful view of sea haya thought what to say and how then she gather some courage and said
Haya:actually I
Arjun:yeah saying this he turn and that same beautiful face his heart skip a beat seeing her his eyes stuck on her lips haya felt his eyes on her and suddenly she felt little uncomfortable and arjun said
Arjun:please have a seat
Haya:no thanks actually I came to say that
Haya:that I don't want to marry u I said yes just because of my father please say no for marriage because I can't say no but u can so please just say no I'll be really thankful to u saying this haya breath heavily as she said everything really fast

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