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      It's Monday, I'm tired and I'm not in the mood.

"Hey Carter..." Ashton walks up to me

"What do you want?" I slam my locker

"Geez, who stuck a cactus up your ass?" He mumbles

"I'm not in the mood" I yawn

"Well, I just wanted to say thank you, for not telling everyone" he gives a small smile

"Yeah... Whatever, leave" I walk away am I hear him mumble again "Seriously how big is that cactus" as I'm walking a flip him off without looking back.

As I try to get through this horrible Monday morning, I start to wake up a bit more, probably because of the nap in took in first core and half of second core but anyways, I feel a bit better now.

While I walk to the cafeteria I hear behind me "Still got that cactus up your ass?"

I turn to see Ashton and his friends snickering.

"Still got that tiny dick?" I smile

Ashton's friends stifle a laugh, while Ashton stares daggers at me

I walk to my table where Heather is sitting, as Ashton and his friends are walking past us, she says "hey Brian" he smiles at her and continues to walk with his friends

"Ask him out" I take a sip of her drink

"What no" she shakes her head

"Fine then I will" I get up and walk to their table

"You just couldn't stay away from me, could you?" Ashton smirks

"Ha very funny.... No, I'm here for Brian" I smile, "Brian you're taking Heather out on a date tonight, 6:00 pm at the movies, watching whatever. Got it? Good. Don't be late." I walk back to my table

"See that wasn't so bad" I sit down

"Why am I friends with you?!?" She asks herself, her face becoming red in embarrassment.

"Umm because I just got you a date with Brian" I say in a duh tone

"But what if I mess up?" She asks

"Heather, you've been on tons of dates, it's just another one, but this time it's with a guy you actually like."

"Yeah but those dates ended with sex, they only wanted me for my body, maybe he does too" she worries

"Well... You did fall for a fuckboy...." I trail off

- After school -

I'm at Heather's house and it's 5:55pm. Heather is in the bathroom and I'm sitting on her couch eating chips.

The fact that I can score my sister and Heather a date (although my sister's was unintentionally), I should become Cupid or something. Or paid at the least.

The door bell rings, I answer it, I see Brian with a smile.

"She'll be down soon" I realize I still have the empty bag of chips in my hand

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