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The little devil of the house (Spanking Fic) (closed for now) by worldofweirdosaur
The little devil of the house ( Cereal Killer
Amara. An orphan,troublesome girl who loves to cause riot in the orphanage. Everyone told her that it would get her no where, but what happens when Mr. Vultagio, 32 year...
My overprotective and strict mafia brothers by chiara_2019
My overprotective and strict chiara_2019
Emilia is a 15 year old girl who lives with her stepdad. Her stepdad loves and treats her as his own. Her mother died when she was 7 years old. She lives a happy live bu...
Wrong wallet (Avengers fanfic) by violet_stoner
Wrong wallet (Avengers fanfic)by violet_stoner
y/n is a teenager with an abusive father who spends time skipping school, partying and steeling wallets. What happens when she steals the wrong wallet? Was her whole lif...
Sophia's Love by Place_Name_Here
Sophia's Loveby Place Name Here...
#2 in Father Books #3 in Daughter Books #7 in Adopted Books! The rewritten version is up!! Description is inside! Please give this story a chance. Thank you! Completed...
Brothers by Cameron_soccer18
Brothersby Cameron
After her stepdad decides he doesn't want her, 13-year-old George Reese is forced to move in with the six brothers she never knew she had. George is a rebel who will do...
Chasing the Colemans (ON HOLD) by karriekar
Chasing the Colemans (ON HOLD)by karriekar
"Congratulations tersoro. Mio piccolo genio." I said in a low whisper, making me sound more husky than usual. (My little genius.) **** Kara Coleman was 21 year...
Her brother by SRstories20
Her brotherby SR
...... *Author's note *English is not my native language. *It's just a fan fiction .There is nothing related to idols life. So, don't hate them,It's totally writer's ima...
Together We Fall  by tumblrfreaks_
Together We Fall by Idah Hamdani
Lennox Renovales has been known as the highschool's troublemaker. Luke Donovan is the most wanted bad boy. She wants to know more about his past but he wants to know mor...
The McWilliams Family by kareuhds
The McWilliams Familyby kara
I don't own Hawaii Five-0, but I do own my characters that I make up.
PROFESSOR BROTHER by Ilovetoliveinhell
What do you think about life of sister of professor? Is this life same as simple life ? What if your brother is your Professor? So let's imagine the life of being sister...
Your Cheating Heart by whoisaheretic
Your Cheating Heartby whoisaheretic
"I want to go back to my old ways." Ezra said in a monotone. It felt like he held no emotion. I stood dumbfounded not knowing what to do? "I tried you kno...
pure ; james potter [marauders era] by bella_bmth
pure ; james potter [marauders era]by Bella Jones
"I found him in a lover; when his hair falls in his face, and his hands so cold they shake." Octavia Knight is a bright young witch born into a family of...
šŸ’—my brother šŸ’— (Completed) by anamsameer2007
šŸ’—my brother šŸ’— (Completed)by Tae tae's girll āœØ
Welcome dear reader, Soo this story is about some strict brothers and their trouble maker siblings , they all are cousins They live very happily together but one day s...
The Mafia Stalker (Crazy Mafia series Book 3) by MedievalTomboy
The Mafia Stalker (Crazy Mafia Lady Prim
"Do you have any idea how dangerous I am?" The old white haired man sneered at me with his yellowish teeth quite on display. Eww, Colgate should take him for t...
Siblings {KTH.ff} āœ“ by SRstories20
Siblings {KTH.ff} āœ“by SR
šˆš§ š­š”šž š¬š­šØš«š², š“š”šž 13 š²šžššš«š¬ šØš„š š š¢š«š„ š°š”šØ š¢š¬ š„š¢šÆš¢š§š  š°š¢š­š” š”š¢š¬ š›š«šØš­š”šžš«. š‡šž š¢š¬ š¬š­š«š¢šœš­ š­šØš°ššš«šš¬ š”šžš« š›šžšœ...
Tutoring The Badboy (BWWM) by Rieaboo29
Tutoring The Badboy (BWWM)by RIRI
Natalie was always prepared for everything. She managed a 3.8 gpa in school, tutored students on her time, and attended her dance class at night. And still manage to ha...
2 brothers and their princess š–½š—‚š—Œš–¼š—ˆš—‡š—š—‚š—‡š—Žš–¾š–½ š–»š— š—暝—²š˜‚š—½š—¹š—¼š—®š—±š—²š—± by btsbrostories
2 brothers and their princess š–½š—‚ Taekook876
Y/n is a trouble maker who lives with her two brothers taehyung and jungkook. Tae and kook raised her with love and strictness but y/n will not change. This is my first...
High School Survival Theory by sirexcc001
High School Survival Theoryby sirexcc001
Life is hard. Specially when you're a high schooler. You can never know when your life is about to go up. And you 'especially' can never know when it's about to go down...
True Happiness is rareļæ¼ (The Breakfast Club- John Bender) by messr_moony
True Happiness is rareļæ¼ (The Brynnie_bitch
True happiness is rare to cherry roads. But that criminal, he's a spark of joy in her life. watch as their paths cross in Shermer Illinois high school Saturday detention...
į“¬įµ›įµ‰āæįµįµ‰Ź³Ė¢ Ė¢įµ’įµ˜Ė”įµįµƒįµ—įµ‰ į“¬įµ˜ Ā· įµ‚ā±Ė”įµˆį¶œŹ°ā±Ė”įµˆ   *Ė¢Ė”įµ’Ź· įµ˜įµ–įµˆįµƒįµ—įµ‰Ė¢* by Whimsicalbae
į“¬įµ›įµ‰āæįµįµ‰Ź³Ė¢ Ė¢įµ’įµ˜Ė”įµįµƒįµ—įµ‰ į“¬įµ˜ Ā· įµ‚ā±Ė”įµˆį¶œŹ°ā±Ė”įµˆ Whimsicalbae
"įµ‚Ź°Źø įµ—Ź°įµ‰ į¶ įµ˜į¶œįµ įµˆįµ’ Źøįµ’įµ˜ Ź·įµƒāæįµ— Ė¢įµ’įµįµ‰įµ’āæįµ‰ įµƒĖ¢ įµ‡Ź³įµ’įµįµ‰āæ įµƒĖ¢ įµįµ‰?" "į“®įµ‰į¶œįµƒįµ˜Ė¢įµ‰ Ź·įµ‰ Ė”įµ’įµ›įµ‰ Źøįµ’įµ˜. į“ŗįµ’ įµįµƒįµ—įµ—įµ‰Ź³ Ź°įµ’Ź· įµįµƒāæŹø įµ—ā±įµįµ‰Ė¢ Źøįµ’įµ˜ įµˆįµ‰āæŹø įµ—Ź°įµƒįµ— Ź·įµ‰ įµˆįµ’āæ'įµ—. įµ‚įµ‰ įµˆįµ’." Ā· Kelsey Artago i...