Episode 23

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Episode 23
The episode start with arjun was shock seeing haya... she came toward arjun smilingly and hug him... arjun stand like statue he didn't move an inch... haya looked at arjun and said
arjun looked at haya and said
haya nod and Arjun hug her tightly and said
Arjun:I missed u so much
haya:not more than me
arjun smile and tighten his grip... both stood like this for long time... haya broke the hug and said
haya:go and get fresh dinner is ready we'll have together
arjun:ok but where is everyone
haya:everyone is out bhai took them out so that we saying this haya smile shyly and arjun get mesmerized seeing her beautiful smile and said
arjun:we what angel saying this he hold her from waist and pull closer and haya said
haya:so that we can spend sometime together and talk
arjun smile naughtily and said
arjun:really only talk
haya blush and said
haya:go food is getting cold saying this haya push arjun upstair and arjun left... after sometime arjun was coming down when abhay call... arjun attend and said
abhay:hello bhai how's the surprise
arjun:really good BTW why u guys left it would be fine If u guys have stayed
abhay:really I think u don't notice haya
abhay:aray didn't u notice her she isn't behaving like a mature girl
arjun looked at haya who was setting table... arjun get surprised seeing her working and said
arjun:ooh yeah I didn't notice it
abhay:off course I knew it u won't notice it look ana i won
abhay:yeah when u left na this is week ana and my beautiful gf vaani has teach haya lots of things then yesterday we went to Dr and she said haya is recovered very much and now her mind is mature enough to understand everything what she should know in this age and she also know about her memory loss as Dr said we can tell her but she didn't know about her past she just know that she met with accident and had memory loss
Arjun's eyes filled with tears in happiness... today he felt he got everything he always wanted... his love his life his angel.... arjun wipe his tears and said
arjun:thanks a lot guys really u guys have give me my life thanks
abhay:hoy sentimental enough we did everything for family we r family right
arjun smile and said
arjun:yeah we r family
abahy:ok bye
arjun:bye saying this he cut the call and came toward haya... he hug her from behind and said
arjun:angel I missed u so much
haya turn and put her hands around his neck and said
arjun:any doubt
arjun get shocked with her answer and said
arjun:what doubt
haya:u missed me so much but didn't get any gift for ur would be wife very bad saying this she turn and show fake anger... arjun smile and but her again and said
arjun:leave about gift I have a surprise for u
haya turn to arjun and said excitedly
haya:really what surprise tel me please
arjun:first dinner then surprise
haya:ok then let's have dinner fast saying this she make arjun sit and serve him... then arjun pull haya and make her sit with him and put the plate in middle and said
Arjun:we'll have together
haya smile and said
haya:off course we'll do everything together
arjun get surprised hearing this as he said this to haya before the accident... arjun think and said
arjun:did u hear this from someone
haya:I don't know I just remember someone said
arjun get happy thinking slowly slowly she's remembering things... then arjun said
arjun:ok let's have dinner now
both had dinner and haya said
haya:how's dinner
arjun:it's very good after all u made it
haya was shocked and said
haya:how do u know
arjun:I have eaten food of ur hand babe
haya smile and said
haya:sure I'll make
arjun:no I'll u made food na so I'll make coffee
both came in kitchen and arjun ask haya to sit... she sat on counter and arjun start making coffee... both talked while arjun made coffee... after coffee arjun ask haya to go on terrace and he'll come with her surprise... haya left and arjun took her chocolate and bouquet and with that he took one more small box... arjun came on terrace and saw haya staring sky... he came and put the gifts on table... he hug haya from behind and said
arjun:what r u thinking
haya:we r going to get married
haya:arjun can I ask u something
haya:I was like this before
haya:I mean now I'm so talkative, I'm stubborn, I'm naughty and all this bhai and ana said not me so I was like this before also
arjun laugh and said
arjun:no babe u were not like this with them but with me u know we used to go out for lunch and we did fun
haya:i wish i could remember that moments
arjun:its ok babe so what if u don't remember anything I'm here na we'll make new memories
haya:ok at least tell me how we met and our love story
Arjun:our love story was hate to love and it was me who was wrong but u showed me right path
arjun:then saying this arjun told everything about how they met and what all he did except about her family and david and even told her that he won't tell anything more as she's not fully recovered and she agreed then arjun said
arjun:close ur eyes angel
arjun:please na
haya:ok saying this she closed her eyes and arjun gone out and then came after sometime... he came toward the table and took chocolate box and bouquet and that another gift also... he came to haya and said
arjun:open ur eyes
haya open her eyes and was shocked to see arjun on his knees holding rose bouquet in his hands with an angelic smile attached to his lips... then haya look at the right side and she was again shocked... there were candles and with that there was written


haya was so happy that her eyes filled with tears... haya turn to arjun and took that bouquet and said
haya:yes I'll saying this haya make arjun stand and hug him tightly... arjun to reciprocate and they stood there like this for a long time... arjun broke the hug and give her chocolate box and said
arjun:here is u gift
haya smile and said
haya:thank u so much saying this she kiss on hi cheek and arjun get shocked... haya laugh seeing him like that and arjun smile then Arjun said
arjun:I have another gift
haya:really what
arjun took that another box and open it slowly and haya's eyes widen in surprise and she said
arjun:did u like it
haya:I loved it arjun but
arjun:no its and buts I know u would say its so expensive and all but babe its a symbol of our new life so please don't refuse ok
haya nod and arjun ask for her hand... haya give her hand in his and arjun put the ring in her ring finger... and then haya put ring in arjun's ring finger... haya took her hand closer to arjun's and take a closer look of it and she was mesmerized... it was Endless Love Heart Couple Rings... haya said
haya:its so beautiful
arjun:yeah but not more than u babe saying this arjun smile and both looked at reach other... they were lost in each other and then slowly slowly arjun came close and hold haya from her waist and haya put her hands around his neck... arjun lean closer and haya closed her eyes... and they kissed... it was soft yet passionate... both express their love to each other... they forgot the world but the moon and stars become witness of their love

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