Episode 4

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Episode 4
The episode start with haya came out of washroom and changed her clothes and fall asleep

Next Morning
Haya woke up and get ready she had bf and then left for center she came and met abhi and girls they sing and was about to begin dance practice just then haya's father call haya and ask her to come home as arjun was suppose to come haya came home hurriedly as her father called she came and her mother ask her to be ready haya came inside her room and took a hot bath then she changed in pink and white anarkali dress and sat on bed she called Ana to ask if she really know arjun but she didn't attend so haya thought to talk later and waited for Arjun

In Night
The afternoon turn Into night and haya was still waiting just because of her father who ask her to wait until its time to sleep and then she just give up haya get up and changed into Cute Heart Print Short Nightdress haya lie down on bed and think about arjun she didn't had dinner because she was so angry and exhausted she was thinking whatever he said that day and thinking about this she closed her eyes to sleep she was going in a deep sleep but suddenly she was pulled backward and was warped in large hands her back was touching a hard chest she woke up with a jerk and try to get out of the hold or to scream but her mouth was closed with hand then someone turn her and came over her haya's eyes came out of shock when she saw who it was yes it was none other than our Arjun he smile seeing her so much scared he was wearing black shirt with jeans but she was looking really handsome and then arjun said

Arjun:god I made u scared babe saying this he smirk and haya try to say something but she couldn't because of arjun's hand on her mouth then arjun said
Arjun:babe I'm removing my hand but don't shout else next time I won't use my hand but saying this arjun lean down and whisper in her ear
Arjun:my mouth to shut ur mouth saying this Arjun remove his hand and haya push him on side and said
Haya:u how dare before she could say further arjun pull her closer by holding her hairs in his fist and kiss her hard haya tried to pull back and to push him away but arjun hold her hands in his other hand and kiss her even harder and then haya didn't realize when arjun released her hands and moved his hands from her hairs and cupped her face and suddenly his kiss become gentle and soft and haya don't know when she response back to his kiss it was her first kiss ever not just the kiss it was the very first time in her life that someone came so close to her then arjun move his right hand and put it on her waist and left remain on her cheek he pull her closer n closer until their body was not touching then finally arjun release haya because it was becoming really hard to breath now arjun stare haya where haya was breathing heavily when haya realize what just happen haya tried to move away but arjun didn't let go and pull her back closer to his body and said

Arjun:so u do response to my touch babe saying this he smile and haya said
Haya:no way and why did kiss me and what the hell r u doing here at this time that too in my room and how do u even know which room is mine
Arjun:wohooo wait babe so many questions at the same time look first u do response don't lie otherwise saying this arjun came close to her lips and mumbled
Arjun: u wouldn't have kissed me back and u know what u have the most sweetest lips I have ever kissed saying this he touch her lips with his thumb haya don't know what just happen even when she hate him to the core but still she can't deny that he was handsome, attractive and there was some kind of a pain in his eyes which he was trying to hide but she saw it and it make her little upset she don't know why but it does then arjun said
Arjun:second I kissed u because u shouted and don't blame me because I warn u not to shout didn't I saying this he lift her face by holding her chin to see her because haya's face was lower then arjun said
Arjun:third I came to tell u that why I didn't came and about how I know which room is urs its not a big deal I knew after waiting for me u must be really tired and angry so u must be in ur room and no one lives here except ur parents and u and that day when I came I saw ur parents room is downstairs and ur is upstair and ur room's light was also on so I just came that's it saying this Arjun touch haya left cheek with the back of his right hand and haya was just froze in her place thinking about how easily he just found out everything about her and he came to explain her but why and then arjun said

Arjun:now if u r done with ur investigation I would like to say for what I came to say
Haya:I don't want to know anything just go from here and leave me saying this she struggle to get out of his arms but he just tighten his grip and said
Arjun:keep struggling babe I won't leave u
Haya:please what is ur problem can't u just let me live in peace
Arjun:no babe I can't saying this arjun pull haya and fall on bed intensionally haya was on top of arjun he tighten his grip around her waist and from left hand arjun removed her hairs from her face and haya's both hands were on his chest both stare each other and haya said softly
Haya:please just go if someone saw u here it will be a huge problem
Arjun smile on her soft behavior and said
Arjun:ok I'll go but
Arjun:but tomorrow stay in ur center I'll come to pick u then we'll go out ok
Haya:umm but why there is no need of u to come I'll come by myself
Arjun:ok then I won't go now
Arjun:yeah u don't listen to me I don't listen to u
Haya thought in mind
Haya:god he is so stubborn
Arjun:I know what r u thinking
Haya:what do u know
Arjun:u r thinking I'm so stubborn right well yes I'm so let me stay here now or wait for me tomorrow in center two options and choice is all urs babe
Haya:u know there is no chance I'll let u stay here don't u
Arjun laugh and said
Arjun:well not bad u r getting to know me quite well
Haya:fine I'll wait now leave me and go

Arjun smile and said
Arjun:that's my girl saying this arjun put haya on the other side and get put of the bed he walk toward the window and haya came behind him arjun saw her and said
Arjun:my god u r coming to say bye to me
Haya:don't give so much importance to urself I'm coming so that I can lock the window
Arjun:ooohh fine then bye
Haya:yea bye arjun came out and haya was about to close the window but arjun stop her and said
Haya:what now
Arjun:I forgot 2 things
Haya:god what is it now
Arjun:first I forgot to tell u that u r looking really cute in this night dress saying this arjun smile and haya look down at herself and she just realize what is she wearing haya immediately cover herself with curtains and said
Haya:u just go from here
Arjun laugh and said
Arjun:2 more things r left
Haya:so will u please speak up fast
Arjun pull haya closer and said
Arjun:second I didn't came because my frd met with an accident
Haya:god help him give him health and give him quick recovery
Arjun smile seeing haya and her cute gestures then arjun said
Arjun:ok now bye and good night babe saying this arjun came close and kiss on her forehead softly and left leaving haya in shock she just don't understand him what he is up to she saw him he sat in car and left haya close the window and came back and sat on bed just then her phone start ringing she took the phone and thought who it might be she saw unknown number and attend it and said

Haya:hello who is this
Guy:ur love
Haya:excuse me
Guy:yes babe
Haya felt a familiar voice and then haya said
Haya:god how did u just got my number
Guy:surprised or shock
Haya:why did u call
Guy:just to say that its my number save it
Haya:I won't because I don't need it
Guy:I said save it else I'm coming again I haven't reached far from ur home babe
(Yes its none other than Arjun)
Haya:god fine I'll now just let me sleep
Arjun:ok see u tomorrow babe bye saying this arjun cut the call and haya lie down she thought about everything what happened few minutes ago and couldn't believe that arjun just kissed her haya keep thinking about all this and on the other side arjun reach home and came in his room he lie down on bed and took out a photo from his drawer and it was haya's pic he keep staring her and then said
Arjun:I don't know what r u doing to me u r making me forgot my revenge my aim of life I can't believe u r daughter of that bl**dy David how can he have such a beautiful daughter u r making me crazy u r not getting out of my mind I have to do something I have to control myself I have to focus on my aim yes I can't forget what that bastard David did and I'll take my revenge at any cost I won't leave anyone not even u haya not even u if u came in my way saying this arjun put the photo back in drawer and lie down again both think about each other from the moment they saw each other till the very last moment when arjun kiss on her forehead both turn side to side but couldn't sleep both r feeling strange and weird both decided that they don't love each other but they don't know what their destiny had decided for them now finally both started to fall in sleep and soon both doze off

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