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I'm so ready for after school today! Ugh the thought of Adam just makes me get butterflies.

"Hello??? Earth to Carter!!!" Heather waves her hand in front of my face

I snap out of my thoughts "Yeah?"

"You just started smiling out of nowhere when I was talking about how my cat ate a dead rat."

"Oh, sorry, I was thinking of something" I give a small laugh

"Or someone?" Heather teases

"It's nothing" I chuckle

- After School -

Heather gives me a ride to the mall, as she drops me off I say "Thanks" and she drives off

I go into the food court, I sit down and look around for Adam.

There he is.

I get up and walk towards him, giving him a hug.

"Hey" he smiles

We sit down at the table we talk for a while getting to know one another.

"Hey, you wanna go someplace quieter?" He asks

"Sure" I shrug

We walk to his car, he opens the passengers seat for me.

As he's driving I notice we're in the direction heading to none other than, Brooklyn High.

"School?" I ask

He doesn't answer, we get out of the car  and I follow him to where ever he's taking me.

We're at the football field?

I follow him up to the very top of the bleachers and he sits down.

I can see where I burned EHS on the ground, grass is slowly covering it up

"It's peaceful here, I like to think up here" he smiles

It is quite nice.

After minutes of silence, I realize that Adam was staring at me, I turn my head to look at him and he gives me a small smile, he leans in and kisses me.
At first I'm in shock, but I kiss back, I don't really want to go far with him yet, so I pull away.

"Your face is red" Adam smiles

"Oh" I can feel my face getting warmer, I must look like a tomato.

He gives a small laugh.

"Come on, I'll take you home"

The car ride home was silent, the only sounds were the radio and the car, it wasn't like one of those awkward silences where there's a lot of tension.

It was more like, those silences you enjoy, like you're comfortable with the person and it's not awkward at all.

I kind of wish this could last forever.

"Thanks, today was nice" I smile

He pulls me in for a kiss, yet, he doesn't kiss me, instead, he looks at my lips and whispers "I'll see you later" he then smirks and walks to his car.

I walk inside, Delilah and Malarie are on the couch watching a movie and Lucas is nowhere to be seen.

"Hey are you okay?" Delilah asks

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