Episode 35

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Episode 35

The episode start with Arya... they were hugging each other still totally lost in their own world... suddenly ana came in and saw arya... ana said
ana:sorry saying this ana turn and run out laughing loudly... haya looked at arjun all blushing... she tried to go but arjun hold her hand and pull her back... haya's back hit arjun's chest... haya close her eyes feeling shy... arjun kiss her neck and said
arjun:I Love U
haya:I Love U Too
haya turn and hug arjun tightly... arjun hug her back and said
arjun: tomorrow u'll be getting ready for our wedding
haya:I can't believe it arjun
arjun:it's like dream come true for me haya
haya looked at arjun smilingly... arjun kiss on haya's nose softly and said
arjun:let's go down

both came down and ana took haya with her... she make haya sit... and arjun set on the other side as there was two seats but a veil in between.. everyone start applying haldi... after haldi ana said
ana:ok guys now listen there a rasam that after haldi bride and groom can't see each other nor they can talk so

arjun get up and said
arjun:this is not fair ana
everyone start laughing at arjun's restlessness and haya too laughed... arjun looked at haya angrily and said
arjun:what why r u laughing
ana:bhai have patience tomorrow Elsa will be urs na
arjun left from there and ana took haya in her room... ana left after leaving haya in room... haya get fresh and changed... she had dinner and lie down on bed thinking about everything... arjun and her new life... haya smile thinking about their romantic moments... suddenly she was pulled back... haya was about to shout but her mouth was covered with hand... haya was turned and was shocked... it was arjun... he lean closer and whisper...
arjun:u look so beautiful when u get scared
arjun wink and removed his hand from her mouth... haya push arjun lightly from her and sat on bed... she hit Arjun playfully and said
haya:u r crazy u scared me

arjun:yea I'm crazy baby but for u
arjun hug haya tightly in sitting position and said
arjun:I can't wait to be urs...
haya:and I can't wait to be urs
both smile and tighten the hug... suddenly something stuck in haya's mind... haya get away from arjun and said
haya:arjun why did u came ana said na we can't meet then how can u
arjun pull haya and kissed her making her silence... haya was shocked with this sudden action but after a min reciprocate... both kiss each other passionately... Arjun make her lie down and came on top of her... haya hold arjun's shirt tightly... they get apart to take breath... arjun start kissing her neck making haya moan in pleasure.... arjun looked at haya and said

arjun:god baby I have to go now otherwise I'll end up crossing my limit...
haya open her eyes and said
haya:just one more day then I'm all urs
arjun smile and kiss the tip of her nose... arjun said
arjun:love u so much jaan
haya:love u too
both hug and arjun left....

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