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Ashton's POV

   "Come on dude! Cheer up!" Brian pats my back

"I really like her..." I sigh, resting my head on the table

"And she likes you back"

"How would you know?" I sit up a bit to quick

"Anxious much?" Brian chuckles

"Anyways, Heather told me that Carter said she likes you"

"She lied?"

No way, it seemed like she was telling the truth... Then again she is really good at lying. But I didn't think she was that good.


"Why does she have to have everything so complicated?" I complain, putting my head back down

"On the bright side, at least we knows she likes you"

She likes me.

Wait, so that means she lied during our stupid game of 'Real or Not Real'

My mind goes back to when the first time we played the game.

"You also get punished for lying"

A smirk grows on my face.

"Alright, what do you have planned?" Brian asks

All of a sudden, the school bell rings.

"I'll see you later" I get up to find Carter

I find her at her locker with Heather and a couple of her other friends.

"Carter." I grab her wrist and pull her away from the crowd

"Ashton? You alright?" She's asks

"You lied"

"About what?"

"You lied!"

"Ashton, I don't know what you're talking about. Maybe if you would explain"

"You lied about not liking me!" I say a little too loud

I've caught a couple of students' attention.

"Can we talk about this somewhere else?" She asks

"Fine, follow me"

Although I didn't really give her a choice since I still have my grip on her wrist.

I take her to my car, I open the car door for her then walk around to the drivers seat.

"Okay, so carry on with whatever you were on about" she breathes out

"You lied about liking me"

"Okay? So what?" She shrugs

"So, it was during a game of Real or Not Real. Which means you're getting punished"

"It's just a stupid game, you're not actually considering on "punishing" me? You can't be serious!"

"You made the rules. I'm just playing by the game." I smirk

"Ashton... Let me out of the car! You're scaring me!" She tries opening the car door

"Not until you hear your punishment!"

"Okay what is it then? Are you going to cut off my limbs?!?"

I burst into laughter.

"No! What the actual fuck?!? I'm not psychotic!" I say, catching my breath

Carter breaths out in relief.

"You have to go on a date with me"

"That's a punishment? Wow I was thinking way worse things..."

"By the way... You over react too much" I unlock the car doors.

"Whatever... Life's just better that way" she crosses her arms

For a moment it silent.

"Aren't you gonna leave?" I ask


"No? You practically beg me to unlock the car then you say you're not going to leave my car?" I ask

"I want to go to your house"

"Cocky are we? You already want to sleep with me" I smirk

"Shut up! No! I've never actually seen your house, aside from like parties or something... I'm curious"

"Why are you curious to see my house? It's just a house" I ask

"Because, you've been to my house a hundred times and I've never been to yours"

"Fine" I start the car and drive.

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