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Infinite by MavoAru
Infiniteby Imaginary Girl
This story is about revenge.. our hero want revenge from heroin's father and can go to any extent to take revenge... will he be able to take it or not ?
His Love Fixed My Shattered​ Soul by MavoAru
His Love Fixed My Shattered​ Soulby Imaginary Girl
This Story Is About Swara Who's Shattered And Then How Sanskar's Love Fixed Her...
When Love Is True by MavoAru
When Love Is Trueby Imaginary Girl
This Story Is About 2 Persons Who Got Married.. Haya Loves Arjun But He Love Someone Else.. He Got Married To Haya Because Of His Parents Because His Parents Didn't Like...
A Beautiful Revenge by MavoAru
A Beautiful Revengeby Imaginary Girl
This story revolves around 2 persons who used to love each other but get separated because of some reasons but destiny played a beautiful game and both get married for t...
Desires by MavoAru
Desiresby Imaginary Girl
it's a romantic love story of 2 persons who get married because of their family the girl is divorced and the boy's wife is dead both r happy married couple in front of t...
An Imperfect Love Story by MavoAru
An Imperfect Love Storyby Imaginary Girl
The Story is about 2 different persons who eventually end up falling for each other...
Love Is All I Need by MavoAru
Love Is All I Needby Imaginary Girl
The Story Revolves Around A Girl Who Have A Bitter Past What'll Happened When She'll Found Her True Love? Will He Leave Her Knowing Her Past Or Will Love Her...?
Hate: The First Step Of Love by MavoAru
Hate: The First Step Of Loveby Imaginary Girl
Our Hero Who Is A Play Boy Had many Gf... one of his gf is getting married so he came to trouble her saying he will tell his would be husband about them.. he is doing th...
Feelings by MavoAru
Feelingsby Imaginary Girl
The story is about 2 best friends who love each other yet is separated... now it'll be interesting to read how the two mend their relationship...
Hatred: A Beginning Of New Love Story by MavoAru
Hatred: A Beginning Of New Love St...by Imaginary Girl
The Story Is About Our Hero Who's Past Made Him Hate Women But What'll Happened When He'll Fell In Love With A Girl In First Meet...
Promos Of My Stories by MavoAru
Promos Of My Storiesby Imaginary Girl
This Story Contain Only My Stories Promos...
Power Of Love by MavoAru
Power Of Loveby Imaginary Girl
Introduction Of Characters Hamza Ali Abbasi As Bashar Momin: A Handsome, Hot And Heartless Man... He's Rich And Ruthless Mafia King... Who Think Money Can Buy Anything...