Episode 22

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Episode 22
The episode start with arjun wake up in morning and saw haya sleeping peacefully... he kiss on her forehead and gone in his room to get ready... Arjun came down and meet everyone then abhay came to arjun and said
abhay:hey morning
abhay:where is my lil sis
arjun:sleeping peacefully
abhay thought to tease arjun and said
abhay:off course she'll sleep peacefully after all u made her sleep na saying this abhay wink and arjun hit him and said
abhay:hahahahahaha sorry ok well I want to ask something
Arjun:go ahead buddy
abhay:sorry but I want to know why r u going for a week what's wrong is there something really important
arjun:don't say sorry yaar well I was going to tell u the full reason come with me I don't want to talk in front of everyone
abhay:hmm ok saying this both came in arjun's study and sat there and abhay said
abhay:is everything alright Arjun
arjun:actually abhay I'm not going for any office work actually I want to buy something for haya which I can get there only and
arjun:and there is someone who is going to tell me who was involved with David
abhay get shocked and said

arjun:yeah I know I shouldn't left haya like this but
before arjun could complete abhay hug arjun and said
abhay:arjun I know how much u have waited for this almost 2 years now as u get a clue u should go
arjun:I know abhay but I don't know why my heart is not ready to leave haya here alone
abhay:arjun i understand ur situation but she's my sister also right so don't worry I'll be here with her promise
arjun took a deep breath and said
arjun:I think u r right please take care of haya and please take a week leave from office and be with her 24/7 I don't want her to be alone even for a second that too when that alisha is here
abhay:don't worry arjun I promise I'll be with her like a shadow haya had done a lot for be and now its my turn to return the favor of my sister saying this abhay smile and arjun too then they share a brotherly hug and then came out... bf was ready and ana was setting table and alisha, lara and pearl was sitting... abhay and arjun sat and abhay said
abhay:where is haya she didn't woke up
arjun:I don't think so I'll go wake her up

arjun get up and left seeing arjun going alisha too followed him so that she can talk to him... he came in room and saw haya still sleeping he smile and came toward her and sat beside and while caressing her hairs he said
arjun:Angel wake up jaan its morning
haya slowly slowly open her eyes and sat on bed yawning and said
haya:I want to sleep more please
arjun:let's have bf na then u have to take medicine after that u can sleep
haya:no I want to sleep now saying this she put her head in arjun's lap and closed her eyes... arjun smile and put his hand on her head and said while caressing her hairs
arjun:babe I need to go I told u na yesterday
haya get up and looked at arjun sadly and said
haya:can't I come with u
arjun:I wish I could take u but unfortunately I can't I'm sorry
haya become sad and said cutely
haya:its ok
arjun hug haya tightly and said
arjun:I promise if u will stay here and will listen to whatever abhay and ana said I'll give u whatever u want ok
haya get excited and said
arjun:yeah so what u want
haya:umm I...I want umm what I want saying this she looked at arjun and he smile and said
arjun:babe u think n decide then tell me ok

arjun:now go get fresh and come for bf
haya smile and get up she gone in washroom and get fresh... arjun came out of room to wait just then alisha came in front and said
arjun looked at Alisha and get angry seeing her and said
arjun:look I don't want to talk so just go
alisha:how can u do this arjun how can u marry someone else
arjun:just watch when I marry haya you'll get to know
alisha:but I love u
arjun:and I love haya
alisha:how can u do this to me arjun how can u love that bl**dy b***c u can't marry her I'll kill her before that
arjun get angry and hold Alisha's neck tightly and said
arjun:don't u dare say anything to my haya and if u even touch her and something happened to her trust me I won't even think a second before taking ur life saying this he tighten his grip and said
arjun:got that

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