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Carter's POV

       As I walk home, the conversation I had with Mr. Badboy repeats over and over in my head.

"Real, you stuck up for her, Not real, she's your secret girlfriend"

Hm... Why would he start sticking up for nerdy freshmans now? He never stuck up for them last year. Hell, he would either just sit there and watch the jocks torture them or help the jocks... She probably does his homework or something, or it's like in the movies where the badboy falls for the nerd girl. This is interesting.

When I walk into my house I yell "Delillypad! I'm home!" As I drop my bookbag on the ground

My sister walks in saying "Seriously Carter you have to stop calling me that, we're not little girls anymore"

"Oh come on Delillypad! Don't be so glum" I pout

"My name is Delilah" Her arms cross and she rolls her eyes.

"Exactly! Delillypad!" I tease.

"Whatever Carter" Sighing, she runs her hand their her hair, "So... You know you're in trouble right" Delilah's face expression turns more serious.

"And why would that be? Big sister" I give my puppy dog eyes and say in a child's tone.

"You're not going to get out of this one Carter Ella Regan!" Delilah raises her voice

"Oh No! My full name! What ever will I do?!?" I say with a sarcastic tone.

"I got a call from your teacher, saying you skipped class, with some boy?!?"

"What? I was in class all day!" I lie.

I'm a really good liar...

"Carter, I know you're lying"

...Except when it comes to my sister, she knows me too well.

"Fine, but Actually, I cut class by myself and he just happened to be at that part of the school too" I explain.

"It's not a big deal anyways! You leave school early everyday!" I add

"That's because I have errands! Like to make sure I've paid all of the bills and I have to make dinner and-"

"Etcetera. I know, I know but like technically the government helps you pay" I interrupt, "plus! Your don't even have to do half the stuff you already do! I can manage myself, I know how to cook food! And I'm trying to get a job to help you!"

"By the way, the guy who was "with" me, was your crush, although I still think it's pedophilish considering you're almost 18 and he's 16." I state

"There's nothing wrong with liking someone who's younger than you Carter" Delilah argues.

"Oh so if I met a guy who was thirty four and we liked each other it's okay?" I ask

"What? No! You're 16, you're still a minor! Plus a thirty four year old is eighteen years older than you. With Ashton and I it's only three years. It's not even statutory rape." Delilah argues.

"Well honestly I think Ashton has a secret girlfriend" I tease.

"What?" Delilah asks.

"He stood up for some nerd girl, and he never stands up for the freshmans" I shrug.

"He was probably just being nice, she is a freshman after all" Delilah sighs, clearly done with my idiocy.

"Did you not just hear me? He never stands up for freshman" I try teasing again.

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