Episode 8

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Episode 8
The episode start with Arya had lunch and then left from restaurant they sat in car and arjun start driving haya was looking out of window and arjun smile seeing haya's smile and said
Arjun:so where u want to go
Haya turn to Arjun and said
Haya:I...I don't know
Arjun:u don't know where u want to go
Haya:actually I don't go out like this
Arjun stop the car on side and turn to haya and said
Arjun:what do u mean
Haya without looking at arjun said
Haya:I just go from home to center and from center to home
Arjun was shocked that why she don't go out and said
Arjun:any problem
Haya:umm no nothing
Arjun can see she is not comfortable so he didn't force and said
Arjun:ok then today I'll show u the whole city
Arjun:no ifs and buts would be wifey saying this Arjun smile and haya blush and turn her face to other side after sometime both reach seaside arjun took haya here because she love walking on sand in seaside both came out of car and start walking on sand while walking Arjun entwined their hands haya look at their hands and then at Arjun but he didn't look at her and shows as if nothing happens after sometime both left from seaside and gone for long drive haya enjoyed a lot today for the very first time in her life she felt important and special after a long day around 7:00 both reach haya's house haya get down from car and said
Haya:won't u come inside
Arjun:I'll come only if u make tea for me like u made that day
Haya smile and said
Haya:I'll come

Both came inside and haya get shocked seeing ana as she totally forget about Ana's arrival both hug each other and haya said
Haya:hey ana I missed u
Ana:I missed u too Elsa
Arjun look at both and smile then ana saw arjun and said
Ana:omg the Arjun Mehra is that u is that really u
Arjun:I guess yes saying this arjun smile and haya smile seeing arjun's funny side and ana said
Ana:well I know u we met before in some college meeting if u remember
Arjun:yes I do remember
Ana:and u Elsa u didn't told me but mom told me about ur and arjun's alliance
Ana:ooh sorry I mean haya actually my name is ana and we both love frozen movie so since we had saw that movie I called haya as Elsa she is elder from me na that's why
Arjun:ohh ok
Ana:well let's go Elsa I want to talk to u a lot and my would be brother in law u please go in dad's study he's there
Arjun:ok saying this arjun start going there and ana took haya both turn and looked at each other till both don't get disappears from each others sight ana and haya came in haya's room and both sat on bed ana saw the teddy on bed and said
Ana:wow Elsa nice teddy from where did u get this cutie
Haya smile as she saw teddy and remember arjun then said
Haya:i didn't bought this arjun gifted saying this haya took the teddy in her hand touching it softly and ana said
Ana:ehmm ehmm someone is in love
Haya looked at ana and said
Haya:what r u saying ana it's nothing like that
Ana:ooho really now u r lying to me to ur little ana well did u tell him or did he said
Haya:no ana there is nothing like that
Ana:really so u r saying he don't love u
Haya:umm no I don't know
Ana:u don't know god Elsa off course he do that's why he was staring u like no one else exist
Before haya could say anything her mom came and said
Radha:haya and ana what r u doing beta
Haya remembered what arjun said and said
Haya:mom is tea ready
Radha:no I'm going to make
Haya:wait I'll make
Radha:its ok beta u must be tired I'll make
Haya:no I'm fine I'll make
Ana:mom let her make might be jiju said he want tea of her hand that's why
Haya looked at ana and said
Haya:ana u

Radha:its ok go beta arjun must be waiting
Haya:mom u too
Ana:haha mom is on my side
Haya:I'm going saying this haya left and came in kitchen haya made tea and remembered all the moments she spend with arjun his care,love and funny nature and what ana said few minutes ago then haya came toward study with tea before that she looked at herself in mirror which was on wall just beside the study and then smile and knock on study room door and David said
David:come in beta
Haya came in and arjun looked at haya and smile haya smile back and then put the tray down haya give tea to David but his phone start ringing and he gone little on left side to attend call his back was on their side then haya give tea to arjun while taking tea Arjun hold haya's hand from which haya was holding saucer haya looked at Arjun and he wink haya look at David who was busy on phone call still haya said in a low voice
Haya:what r u doing please let go dad will see
Arjun:on one condition
Arjun:promise u won't say no
Arjun:ok then I won't leave ur hand
Arjun:no u don't listen to me I don't listen to u
Haya saw David was about to end the call and said
Haya:dad is ending the call please let go
Arjun:I'll if u promise
Haya:ok ok I promise now let go please
Arjun let go of her hand and said
Arjun:thank u babe saying this he smile romantically and haya left from there blushing after sometime they had dinner together of was a room where was dinning table ana forcefully make haya sit with arjun and David didn't object even once as ana said arjun look at haya time to time haya also look at him but only when no one was noticing Arjun finish his dinner and hold haya's hand under the table and haya looked at Arjun in shock Arjun know haya couldn't say or do anything and he took the advantage of it and then haya finish her dinner and was trying to free her hand but arjun didn't let go haya looked at arjun with pleaded eyes to let go Arjun smile and let go of her hand and said
Arjun:I should go now
David:ooh ok

Arjun get up and look toward haya both stare each other ana saw them and said
Ana:hey Elsa come with me na saying this ana took haya out after sometime Arjun also came out and came out of the house and then saw haya she was standing near his car her back was facing him Arjun smile and came from behind he hugged her and said
Arjun:waiting for me
Haya nod in no and Arjun turn her and hold her from waist and said
Arjun:then what r u doing here came to have fresh air
Arjun pull her and came closer there was only an inch gap between them both were lost in each other forgetting the world around them arjun then kiss on haya's forehead and said
Arjun:thanks for coming
Haya:thanks to ana
Arjun looked at haya and said
Arjun:then thank her
Haya:I already did
Arjun:do it from my side also
Haya:is my side and ur side different
Arjun smile and said
Arjun:not at all babe saying this he kiss her left cheek and said
Arjun:I'll go now we'll meet tomorrow
Haya:hmm ok
arjun sat in car and haya said
Haya:drive carefully
Arjun smile and said
Arjun:ok babe saying this he left for home and after sometime he reached and msg haya that he reached and haya reply good night and arjun reply back same and both slept off days passes like that and both came closer and closer to each other arjun totally forgot the reason because of which he was getting married to haya or u can say he don't want to remember he just want to be with haya then after a week

In Night
Arjun was waiting for haya in restaurant as they had made a plan for dinner together but haya didn't came yet arjun called her but the phone was switch off his temper was getting out of control he had enough he came out of restaurant and sat in car arjun was going home but then saw haya with a guy they were hugging arjun stop the car and came out to see but couldn't see the face of the guy he came close to them but till he reach the guy was not they he already left haya turn and saw arjun and said
Haya:u here
Arjun didn't said anything and grab her hand and drag her near car haya keep asking what happen and he's hurting her but arjun didn't listen and push her in the car and close the door he also sat on driver seat and start driving speedily and haya said
Haya:arjun what's wrong I know I'm late and I'm so sorry for that actually
Arjun:just shut the hell up and don't utter a word
Haya get scared hearing arjun as his voice show the angriness so haya sat quietly after a driving of 10 minutes they reach near a cliff arjun get down from car and drag haya out and said angrily
Arjun:who the hell was he
Haya:who what r u saying
Arjun:don't act now who the hell was the guy u were hugging that to in public place he was not that guy who dance with u
Haya:yeah he was not abhi
Arjun:ok so his name was abhi then who was this one huh friend or boyfriend
Haya:arjun u r getting me wrong
Arjun:ooh now so I'm the wrong one
Haya:I'm sorry I didn't told u but
Arjun:but what tell me saying this arjun hold haya's left arm tightly which hurt haya and filled her eyes with tears and arjun said
Arjun:u know what let it be because I don't want to listen ur bl**dy lies
Haya:I'm not lying arjun u r doubting on me
Arjun:god I didn't see such an big actor in my life I can't believe u would be such a bl**dy b***c playing with 3 mans at the same time
Haya said cryingly
Haya:arjun please u r accusing my character
Arjun get even more angry and said
Arjun:listen u bl**dy characterless b***c from now if I ever listen carefully if i ever saw u with any man again then believe me the consequences will be worse than hell
Haya:arjun listen to me once u r getting me wrong saying this haya cried even more and arjun shout angrily
Arjun:shut up do u get it just shut up and let's go now
Haya also get angry and said
Haya:no thanks I won't go with u
Arjun:why do u want to meet anyone else too
Haya:arjun how can u
Arjun:don't forget u r marrying me to save ur sister and if u don't do it for her even then u have to do because ur lovely father has taken 20 lacs from me and for that he is giving u so no chance you'll be save from me
Haya:no u r lying
Arjun:I don't care u trust me or not but just remember u r mine u were mine and u will always be mine I have bought u babe now let's go and saying this arjun pull haya closer there was an inch gap between their lips and arjun said
Arjun:if u don't listen to me I can force u too
Haya said in fear
Haya:no u can't do anything
Arjun:trust me I can do whatever I want to do with u and that too wherever and whenever now don't waste my time saying this arjun drag haya and forcefully make her sit and sat on driver seat and drive to haya's home

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