Episode 20

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Episode 20
The episode start with arjun and abhay came down and ana was coming out from kitchen with Amy aunty and food abhay saw her and said
abhay:she's grown up yaar
arjun:then what do u expect her to be ur lil ana always saying this Arjun laugh and ana turn hearing him and was taken aback but then she run and hug abhay tightly and said
ana:bhai I missed u so much
abhay hug her back and said
abhay:I missed u too
ana broke the hug and start hitting him and said
ana:u didn't missed us that's why u didn't met us even once I hate u saying this ana turn to other side while tears filled her eyes abhay turn her and said
abhay:hey my baby sis don't cry now I'm here na I won't leave u alone now promise saying this hu hug her and both smile then ana introduced abhay to her frds and then arjun said

arjun:I'll go and get haya she was hungry saying this arjun came in room and saw haya sleeping peacefully he sat there and just stare haya sleeping because seeing her sleeping so peacefully his heart didn't allow him to disturb her so he softly hold her hand and just stare her after almost 15 min when arjun didn't came ana said
ana:I'll go and check why they didn't came yet
abhay:let it be ana they'll come arjun might want sometime with her alone so leave it we'll start saying this they start lunch on the other side arjun was still staring haya and she was sleeping but just then arjun's phone start ringing and haya woke up he cut the call as it was unknown number and then look at haya she was sitting on bed and was rubbing her eyes to come out of sleep just like a cute little kid arjun smile and said
arjun:hey my angel sleep well
haya looked at arjun and smile cutely and said
haya:yeah but I'm hungry a lot
arjun:ok come food is ready let's go saying this he ask for her hand but she extend both hands and ask him to lift her arjun smile at her cute gestures and lift her in his arms very easily and thought
arjun:she's so light just like a feather thinking this he came out and alisha who was drinking water spit it out on abhay seeing haya in arjun's arms arjun was lost in haya's eyes but then came in sense hearing everyone's laugh then arjun put haya down and abhay get up seeing haya but haya hide behind Arjun being scared and arjun said
arjun:angel come out he won't do anything he's my brother like ana my sister come
haya:no I'm scared

arjun turn to haya and said
arjun:don't be ur arjun is here no one will do anything they r ur frds and they love u saying this Arjun hold haya and hug her from side haya smile and abhay also smile but with teary eyes he was sad seeing haya's condition but was happy also seeing arjun's love for haya then abhay wipe her tears and said
abhay:frds saying this he extend his hand and haya looked at arjun he nod in yes and haya shake hand with abhay and he said
abhay:how r u haya?
haya:fine abhay
abhay:u can call me bhai
abhay:yeah like ana call arjun
arjun:yeah angel he's ur brother also na
haya smile and said
haya:even I have a bhai now
arjun and abhay smile and ana came and said
ana:u have a sis also
haya smile widely and they share a group hug of siblings arjun was smiling seeing haya happy but soon abhay pull arjun too and they share a big group hug again then they broke the hug and arjun said
arjun:let's have lunch now after that angel have to take medicine also
abhay:yeah let's go but before that I just go and fresh n up
arjun laugh and said
arjun:come I'll five u something else to wear saying this both left and ana said
ana:come haya sit

haya and ana sit and ana serve haya but she didn't started ana asked and she said
ana smile and said
ana:u start he'll come
haya:no arjun
ana:ok ok let's wait for them
haya smile and alisha get jealous and think
alisha:I have to talk to arjun he can't do this
arjun came and after sometime abhay also there was 2 seats one beside alisha and one beside haya alisha thought as abhay is haya's brother he'll sit with her but to her shock abhay let arjun sit with haya and he sat beside alisha and they had lunch after lunch arjun took haya in room and give her medicines because of which she fall in deep sleep and arjun came on terrace abhay was also there both were standing and then arjun said
arjun:abhay I'm feeling really scared
abhay:why arjun u and scared
arjun:because of alisha I can't afford to loss haya because of her stupidity and madness which she called Love
abhay:don't worry we r here she can't do anything
arjun:I can't trust her please tell ana to never leave haya alone with her I can't trust her
abhay:ok u told me that she was behind u but will u tell me exactly what happened between u and alisha
arjun:actually 2 years back

(Flashback Start

Arjun had came on business trip at London there he met alisha in conference she was the representative of the company arjun was doing deal so they used to meet very often for arjun she was just a business partner but alisha start loving arjun he didn't knew it until one day alisha call arjun at her place saying there is party and he have to come Arjun thinking it would be a business party he came when he came the house was decorated and no one was there he call alisha and she came from stairs wearing a short dress arjun feel awkward seeing her and he said
arjun:where is everyone
alisha:no one is here its just two of us
arjun:but u said there is a party
alisha:yeah party for us only saying this she hug arjun and said
alisha:I love u arjun
arjun was shock he jerk her away and said
arjun:what the hell r u saying
alisha:arjun I love u don't u love me
arjun:no I don't love u
alisha:no u can't do this please I love u please
arjun:i don't love u so just get the hell out of my life saying this he was going but alisha stop him and said
alisha:please no look I'll give u whatever u want but don't leave me I'll be ur slave but please don't go saying this she try to kiss arjun she was throwing herself on him but just then arjun push her away and slap her and said
arjun:shut up what the hell do u think of urself and why the hell I would love u I don't love u just get this in ur head and don't u dare ever came close to me and don't show me u bl**dy face ever again saying this arjun left from there

Flashback End)

Present Day

abhay put his hand on arjun's shoulder and said
abhay:its ok everything will be fine she can't do anything u r ARJUN u don't need to be scared
arjun:I know but when its HAYA I can't take any risk I already made a mistake by leaving her there after knowing David's behavior
abhay:its ok let's go know I want to spend time with my sisters before going
Arjun:why don't u stay here today
abhay:yeah god idea because vaani is also out for business
arjun:good let's go then saying this both came down and sat in hall everyone was there except haya they were having tea and was talking day passed and night came everyone was having dinner except haya as she had her dinner and was sleeping here arjun was about to take a bite from food but then suddenly they hear scream and the spoon which was in arjun's hand drop and he said
arjun:haya saying this he run upstairs and everyone came behind him arjun open the door and saw haya sitting in corner and was crying badly he run toward her and sat down then said
Arjun:Angel what happened
haya get scared and said
haya:please don't beat me
Arjun:angel its me Arjun look at me I'm here no one will beat u
haya looked at arjun and hug him tightly while crying arjun warp his arms around her to assure her that she's save but she was still scared because everyone there Arjun look at them and said
arjun:guys go out she's scared of u all
haya get even more scared hearing new voice and that made arjun angry and he shouted
hearing arjun shouting everyone get little scared and run out the room and close the door behind

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