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    When I walk into the school halls, people stare or whisper to their friends about something, and some of the girls give me death glares. Geez what's their problem?

"Is it true?!?!" Heather asks

"What?" I ask

"Did you sleep with him?" She asks excitedly

"Who?" I ask

"Ashton Duhhh" she smiles

WHAT?!? Wait why am I saying this in my head?

"What?!?" I practically yell

"So you didn't?" Confusion fills Heathers face

"No! Of course not! Where would you get that from?!?" I ask

"A girl saw Ashton leave your house last night"

I know exactly who that girl is, she's the girl who is always trying to make drama and start gossip. Casey Fucking Quincy.

"That doesn't mean we slept together!" I say frustrated.

Ashton soon walks up to me, he doesn't seem to happy either.

"What the fuck is this shit?!? People are saying we slept together!?" He's saying it like I'm the one who told everyone

"I didn't make that rumor! Casey Quincy did she must've seen you leave, she lives across from my house, that bitch!"

"Everyone practically ships you guys together anyways! You guys are both troublemakers! You guys would be a cute power couple!"  Heather chimes in

"You're not helping!" Ashton and I say simultaneously

Then a small group of guys say to Ashton "Not a bad choice! She's a super fine fox!" As if I'm not even standing there!

"I'm going to kill that bitch" I mumble to myself

"Just to let you guys know, I did not sleep with him!" I scream

I storm off to find Casey Fucking Quincy.

When I find her, I punch her in front of everyone, even the teachers, I don't care.

"How dare you start rumors about me!"  I yell

"It's not a rumor if it's true" the prissy little brat says in her fake Valley girl voice.

I punch her again, making her fall on the ground.

I start to punch her over and over again, until someone pulls me away, and I know it's not a teacher because the last time I beat someone up, I could easily pull away from them. Next thing I know, I'm in the principal's office.

The principal goes on and on about my behavior and how I could get suspended for starting a fight, I kind of zone out because of the cat bobble head.

That cat kind of creeps me out. What if all cats had bobbly heads? That would be so weird!

"Are you even paying attention?" Principal Clayman snaps

"Mhm, totally..."

I want a cat now, or maybe a dog, or both, maybe I could ask Delilah. No she wouldn't allow it.

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