Episode 25

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Episode 25
The episode start with haya came down after getting ready... arjun saw haya and sign her to sit with him... haya smile and sat beside him... arjun hold haya's hand under the table and entwined their hands... haya looked at arjun and both smile... alisha notice all this and felt jealous... then everyone had bf... arjun & abhay left for office while going Arjun came to haya and said
Arjun:babe be ready in evening we'll go Darga before going to mall ok
haya:ok jaanu
haya:nothing now go
arjun:such a boring bye without kiss saying this arjun made sad face and haya laugh... haya look around to check if anyone is seeing or not when she saw no one is there she quickly place a soft kiss on arjun's left cheek and run away from there... arjun smile and left

After 2 hours
haya was sitting in room... she was reading novel when ana along with her frds came and ana said
haya look up and saw ana and everyone at door and said
haya:ana come saying this haya put the novel on table and they sat... ana said
ana:h r u feeling now
haya:much better thanks
ana:had medicine
haya:yeah arjun already remind me and I had it
ana:oohho Arjun bhai
haya blush and said
haya:stop it ana
alisha was burning in jealousy and thought
alisha:I have to do something I can't let this girl take my Arjun
haya saw alisha and remember whatever arjun told and thought
haya:how can she do this does she really love arjun
ana saw haya lost and said
ana:hello what
haya looked at ana and said
haya:no so when we r going for shopping
ana:in evening when arjun bhai and abhay bhai will come
haya thought to tell them about Darga but then she thought arjun will say... they were talking when haya's phone start ringing.... haya saw who was calling and a huge smile appear on her lips... ana notice and said
ana:its arjun bhai right
haya nod and said
haya:I'll come saying this haya came in balcony and attend the call... arjun said
arjun:hey babe what going on
haya:nothing just talking with ana and her frds
arjun:maintain distance from alisha please
haya:don't worry I'll take care
arjun:hmm ok and remember be ready
arjun:have lunch and medicine on time
haya:won't u come for lunch
arjun:um I'll see if work is finish then
haya:ok take care and please concentrate on work don't worry about me
arjun:ok Angel as u say
haya smile and said
haya:ok now work I'm going everyone is waiting
arjun:ok bye love u
haya:bye love u too
arjun:wait what did u said
haya:I love u arjun
arjun felt so happy... Arjun was on cloud nine as haya never said "I Love U" before... haya said
haya:I'm sorry
haya:I never said I love u that's why
arjun:its ok u said now na I'm happy
arjun cut the call and just then abhay came and said
arjun looked at abhay and smiled then abhay said
abhay:what happened
arjun:nothing actually abhay haya wants to go Darga so we'll go Darga then shopping
abhay:ok so u go Darga with haya then come to mall and I'll took everyone with me
abhay:it's ok
Arjun:ok so I'll leave in half an hour
abhay:ok saying this abhay was going but stop and turn then said
abhay:did u find out about that person
abhay:who's it
abhay:arjun what happened
arjun:it's your
abhay:my what
arjun:its your mom
abhay was taken aback... arjun came toward him and make him sit on sofa... arjun give water to abhay and said
arjun:I know its a shock for u but after seeing ur mom's behaviour toward haya I was not surprised knowing this
abhay:I can't believe it arjun I know dad is like that but mom I never ever thought this not even in my dreams
arjun:I know abhay and that's the reason I didn't told u
abhay had tears in his eyes... arjun wipe it and said
arjun:abhay if u would break down like this then who'll handle ana and haya
arjun hug abhay and said
arjun:abhay u r my younger brother and I need ur support please
abhay wipe his tears and said
abhay:arjun I'm with u I'm ready to do anything I want to teach them such a lesson that they'll never forget I want to teach them a lesson for ruining ur life for hurting ana she used to love mom and dad a lot but they broke her trust she don't show but I know how much she's suffering and I want to punish them for trying to kill haya and vaani and for killing ur family
arjun looked at abhay and said
arjun:now we r together
both share a brotherly hug and then left for home... on the way they pick Vanni also

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