Episode 21

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Episode 21
The episode start with abhay and everyone came out and ana said
ana:god I never saw arjun bhai this much angry
abhay:even I in fact he got angry but this much never
alisha get more irritated because arjun shouted on her on the other side Arya was hugging then arjun make haya look at him and said
arjun:angel look no one is here except ur arjun come saying this he make haya sit on bed and said
arjun:did u saw any bad dream
has said cryingly
haya:yeah I...it was ve...very bad
arjun felt really bad he hug haya and said
arjun:its ok I'm here na now nothing will happened
haya:please don't leave me alone I'm scared Arjun
arjun:I won't leave u I promise I'll be with u always u just don't be scared ok
haya nod and arjun said
arjun:now come let's sleep saying this he make haya lie down and cover her with blanket and haya said
haya:please be with me saying this haya hold his hand and arjun said
arjun:sure angel I'm not going anywhere saying this he lie down beside haya and she hug him tightly and arjun also hug her he keep caressing her hair so that she can sleep and soon haya slept arjun smile seeing her sleeping and kiss on her forehead he was about to get up but couldn't as haya was hugging him so tightly that if he tried to get up her sleep will be disturb so arjun stayed like that and soon he also fall asleep on the other side everyone was waiting for Arjun as it was almost 1 hour he didn't came out then abhay said
abhay:I'll go and check
ana:I'll come too
alisha:me too
everyone came toward room and abhay knock but no response abhay knock again but no response then finally he open the door and saw them sleeping ana and abhay smiled and abhay said
abhay:arjun loves haya a lot
ana:yeah bhai
alisha:what love look how's he sleeping with her that too alone
abhay get angry and drag alisha out and closed the door and said
abhay:shut up ok just shut up
alisha:what shut up huh I'm not saying anything wrong he was sleeping with her alone
abhay:I know what do u mean and yes he was sleeping because he didn't want to leave haya alone she's scared and only arjun can handle her ok
alisha:so what he could have come out when haya slept
abhay was getting more and more angry and said
abhay:what the f**k is ur problem he's Arjun haya's would be husband so he can be with her anytime and anywhere got that
alisha was about to say something more but stop when she heard arjun's voice and he said
arjun:may I know what is ur problem if I slept beside my would be wife saying this he came down stair and stand in front of alisha she get tense and arjun said
arjun:u have problem that I slept there with my would be wife right so let me make her my wife I hope u don't have any problem with that
alisha and everyone get shocked and abhay said
abhay:arjun why r u
arjun:no abhay I was going to talk to u about it I want to marry haya I don't want any problem if she'll be my wife I can keep her save and no one can separate her from me ever so please
abhay think for sometime and said
abhay:yeah u r right in fact its really good
arjun:thanks saying this they share a brotherly hug and alisha get even more irritated just then ana came and said
ana:guys me also here
arjun:yeah lil sis come saying this the trio hug and then ana said
ana:ok now when is wedding
arjun:umm after 1 week actually I have to go out of city for some work just got to know 2 mins before I tried to postpone it but I can't and its important for me and haya
abhay:it's ok u go I'll take care well when r u going
abhay:its ok u go sleep and saying this he looked at alisha and said
abhay:sleep in haya's room she might get scares again and woke up so u should be with her
Arjun looked at abhay and he smile and whisper
abhay:I trust u Arjun I know no one can take care of haya better than u so go
arjun smile and suddenly they heard haya saying
haya:arjun where r u arjun
arjun immediately left from there while everyone came behind him then Arjun came in room and said
arjun:what's wrong
haya run and hug arjun tightly and said
haya:co...cockroach saying this she point toward table and Arjun laugh and while abhay took everyone out and arjun said
arjun:it's just a cockroach angel wait I'll throw it out saying this he put haya down and throw the cockroach out and wash his hands then came to haya and said
haya smile and said
haya:thank u
Arjun thought about his work for which he had to go out of city and said
Arjun:angel I want to say something
Arjun:actually I have a surprise for u
haya get happy and excited and said
haya:surprise for me what is it tell me please tell me na
Arjun:I'll tel u but for that I have to go
haya:then go and come
arjun:no I have to go out for a week
haya's smile vanish and she become sad and arjun said
Arjun:hey don't be sad angel I promise when I'll come with ur surprise na you'll love it
haya:but you'll be away na
arjun:ooohh please babe don't be sad na
haya:hmm ok
arjun:ok fine I won't go
haya looked at arjun and then said
haya:no u go it's ok
arjun:no u r sad I can't see u like this
haya:no its ok I'll wait for u saying this she hug him and arjun thought
arjun:even when her mind is not really mature she understand me so well thinking this he kiss on her forehead and said
arjun:let's sleep now ok
haya nod and Arjun lift her in arms and lie her down on bed and cover her wit blanket then he gone toward cupboard and took another blanket and came back he lie down beside her and cover himself with the blanket and then haya hug him and he hug her back tightly and think about the important work because of which he want to go out of city

Flashback Start

Arya were walking holding hands near beach and was talking just then haya said
haya:u know ana's frd had gone goa and from there she bought mangalsutra its so beautiful I really liked it
arjun:ok I promise I'll make u wear that mangalsutra only on our wedding
arjun:yes babe saying this he hug her and she hug him back

Flashback End

Present Day
arjun looked at haya and saw her sleeping he kiss on her forehead and hug her tightly and slept off

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