Episode 34

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Episode 34
The episode start with as arjun... he woke up and saw haya sleeping peacefully in his embrace.. he smile and peck her lips... arjun carefully get up and settle haya comfortably on bed... arjun came in his room and get fresh... he came down and saw everyone was sitting on dinning table but no one was having bf.. arjun came and said
arjun:what's wrong
abhay:arjun saying this he get up and took arjun with him in corner... arjun said...
arjun:what's wrong
abhay:David is out of jail
abhay:yeah got to know from my resource that he got bail don't know how
arjun:abhay will see this later but what happened to others
abhay: actually alisha
arjun:ooh it's fine leave it
arjun:she's sleeping
abhay:shall we have bf or u would call haya
arjun:u guys start I'll come with her

arjun came in room and saw haya sleeping... he admire her beauty and innocence... arjun sat beside haya and wake her up by caressing her hairs... haya turn and hug arjun from waist... arjun smile and lie down... haya came more close and hug him tightly... arjun kiss her neck and whisper...
arjun:baby get up its morning
haya: please let me sleep
arjun smile and said...
arjun:jaan everyone is waiting for bf
haya open her eyes and looked at arjun with puppy dog eyes... arjun smile and said
arjun:baby u r testing my limit
arjun: I'll start loving u here only if u didn't get up
haya:arjun saying this haya hit arjun's shoulder and got up... arjun held her hand and get up... he stand in front of her and said
arjun: what baby
haya blush and said
haya:let me go
Arjun:no I want something
arjun:ur beautiful smile
haya smile and hug arjun... arjun said
arjun:get ready and come down for bf ok
haya left to get ready and arjun came down... after sometime haya came and everyone had bf...

In Evening
it was Arya's haldi function... everyone was ready except haya... girls were making her ready... girls came down to see everyone else... arjun seeing it good chance left to see haya... he wanted to see her so bad... arjun knock and haya said
haya:ana please come in
arjun came in and stood still... haya was in yellow saree... the blouse was backless and the only knot holding her blouse was open which she was trying to tied... Arjun felt strange.. he came inside and lock the door... he came and stand behind haya... she felt his presence and turn... haya was surprised seeing arjun... Arjun came more closer and stare haya with such intensity that make haya blush which make her to lose her grip on knots... haya close her eyes and whisper
arjun capture haya's lips with his in a passionate kiss... without thinking anything he kissed her showing his love, passion and desires... haya reciprocate with it... arjun hold haya tightly from waist and deepen the kiss... haya run her fingers in arjun's hairs... they get apart being breathless... arjun touch his forehead with haya's and said...
arjun:I love u
haya smile with closed eyes and said
haya:I know
arjun looked at her and haya said
haya:what r u doing here
arjun hold haya from waist and said
arjun: i wanted to see you so bad that couldn't stop myself from coming here
haya smile even more seeing arjun's love... when haya realized her position and condition she immediately warp her pallu around her back and said
haya:arjun please go and send ana
haya: actually I want her help to tie my knot please go na
arjun:let me help u I promise I'll close my eyes
arjun: promise
haya turn and left her pallu... as it fall arjun closed his eyes as he promised... he tied her knots with closed eyes... haya also closed her eyes as she felt his fingers on her bare back... after sometime arjun said
arjun: done
haya open her eyes and turn
haya: thank you
arjun smile and said
arjun:u look beautiful
haya smile and both hug each other

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