Episode 31

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Episode 31
The episode start with arjun was shocked... Arjun said
arjun:u r joking right
haya:no I'm serious
arjun:haya I... I'm so
haya:its fine arjun
arjun:I'm so sorry I didn't mean to hurt u
haya:no u didn't in fact I'm happy that u were jealous saying this haya wink and both start laughing... arjun hug haya tightly and said
arjun:I love u babe

haya:I love u arjun
both came down... arjun saw ana was trying to talk to veer but he was ignoring her totally... Arjun looked at haya and said
arjun:what happened to them
haya took arjun in corner and tell everything... haya said
haya:they love each other but didn't confessed
arjun:but why
haya:ana is scared and she didn't talk to veer when he tried to say and now veer is not talking when ana want to confess
arjun:let's help them
haya:I thought the same and I have a plan too
arjun:what say
haya came close and whisper is arjun's ear... both smile and left toward terrace... ana was following veer... veer was fed up... veer was going in his room and ana came there too... veer turn and said

veer:what the hell is ur problem ana can't u just leave me alone for a second
ana:veer listen I'm sorry
veer:just go please I don't want to talk
ana:veer please I lov
veer:ana I said just leave saying this veer close the door and ana left from there crying... ana was in her room... she was crying just then her phone ring... she wipe her tears and attend it without looking... ana said
person:come on terrace right now
before ana could say anything the person cut the call and ana left for terrace... ana came in and saw there was no light except moon light... ana came forward to open light but suddenly someone pull her and close her mouth... ana struggle but stop the next moment when she hear a whisper...
person:I love u babe...

In a room
arjun was seeing something just then haya came and said
haya:arjun r u sure we should do this
arjun:yeah jaan I want Alisha's self confession now go and don't be scared ok
Arjun hug haya tightly and she left... alisha came in room where haya was... alisha came in front of haya and said
alisha:why u called me

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