"I see..."

"What are you talking about?" I ask

"You don't want to date me because you're afraid it'll hold you back from doing things you want"

"That's not true"

But it kind of was...

"I'm tired of this Carter! Real or not real? What I just said was true. And you have to tell the truth or your punishment is to come clean to everyone in the school about how you lied about sleeping with a bunch of people."

I stay silent for a while, trying to make up on what to say.

"Well?" Ashton starts

"Real. What you said was true." I sigh in defeat

"Why are you so afraid of that? I'm not going to put you on a leash!" He argues

"But, when you're single, you can kiss whoever you want and party so much you accidently wake up with some random stranger... When you're single, you don't even have to go through a heartbreak."

"But when you've been single for a while- without any random people you hook up with- you get lonely, and sad" he says

"Who are you to tell me how I feel?" I ask, putting my shirt on.

"Come on, I know it's true, just date me already" he complains


"Why not?!"

"Because! I'm not some girl you date just to score points or just to get your reputation up or something! I'm just like any other girl out there!"

"No, you're not. You're not a girl for points or reputation. And you're totally not just any other girl. You, you're one of a kind... That's why guys like you so much. You don't like to go shopping or gossip or any of that stereotypical girl stuff. I'm sure there are other girls who are the same but are afraid to to actually say it, or too shy. But you, you own it. And when someone judges you, all you do is stick your middle finger high up in the air and yell "Suck it!"–"

"That was kindergarten, and who you're talking about is not me." I cut him off, rolling my eyes in disbelief of what he's saying.

"Stop beating yourself up, Carter, you're amazing"

"I'm grateful for the compliments but that's still not me"

"It is you, maybe you just don't even know it yet. I mean... maybe I know more about you than you know yourself"

"Impossible, you don't even know my favorite color."

"Maybe I know things more below the surface, like the important stuff"

"Well maybe you do, but to me, you and I are complete strangers, you're someone I know nothing about"

"That's not true... Remember when you blackmailed me to make sure I didn't hurt your sister? You pretty much figured me out... Except for the low self esteem part..."

"You're not so bad, Ashton Bryce Hayden."

"Not so bad yourself, Carter Ella Regan."

"So... Will you be my girlfriend?" He asks

Uh.... I don't know... What do I say? I want to say yes but I also want to say no...

"Sure...?" I say in more of a question.

"You don't seem so sure"

"I'm trying okay?"

"Okay Carter" he chuckles

"So... Does this mean we're no longer enemies?" He asks

"I guess not" I shrug

Woah... I never thought this would ever happen... What the fuck?!?

Oh come on, my sister literally predicted this when I was like in second grade, perhaps the whole student body...

Ashton, no longer my enemy?

Ashton: Former Enemy. Now... Boyfriend...


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