Episode 3

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Episode 3
The episode start with haya was in arjun's cabin arjun was looking at her as if going to kill her like this for saying no he came forward and haya seeing him coming closer start moving backward he stop when he saw haya going backward he give a look which says "take a one more step back and see the consequences" haya get scared and said
Haya:I...I think... I sho...should go now saying this she turn but arjun hold her hand and pins her against the wall and said
Arjun:don't u dare step out of the cabin without my permission
Haya get really scared seeing arjun's anger and said in stammering
Haya:wh...what...r u do...doing please let...let go
Arjun:first I hate people who don't listen to me second I'm not going to say no if u want u can I won't third no one can do anything here without my permission not even u saying this he came more close haya turn her face and said
Haya:please let me go what r u doing

Arjun:I haven't done anything yet babe
Haya:why r u doing this with me please let me go I didn't done anything
Arjun:ooohh really u know what this all what is happening with u is because of ur father and because of him I'm going to marry u if u would have said yes easily I might have thought to say no but now I'll marry u at any cost
Haya:look I don't want to get married to u
Arjun get angry and remember how he saw haya dancing with that guy and said
Arjun:why do u love someone else might be that bl**dy bastard with whom u were dancing huh
Haya:Mr mind ur language ok and i don't love anyone not even u so I don't want to marry u and I never will
Arjun:u have to marry me I'll make u do by hook or by crook saying this he tighten his grip and haya said in pain

Haya:what wrong have I done to u please let me go u r hurting me
Arjun:hurting u yeah it would have been better if u would have thought before saying no to me and that to standing in my cabin u have no idea babe to which extend I can go if I want something
Haya:I'm not a thing u get that
Arjun smile and said while coming close to her
Arjun:u know what I like ur attitude a lot it just make me want u even more saying this he lean down and kiss on her neck haya become froze she don't know what happen she want to stop him and she want to say a lot but nothing come out of her mouth and then arjun said
Arjun:u know what u become mine when the first time my eyes laid on u and now u can't escape from me saying this he press his rough body against her soft and said
Arjun:I love ur scent and ur skin is so soft babe it feels so good feeling ur body against mine
Haya gather some courage so that she could say something she want to scream but her voice came put low

Haya:please let me go
Arjun:first say that you'll marry me babe
Haya:no I won't
Arjun:haya I said say
Haya:I won't say I would run away or I would commit suicide i would do anything but I won't become ur wife at any cost
Arjun:not even to save ur little sister saying this he looked at haya and haya said
Haya:what do u mean
Arjun:if u wouldn't marry me I would held a press conference and would say that ur sister is my mistress and trust me everyone will believe me because ur sister had came to meet me once and I know her well
Haya couldn't believe how easily he was saying all this she get angry and said
Haya:don't u dare say anything about my sister else
Arjun:else what babe

Haya:I'll kill u
Arjun:even for killing me first u have to come to me saying this he smirk and haya said
Haya:u know what u r a haya thought what to say and then after a while said
Haya:yes u r a bl**dy pervert jerk I hate u
Arjun laugh and said
Arjun:ooohh god I love this babe u r so dam angry but u r looking really hot
Haya was even more angry and said
Haya:u just leave me
Arjun:I'll but first say that you'll marry me else just think about ur sister babe
Haya:u can't do this haya was almost crying and arjun said
Arjun:I can babe
Haya:I don't believe u know my sister

Arjun:really isn't her name is Ana
Haya:so what she is a daughter of Mr David Anton can know her name
Arjun:ok but on one will know that she is in England studying in Oxford university right
Haya was shocked as he was right no one know this and then arjun said
Arjun:her car light pink number 1708 she left in morning 8:00am and came back at 2:00pm correct me if I'm wrong babe
Haya:please don't do anything to her
Arjun:then marry me
Haya:but why r want to marry me
Arjun:I just want to my wish saying this he left her and said
Arjun:I'm giving u last chance marry me or lost ur sister
Haya think for a moment as arjun took his phone and said

Arjun:hello yeah i want to held a press conference saying this he looked at haya and she said
Haya:fine I'll marry u don't do anything
Arjun put the phone back and said
Arjun:good otherwise I would have called in real
Arjun:what what I didn't called anyone just want u to say so saying this he came close and haya try to get away but he held her from waist and said
Arjun:even if u would have said no I would have still married u babe now go home we'll meet tomorrow ok

Haya:I won't come
Arjun:no problem babe because I'll come to ur home to take u out
Haya struggle in his arms to get out of his hold but he held her tightly and said
Arjun:babe the more you'll struggle the more you'll suffer
Haya:just let me go
Arjun:ok saying this he left her and said
Arjun:now go I have lots ok work to do saying this he turn and said on his chair haya was just shocked keep staring arjun and arjun said

Arjun:don't stare like this babe else you'll fall in love with me
Haya:that will never happen
Arjun:it'll happen
Haya walk out of the cabin and left from there she came home and gone in her room she locked the door and gone in washroom she open the shower and stand under it and think about whatever happened and arjun said

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