If You Liked This Book...

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Hello, My Loves! I posted a new book (although it is not completed yet)! I would very much like it if you could check it out, it is called "The Way We Love." If you liked this book you might like this one as well <3 I hope you enjoy!

Here is a small excerpt from "The Way We Love.":

  As soon as the waitress takes our order and walks away, he says, "She has it too."

"Really? How do you know?" I ask

"I can just tell... If you really look at her, into her eyes, you can kind of see it..."

And in that moment, I did indeed. I saw what I see in my, and his eyes: The pain and sorrow of unrequited love.

From that point on, looking around the room, I saw many other people, like us.

They're hurting, like us.

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