Episode 9

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Episode 9
The episode start with Arya reach haya's home as soon as car stop haya get down and was going in but was stop by arjun's strong hold on her wrist but haya didn't turn nor she said anything as her eyes was wet with tears and she don't want to show him that she is hurt without turning she tried to free her hand but all in vain because instead of letting go arjun tighten his grip on her wrist but haya didn't give up she tried and tried but then arjun is also arjun he tighten his grip even more because of which haya wince in pain and a soft moan of pain escape her lips and arjun immediately pull her closer and loosen his hold on her wrist and hold her from waist both stare each other haya's face was showing the pain she was in and arjun's face was showing the wound of his hearts haya's heart broke into pieces seeing arjun his eyes were teary but arjun somehow hold the tears back and said
Arjun:be ready tomorrow we'll go for shopping arjun tried to sound careless and unaffected but his voice can clearly show the hurt and pain he was in haya's eyes couldn't hold back the tears and start flowing continuously she felt arjun's body get stiffen and haya lower her face and said

Haya:I didn't did anything wrong
Arjun:it's late go inside
Arjun:I said inside now saying this he push her away and sat in car and left leaving her there sobbing haya turn and came inside as it was late no one was awake everyone was in deep slumber haya came in her room she lock the door and changed her clothes she low down on bed and took the teddy and said
Haya:softy (haya named the teddy as softy) why he didn't listen why he didn't believed me it hurts it hurts badly saying this haya start crying and then slept crying on the other side arjun came home he entered in his room and as he entered in he start trowing things here and there after sometime arjun took haya's photo from drawer and broke down on floor and shout
Arjun:why why it happens with me I didn't knew what love is till I didn't saw u haya but I didn't knew u were the one with David who ruined my life

Flashback Start
When Arjun was waiting for haya in restaurant someone calk arjun seeing the name Arjun attend it immediately and said
Arjun:what happened did u got to know who was that person involved with David
Man:yes sir according to my informer it's David's daughter
Arjun stiffen and said
Arjun:daughter what's her name
Man:sir Miss Haya David
Arjun:no u r mistaken check once again
Man:no sir I checked twice and it's Miss Haya David
Arjun cut the call and walk out of the restaurant
Flashback End

Arjun cried badly and fall in deep sleep

Next Morning
Arjun came to haya's center but get to know from abhi that she didn't came today then arjun came to her house and ring the door bell ana open the door and said
Ana:ooh u here
Arjun:yeah I came to pick up haya she didn't came center that's why I came here
Ana's face expressions changed and her smile vanished arjun notice but didn't said anything and ana said
Ana:ok come in I'll call her
Arjun came in and said
Arjun:I'll meet Mr David till than saying this arjun moved toward his study and Ana left for haya's room she came in and said
Ana:Elsa Arjun has came to pick u
Haya wipe her tears and said
Haya:give me 10 min I'm coming
Ana: ok saying this she left and haya get ready exactly after 10 min haya came and arjun was waiting for her out of the study arjun was amazed seeing her in Scoop Neck Half Sleeves Knee Length White Lace Dress she was looking beautiful indeed like an angel came from heaven and he was proud to say that she is his completely his girl who was going to be his wife at any cost it doesn't matter to him anymore that what she did and if she was with David or not what matter is that she had made him addicted of her presence and now he is going to keep her in his life for lifetime by hook or crook arjun came out of his thoughts when haya came and stood just in front of him both came out and arjun open the door for haya and haya looked at arjun in surprise or it was a shock she keep staring him but then arjun indicate her to sit in and haya did what she was told to do arjun also sat and start driving both were silence throughout the journey as they reach both came out and came inside the mall and start shopping arjun took some dressea to haya and ask her to try first she refused but then arjun push her in trial room and hand over the dresses and said
Arjun:come out after change
Haya close the door and tired those dresses she show him but he didn't like it at all then arjun give her a red saree and said
Arjun:try this
Haya came in and wore the saree but was not able to reach blouse hook arjun after 5 min knock and said
Arjun:come out now
Arjun:why r u taking so long
Haya:I'm trying to close blouse hook
Arjun:o god open the door I'll do it I don't have all the day for it
Haya:no way wait
Arjun:I said open
Before haya could say anything further arjun kon the door by himself and haya immediately turn and said
Haya:what r u doing go out please haya's eyes were watery and arjun saw fear in them arjun without saying anything turn her and was shocked

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