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   Lucas is a father. Now I know I should not jump to conclusions but the little boy looks exactly like him!

Green eyes, dirty blonde hair the exact same shade as my moms... He looks exactly like Lucas' baby photos.

The little boy looks about one... Maybe two?

The young lady, she has light brown hair and brown eyes.

Lucas looks over our away after putting down the little boy, we quickly duck but it's too late, he saw us.

Moments after he's outside.

"Did you just follow me all the way to Kansas?!?"

"Why are you not home?!?"

"I should've known this would happen" Lucas sighs.

"Yes we followed you to Kansas, we're not home because I was curious and you should've known" I smile

"And before you yell at me, since when did you have a kid?" I ask

"Two years..."

"Wait... So you have a kid?" Ashton asks

"Yeah, his name is Thomas"

"I'm an Aunt!" I cheer

"Wait! What are yo-"

Before he could say any more I start dancing.

"I'm totally going to be the fun one!"

"Carter... You can't meet him"

"What? Why not!" I ask

"You'll probably kill my child!"

"I will not!"

"Hey, can you guys not argue in the bushes?" The young lady walks up to Lucas, Ashton and I.

"I'm Emily" she smiles

"You let that" I point to Lucas "knock you up?" I ask her

"Is that really the first thing you're going to say to my girlfriend?" Lucas complains

"Why don't we go inside" Emily chuckles

As we get inside, Thomas holds his arms out at me as if he wanted me to hold him.

"Sorry kid, I'm too old for you"

"That's not what he meant" Lucas puts Thomas in his arms

"Yeah I know, but I don't do kids... Not in that way I meant-"

"We know" Ashton says

"So why don't we grab dinner and we'll talk about this whole situation" Lucas smiles

As we sit at the dinner table, there's this awkward tension between all of us.

"So, I'd like to know why you never told me you had a sister. Two in fact" Emily smiles a Lucas

"Because it wasn't in my mind with the baby and all."

"But what about before the baby?" I butt in

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