Episode 17

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Episode 17
The episode start with Arya were kissing lost in their own world but soon both were out of breath and released arjun keep staring her and haya finally open her eyes and look at arjun she blush and hide her face in his chest shocking arjun because he thought she might be angry as he said they'll be frds till she want but today he couldn't control himself because seeing her almost after 24 hours it's pretty hard to control its hard to hide his emotions his feelings for her just then he came out of his thoughts when he heard some sound he look at haya saw her staring him and haya said
haya:what's wrong
arjun:umm actually

haya hug arjun again and said
haya:u didn't did anything wrong
haya:I know what r u thinking
arjun:haya I'm sorry I don't know how
haya:arjun I said na its ok saying this haya tighten her grip and arjun also did the same and said
arjun:I Love U Haya
haya:I know
arjun:wrong answer u should say I like u in return

haya laugh and said
haya:ok then I Like U A lot saying this haya smile and arjun kiss on her forehead and both stood like that for sometime but soon both came in their sense because of some voice both look toward door and saw ana, pearl and lara were standing there haya immediately get away from arjun blushing hard and arjun smile leans on kitchen counter and said
arjun:what lil sis wrong timing
ana:sorry bhai i tried hard but I'm really hungry now
arjun laugh and haya said
haya:dinner is ready u guys sit I'll come

ana:ook Elsa come lara and pearl
lara:arjun u also come
ana: we'll go lara Elsa and bhai will come with dinner saying this they left and arjun came toward haya he hug her from behind and said
arjun:need any help
haya nod no and arjun said
arjun:it's ok I'll help saying this arjun put his hands on haya's hands as she was cutting veg for salad haya smile and said
haya:even after marriage you'll help me like this

arjun:off course babe we'll make bf, lunch and dinner together in fact we'll do everything together
haya:u know how to cook
arjun:yeah I make food for myself everyday
haya:ooohh that's nice I thought u don't know anything about house work
arjun:babe your Arjun knows everything
haya smile and said

haya:done let's go otherwise they'll come again
arjun:god u know I just can't wait to marry u
haya:same here saying this haya look at arjun and wink arjun get shock and haya laugh then both came out and sat they had dinner and then arjun left he reach home and call haya and both talk for sometime and then slept thinking about each other

Next Morning
haya woke up and get ready she came out and saw her parents and was shocked ana came and said
ana:come na Elsa saying this she drag her and make her sit they had bf and then ana along with lara and pearl left haya was also going when David stop her and said
David:where r u going
haya:dad I...I wa...was go...going center

David:I told u that u won't go then how can u go
haya:but dad u...u said th...that day
David:how dare u now you'll argue with me
haya:no dad I...I wasn't
David:u wait I think u forgot ur manners
haya get scared and start going backward and said
haya:no dad
David slap haya and she fall down and haya cried and said

radha stood there silently and David took belt and start hitting haya she cried a lot but no one help on the other side Arjun felt restless and thought to call haya and did but she didn't attend as she was crying and wasn't able to reach her phone which was on floor little far from her and David was hitting her continuously haya tried to get up but David hold her hairs tightly and said
David:don't u dare argue with me saying this he left her with jerk and her head hit the floor hard her phone start ringing again arjun was calling her haya by mistake attend the call and arjun heard haya saying cryingly

haya:mom please save me mom
arjun get scared and said
arjun:haya where r u haya saying this he get up and heard David
David:how dare u call him saying this he beat haya more and she cried arjun got angry and run to save haya he drive as fast as he can the duration from his office to haya's house was 1 hour but it was feeling like the most long journey of his life he was thinking about haya just then he saw someone lying on road he think about haya and thought to help the person also he get down and saw a girl was lying there in a pool of blood he came forward and turn her and was shocked it was haya his haya he put her head in his lap and said

arjun:haya open ur eyes haya please
he start crying and haya open her eyes and arjun said
arjun:haya look I'm here look ur arjun is here haya I won't let anything happen to u saying this he lift haya in his arms and haya said
haya:ar...arjun saying this she touch his face and song start in background (this song is from movie "Jab Tak Hai Jaan")

Tumko dekh ke yun lagta hai
Koi bichda khwab aaya
Barso lambi raat se guzre
Subah ka jhonka laut aaya hai

Bahut der jaagi 
Bahut door aayi 
Khwab ne na chhodi meri kalayi

arjun put haya in car and sat in driver seat

Kab se meri saans ruki thi
Mujhe saans aayi
Mujhe saans aayi
Mujhe saans aayi

Arjun was crying seeing haya and said
arjun:haya don't worry nothing will happen I won't let anything happen to u please keep ur eyes open

Saans me teri saans mili toh mujhe saans aayi

Mujhe saans aayi
Mujhe saans aayi

song end and Arya reach hospital arjun call for doctor and a lady came and said
lady:yes what happen
arjun:doctor please save her

Dr:nurse take her to OT now

Dr took haya and start the operation arjun sat there on bench crying he cried a lot remembering haya's condition and then get angry remembering David's behavior he came toward OT and saw haya and came in hospital temple and bow down and said

arjun:why r u doing like this with me first u took my family now haya I never believed in u but haya did she always did then why r u doing like this with her the day my family died I stop believing in u I never came to u but today I'm here for my haya she's my life please save her please saying this Arjun get up and left from there he came to police station and seeing him officer get up and said
officer:Sir u

Arjun:I want to register FIR
officer:against whom and why sir
arjun:against Mr David and in crime of trying to murder my would be wife
officer:ok sir and victim name

officer:sir full name
arjun:Mrs Haya Arjun because soon we r going to get married
officer:ok sir saying this he register FIR and then left to arrest David after an hour they came with David and he saw arjun and arjun get up and hold him from neck and said
arjun:if anything happen to my haya I swear I won't leave u I'll make ur life worst than hell you'll beg me for death but I won't kill u whatever u did with haya the pain u give her now you'll tolerate the same saying this Arjun left and came hospital he came toward OT and saw haya was not there and he gone to Dr and ask

arjun:Dr where is haya is she fine
Dr:yes Mr Mehra she's fine
Arjun cried in happiness and said
arjun:thank u so much Dr u don't know what u have done u give my life back thank u so much
Dr:don't thank me thank god because it was very hard to save her because the injury on her head is very deep she could've died if u haven't admitted her on time
arjun:where is she can I meet her please
Dr:yeah but right now she's unconscious
arjun:but I can see her right

arjun:thank u Dr thanks a lot saying this arjun came in room where haya was and he was froze in his place seeing her condition there was bandage on her forehead and 2 bandages on her hands he came and sat beside her on stool he took her hand in his and kiss on it he didn't even realized when morning turn in night and he slept off there sitting on stoo

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