Episode 37

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Episode 37
The episode start with Haya... she was in a miserable condition and was tied to a chair... blood was oozing from the corner of her lips and forehead... Haya was in semi-conscious state... on the other hand... Arjun reach the place and look for Haya... he said
Arjun: David where r u Haya
David came there and said
David:welcome son in law finally u came
Arjun:where is Haya
David laugh and said

David: what so hurry my son in law
Arjun:shut up u bl**dy murderer
David's laugh turn in anger and Arjun smirk... David said
David:if u want your Haya then sign the papers
Arjun:what papers
David:property papers u have to give your property to me
David:yeah give your property to me or else you'll be responsible for Haya's death
Arjun:no u won't do anything to her
David:sign the papers then
Arjun:OK I'll
David:good come forward and see there r papers sign on them
Arjun:no first I want to see Haya
David:no first sign then your beloved to be wife
Arjun look around and start coming closer... David was standing in a corner and Arjun was a lil far from him... Arjun whisper something which was clearly not audible to David... Arjun whisper
Arjun:abhay did u find Haya
abhay:no Arjun
Arjun: be quick

(Flashback Start

when Arjun was coming to save Haya he stopped and said
Arjun:abhay do u have 2 Bluetooth
abhay:no but I can arrange it why
Arjun: you'll come with me till I'll talk to David you'll look for Haya OK

Flashback End)

Arjun lean to sign he papers just then Arjun heard abhay's scream
Arjun panic and said
Arjun:abhay what happened abhay
Arjun's screams alert David and he said
David:what abhay who abhay
Arjun look up and came toward David... he hold his collar and said
Arjun:where is Haya where is my Haya
David saw the Bluetooth and said
David:u cheated me
Arjun:where is Haya
David push Arjun and took out his gun... he point it on Arjun and said
David:u betrayed me by doing cheating now u have to pay u have to die and ur Haya too
Arjun:David where is my Haya
David was about to shoot but abhay came there and push David... he look at him and get shocked... he said
abhay looked at him and all the past bitter memories came in front of his vision like a movie... David behaviour towards Haya and what he did with him and vaani plus what ana went through because of him... David was about to hug about but he point the gun on him and said
abhay:dare u Mr David
David: abhay I'm your father
abhay:I'm father died the day he tried to kill my sister and my love u r a criminal Mr David
David was shocked and he was about to say something when abhay said
abhay:Arjun get Haya from upstairs room
Arjun was about to go but David push abhay seeing him not looking at him... Arjun came toward abhay first and help him standing... Arjun look for the gun but it was too late David has already picked it and was standing pointing the gun on both... he was about to shoot but suddenly David was push and the gun fall from his hands... abhay and Arjun turn and saw ana... she looked at David with hatred in her eyes... she came forward and picked the gun... she said while pointing the gun on David
ana:not anymore Mr David I won't let u harm my family anymore
David was beyond shocked...
David immediately call his men's and the fight start between Arjun, abhay and his mens... Arjun ask ana to go and get Haya from room... ana left and they fight... Arjun and abhay beat every men... David who was hide got the gun and point it on Arjun... Arjun had no idea as he was fighting... David press he trigger and Arjun turn... he was shocked as the bullet didn't hurt him but Haya... who came in between when she saw David pointing the gun on him... Arjun saw Haya and she fell in his arms... she took the bullet directly on left side exactly on heart... Arjun's eyes welled up and he hugged Haya tightly... Arjun's tears fall on Haya's face making her conscious... Haya whisper
Haya: Ar... Arjun
Arjun looked at Haya and said
Haya:I...I kn..knew u...you'll co..come fo..for m..me
Arjun:ssshh don't talk baby u r not in a condition to talk you'll be fine
Haya touch Arjun's cheek suddenly her hand fell on floor and she went unconscious...

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